Aspire Pegasus box mod release---Shopping Spree

The Pegasus takes flight!
Pegasus! To know the details about aspire Pegasus, please click here:

To introduce the all new Pegasus mod we are having a promotion from July 28th to July 30th.

Entry details
•The first 50 customers to order the Pegasus on the 28th, the 29th, and the 30th of July will receive a promotional code to entitle them to receive a 50% discount.

•50 people can use this coupon each day of the activity. Only the first 50 people to enter the coupon code and finish the payment will receive the discount. So customers need to place the order at our online store as quickly as possible, otherwise your chance will be took away by others. If the 50 times chances have been used up, it will show that ”This coupon code only be used 50 times”.

•The codes are “909065f29e” (28th), “180ba87165” (29th), “31207a5b62” (30th)

•The promo will begin at 11am Eastern Standard time on each of the corresponding day. (Our online store have a countdown as well.)

•For those who successfully used the code, they will not only get a discount for the Pegasus but they will also get one 18650 battery and our new charging dock for free!

Shipping details
•For this promo we are only offering DHL. This is due to that it is a battery. Thus the shipping options we can offer are limited to DHL due to regulations regarding shipping battery and battery cells. However we are aware of the consumer’s views on the expensive shipping fee for DHL and to reflect that We will pay the first 11$usd of the shipping cost of the winners’ packages.

•All winners will have their orders shipped ASAP so they can be the first in the world to enjoy the Pegasus.

•Winners will receive a tracking number as soon as it is provided by the logistics company.

•Please allow for and excuse any issues that may arise with customs. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter should it arise. (For example, if electronic cigarettes are banned in your country we cannot fix or change that and you will not receive your parcel. Of course we will refund any shipping fees you may have paid. Our deepest apologies in advance in regards to this.)

Further details
•The winners who do a review are invited to link their review on our forums. Whether it is a text or video review doesn’t matter.
•We will, of course, have a look at each review. We will then pick the 10 best reviews and give those people a special code to receive our next product upon it’s release.

If you have any question for this activity,please feel free to ask.
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    Aspire pegasus box mod is coming ,now with temperature contol.
    Know more about aspire Pegasus box mod,please click here.

    Since this is such a pain in the ass to use, and understand, let me help all those out wanting the Pegasus promotion. This is what I did to get the deal..

    First, you cannot choose the regular Pegasus that is being sold on It MUST be the one that they are listing as "Aspire Pegasus Mod For shopping spree" here is the link....

    So you click on this link. Choose your style of mod (brass, slate,chrome) then proceed to the next screen. There is only one shipping you can choose, it is DHL. After you confirm shipping, and choose your payment method, you will see a box that shows "redemption code" it is located under DISCOUNT coupon. That is where you add the promo code. Today's code for July 29th is 180ba87165
    The one for July 30th will be 31207a5b62
    After you add the code, click the continue button, and at the next screen, you will see whether or not the promo was accepted.

    IF IT WAS...You will see the discount, it will be announced in all Green letters. SO great! You are guaranteed the Pegasus, the battery, and the charging cradle. You are promised more info about the shipment from as soon as it becomes available.

    you will see a message that says that the coupon cannot be used more than 50 times in one day. The message will be in RED. which means simply, that you missed out. You will have to try tomorrow, July 30th, which will be the last day that you can get the deal...

    ****Read this part, it is very important.****

    Aspire said that the promotion would begin at 11 am Eastern US time. I waited at exactly 11am, and the promo was NOT available! The countdown timer showed that I still needed to wait one more hour... Which means that the promo actually started at 12pm Eastern time. So forget about what Aspire says about when the sale begins, and just go by the TIMER that displays on the home page.
    The timer is located directly under the Pegasus shopping spree tab, which shows on the left hand side of the Aspire home screen.

    you can see the countdown here:

    Now, finally, when the sale begins, more than likely, for the first few minutes, the box mod will show as SOLD OUT. Do not be worried. The people running Aspire will change the status of the mod to "ADD TO CART" shortly afterwards.
    I thought it would happen EXACTLY the moment the sale began, but it actually took them almost 8 minutes, before the mod was able to be added to the cart. After you add the mod to your cart, follow the instructions above, and if everything works out, you will get the deal.

    It worked for me. And after discounts and stuff, shipped to California, the total for the Pegasus, battery, and charging dock through DHL was 41.99. Fantastic.

    - Watch the countdown timer
    - Make sure you choose "Pegasus mod for shopping spree" not the regular one (refer to the link above)
    - Apply the promo code
    - Confirm that you got the discount, and make your payment.
    - That is what I did, and it worked for me.

    Since today is close to, or already sold out, tomorrow will be the last chance to get this incredible deal. I highly suggest you watch the countdown timer and order as soon as the promo begins. Just remember that you will have to be very quick, and watch for when "SOLD OUT" turns into "ADD TO CART" It will not happen exactly when the countdown ends, but a few minutes after that, as Aspire refreshes the promotion.

    Good luck. Too bad that no one else wanted to take the time and write out instructions on how to do this. I had to find out the hard way myself. Go ahead and also email me at if you need more help.

  • @pia ...Good one Pia :). While we are at it...we should collectively beg for the new battery to be included so all can the new products can be tested and reviewed at the same time: Triton, Pegasus, New 2500Mah battery. It would make for quite the review. =P~
  • We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!
    But I believe that the surprise behind waiting.

    Best Wish
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    OK Aspire.... I am a pretty patient person, but this is really getting kind of lame.
    I have been waiting for over half a month for a status update in regards to the Pegasus. As I am sure, we have all been waiting since mid July in anticipation of our new mods. You assured us that we would be seeing them around early August. It's halfway through the month now, and since these are being shipped from China, that means ANOTHER week will pass before we see anything. C'mon guys, what is this? A progress report, or a status update would be nice, but so far all we have gotten is nothing. I have held off on buying old coils the wouldn't match the Pegasus, and now I am spending more money on my old mod which is a crying shame, because I am still waiting for the Pegasus, which I paid for more that two weeks ago. I truly hope that you are going to be explaining something to us very soon. I mean shoot, I could have walked to the store ten minutes away and bought a Kanger THE SAME NIGHT I made my reservation for the Pegasus. C'mon Aspire, do not let us hang like this. If it took this long, I would expect it to be wrapped in Ostrich leather, with my initials monogrammed on it... But its just the mod! Why is this taking so long? No change in processing status, no announcements, your customer satisfaction level for some of us is reaching the same levels as the Greece National economy.
  • @blinkie5575
    Tina said:

    I am sorry that the offer only for our pegasus box mod.

  • Dear All,
    Please pay attention to the count
    7 and half hours later,the first batch shopping spree will begin.
    Are you ready for today's aspire pegasus box mod "shopping spree"?

    Hurry up!
  • piapia
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    Thanks @Old_Salt !

    I have a recent mod too, but the charging dock makes me want the Pegasus...OMG i must be a "vape-geek" :-B :D

    EDIT : browsing the Aspire online store is already really slow :-?
  • I guess I did too! waiting................
  • @thersmith nice forum spam :-$ :D
  • coupon code not working
  • that was fast, it is expired already
  • Got it...Order Sucessful!!!
  • WOW There countdown timer was off for all in the states right at the countdown ended i hit check out and it was not valid crazy very disappointed
  • got it ! \:D/

    and the first 11$ for DHL delivery were automatically removed from the shipping total.

    Thanks Aspire and @Tina who gave me luck ;)

  • Guys - go back to the pagasus product page and there is a special one you need to select call 'pagasus shopping spree'

    That's the one the code works on!! GO GO GO
  • piapia
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    @milmil0428 what a gooood idea !!!! ;)

    I could roll on the floor like a rude impatient child for that =))
  • @Viruk Correct, If you go to the first page of this forum thread, Tina informed that if your order is over $99, to select the free shipping option/not DHL and they will send it with DHL (I've your in a remote location Aspire will contact you via email if DHL requires the remote delivery charge. They will know to upgrade the order since you used the "Pegasus Shopping Spree Promotion Code" that they can track. If your order total isn't over $99 when the Pegasus Shopping Spree item is added to your cart, it will only give you the discounted DHL option. If it's over $99 then you can select the free shipping. Hope this helps for everyone tomorrow or if you already placed the order, then it was only around $6-7 and your getting an amazing promotion. Vape on!! B-)

    This is what Tina said from the first page of this thread at the bottom (I'm on my mobile so I had to copy & paste, wasn't able to quote):

    "For this promo we are only offering DHL. This is due to that it is a battery. Thus the shipping options we can offer are limited to DHL due to regulations regarding shipping battery and battery cells. However we are aware of the consumer’s views on the expensive shipping fee for DHL and to reflect that We will pay the first 11$usd of the shipping cost of the winners’ packages.
    If the final amount of your order reach to $99 ,we offer free shipping.
    Best Wish"
  • @JHolliday Thank you so much for your time.
    You are so helpful.
  • @Viruk would you please tell us your order number?
    I will talk with Demi for your problem.

    Best Wish
  • @clmcdaniel1 we are busying manufacturing and packaging these order.
    We will delivery the winners' orders next week.
    Don't worry.The winners will get our new pegasus mod at the first batch .
  • @Viruk I have passed your requirement to our online store support

    The final amount of your order reach to $99.
    We have refunded the shipping fee to you,please check.
  • @imseth Good for you ! #:-S
  • @Old_Salt I had a feeling she would so i was clever this time and ordered a back up. So I'll have the brushed slate and the chrome too. So either way I should end up with one. :)
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