official way to clean atlantis (sub ohm) coils?

I have watched numerous youtube videos, checked reddit and other sites, and have YET to find a definitive "best way to clean" atlantis coils. Many have said that you shouldn't use water, alcohol, etc.; others say it is fine. They last fairly long, but I have been just cleaning with a stripped down qtip, but the mesh comes out and seems to ruin the flavor.

Can Aspire give a definitive answer on how these should be cleaned? Thank you.
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  • When I clean my used and worn out nautilis bvc coils. I use 2 gallons of distilled water, and boil them in a pot in 15 minute intervals, I put enough distilled water in to boil for 15 minutes and dump the bvc head coils and remaining boiling distilled water thru a strainer . Dumping the boil water, and boil them again till the 2 gallons of distilled water is used up. Let em dry overnight and try them. start off with low wattage to let the water vaporize out and ejuice wicks back in in the tank. Some coils works like brand new. some end up not working. At least got to reuse some of the head coils.
  • @anoukaimee there is no effective way to clean the coil.
    Someone use the water to clean the coil,it is ok,but please make sure that you have to dry the water carefully before using.
    We don't suggest to use alcohol to clean the coil,which will damage the coil.
    I think that maybe you can try to rebuild the coil,here is the ,some suggestion for "How to Rebuild Aspire Atlantis Horizontal Coil" for your reference.
  • Thank you. I'm glad they last awhile, and that you've made the changes so they're safer.
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