battery not charging and orange light

I have an Aspire CF VV+ and whenever I try to charge it the light goes orange and the battery doesn't charge. I have tried various chargers and adapters but it always is the same.
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  • @ashkb how long did you own the battery?
    What kind of charger did you use to charge the battery?Wall adaptor or computer?
    What is the specification of your USB charger and adaptor?
    What is the light one the charger while charing?
  • Hey I have the exact same problem. I've owned my CF Sub for about a week and am using a wall adapter. It's been orange for 12 hours, and when I screw it in to vape it flashes orange 15 times.
  • You need to purchase the Sub Ohm specific charger (1000mah) and have a wall charger of 1000mah as well and it should charge up in less than 5 hours. I had problems getting mine to charge until I got the correct adaptor and wall wart.
  • my istick 50w has somewhat same problem,seems it will not fully charge.
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