Triton RTA

  • @Guz Yeah, I thought his wicking was kinda funny...
    Oh well, I am really digging the vertical coils anyway. Now if I can just get a replacement RTA that will actually reach the bottom hardware of the tank... *hint hint*

    @Tina, can you see if my email to support went through on this? I saw in one of the forums to send to Abby, but that mail was rejected.
  • GuzGuz
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    @watkijw By chance, have you tried replacing the O-ring on the atomizer? Or looked to see there may have been two O-rings installed accidentally? The little O-rings BTW, the ones that come in the spare parts bags.

    Personally, my wire cutters won't get down to be a flush cut on the bottom pin, so I too just fold it over and screw it in. That way, I KNOW for sure it's making contact.
  • @Guz Yeah, everything is installed correctly. It might be possible that the delrin insulator between the middle and lower hardware of the RTA is too small, but I have no fix for that other than folding the wire over. Oh, well...
  • Mine is the same way. Wont hold kanthal to save its life. I to have wasted quite a bit of wire trying to get it to tighten down. I would have to use 14 gauge wire for the screw to hold it in place. :(
  • Had the problem too, i think we should e-mail customer support or @Demi
    pia said:

    @Old_Salt @Cegoca : happy for you if your RBA screws are fine, tested others with mine but none of them fill the hole :((

    here is a pic (sorry for quality), the screw is in, you can see on the left, stil a big hole, i can not do more...

  • @pia I just received two more RTA kits. One was good, the other not so good. The set screw does not fully seat in the not so good RTA. It looks pretty close to your picture.
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