Aspire Triton MAJOR Issues and Quality Control problems? Need Aspire feedback

I was unfortunate enough to purchase this tank at a local store. "It'll be fine" I told myself.

Since I purchased it, I had a coil spark and pop with a forceful push of burnt air into my throat, completely killing the coil. I've heard that the tank is meant for temperature control, and from others that there isn't even Temperature control coils out for it. Yet people are pushing the tank to be sold with temperature control mods. Which I purchased a Sigeli 75w TC.

Can we get some open clarity from Aspire on this? With the issues of coils not exploding persay, but having a forceful pop to death, and the leaking issues from the top airflow and bottom, This damn thing is plagued with issues. Was it a quality control issue? Or what exactly. Because I feel like I just spent 40 bucks for a piece of sub-par junk.

Edit: The coil that came installed is what I was using with it. As a vaper on a budget, I wasn't expecting to have to buy more coils this quickly. It's totally unacceptable.

My setup:

Sigeli 75w TC
Aspire Triton
0.4 Coil @ 30w
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  • Exactly what happened to me and no feedback or support. Disgusting. I almost set fire to my bed when it went pop.
  • This issue really needs some transparency from Aspire regarding it. That's extremely dangerous and they need to take up the mantle and figure out what is causing this issue. I have heard about it happening across different forums. I was using it within the proper ranges and following the instructions to a T. Now I'm out of a coil, and kind of mortified of even using the tank. I do hope that someone from Aspire speaks up. maybe @Tina
  • They're not going to respond. Aspire is based off of China just like most other vape companies. It's not like they really care. The sales are coming through and they are making money. Sure they may be looking into these issues right now but I guarantee they won't have a fix for it. Even if they did, they are not going to swap out the units that everyone bought because that'll be too costly for them. They are going to try sending some o rings and that's about it. Since the tank is not able to dissemble, there's not much they will/can do. Basically, the only custom support you can get in any way possible is where you bought it from. Hopefully the place you bought it from is willing to do something.
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