1.8 Ohm Coil with 0.4Ohm bottom pin

I decided to try the 1.8 Ohm coil again so I could get my in depth Part 2 review done. I took the 0.4 Ohm bottom pin I used on the 0.3 Ohm Atlantis coil in my last bottom pin swap post and put it on the 1.8 Ohm Triton coil. The improvement was outstanding. Before the air flow was so restricted I could not get a decent vape off of it. Now I am actually getting a pretty decent vape. I feel like the air flow is not as restrictive and that I could mouth to lung or lung hit it. The draw is much smoother. I do not feel as if I am trying to suck a very thick milk shake through a straw which was my experience before. Hopefully Aspire can try to redesign these coils to use the 0.4 Ohm bottom pin since it does improve the 1.8Ohm coil experience.
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