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My Triton ever since day one has been spitting so much that I had to stop using it. I tried everything including changing fresh coil after fresh coil and still nothing. It got to the point where I was getting light headed off of 3mg juice. I vape 75 plus VG juice and I tried all different power levels within the 0.4 ohm rating and this is just something I can not seem to fix. Anyone got any ideas because I am about ready to give up on this tank, I would rather vape my juice not drink it.
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  • My Triton seems to pop and spit just a bit when I leave it alone overnight, but not to the point where I am getting juice in my mouth. Maybe there is a QC problem with the Triton coils that needs to be addressed. I am seeing more problems pop up on the forum regarding the coils. However, the problems don't seem to be in overwelming numbers. More like isolated incidents. Still the problems need to be addressed. :)]
  • I've the same issue where it's spitting so much I've had to stop using it. Personally think the coils are getting over saturated. I can't understand why aspire didn't notice and do something about in their product testing. Not very happy as its my first aspire product and don't think I'll be buying any of their products again.
  • I'm having the same problem... It's pissing me off because I keep getting juice in my mouth and it tingles/burns my tongue. It's kinda gross to be honest. I know you're not supposed to be ingesting the juice directly but the triton is doing exactly that. I'm contacting MVS where I got it to see if I am doing something wrong or if they can get in contact with Aspire to get an answer. I don't like to spend $40-50 on a tank and have an unpleasant experience. I've also tried Guz's suggestion and still have the same issue.
  • Honestly, I think its a design issue. Whether its the coils or the unit itself, Aspire needs to address this and the public. They may have made the first sub ohm tank but the Triton is definitely not worth $45-50. The top fill is nice, but honestly there are other tanks out there that are starting to do top fill as well. This is my first Aspire tank and may be my last if I can't get this issue fixed. There have been other posts, forums, and videos on YouTube with people experiencing the same issue and Aspire hasn't addressed anything to the public. Joyetech had an issue with their eVic VT and they addressed it to the public. Aspire should at least try. Pissed off customers = non returning customers.
  • I would like to also add. My tank just leaked. Juice just flowed through the bottom like a waterfall. I picked up my tank to take a look at it and felt juice on my hand. This is B.S. I just wasted a full tank of juice. ASPIRE FIX THE ISSUES WITH THE TRITON!
  • I switched my coil and put 0mg ejuice in my triton in hopes that I could deal with the spitting and I am still getting the extreme light headed feeling. Is it possible that there is something in the stainless steel coils that my body is reacting to. I am just gonna put this tank on the back burner until I find some answers.
  • I then suggest you try the 1.8 ohm coil as the wire is Kanthal in that one not SS as in the .4 ohm coil. That way you can determine if you are getting light headed from the juice or the coils.
  • I actually put a 0.3 Atlantis coil in the triton and didn't get light headed at all. I am pretty sure its the SS coils which kind of sucks because the flavor was much nicer. Just find this so weird Ive never had anything like this happen before.
  • I have not yet heard of anyone having an allergic reaction to stainless steel....but ya never know. The juice that you filled the tank it a new flavor for you or a tried and true favorite? You may have developed an allergy to an ingredient in the juice itself. Sometimes this can happen...I had an allergic reaction to a peach tobacco that made me sneeze uncontrollably! >:P
  • I was thinking the same thing but when I put the same juice in my atlantis v2 or mega I did not get light headed at all and its a juice brand that I have been using for almost a year and I also drip the same stuff on my RBAs with no issues. Ive never heard of any allergic reactions to stainless steel before either but I guess anything is possible o well I still enjoy the 0.3 ohm kanthals.
  • No lightheadedness but the .4 ohm coil it comes with sure does spit. I used a 50/50 and a max vg with almost no difference with varying wattage. Also comparing the tritons .4 coil to the atlantis .3 and .5 the flavor is still very muted after 3 tank fills.
  • @newfy118 Do you have a sensitivity to nickel? 316L Stainless Steel does contain about 2.5– 23 % by weight according to the MSDS for that material. Although nickel sensitivity has not been observed with the material, it could happen.

    Other metals present in 316L Stainless Steel include Iron, Silicon, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, Titanium, Copper, Cobalt. Not sure if there presents any sensitivity issues with it but if you do have a sensitivity to any of these metals it could be causing the headaches. Chances are we can exclude iron, chromium and aluminum since that is what makes up Kanthal.
  • If you think the coil is getting over saturated, try this (I haven't tried since I haven't had issues):

    Rotate the fill/vape ring slightly to cover the wicking ports. I noticed that you can rotate and cover them up before the fill openings are open at the top. This might help. Check often to make sure that the tank doesn't leak at the fill openings though.

    If you try this, report back if it works, or doesn't.
  • Ok, my next suggestions is to try the Atlantis II Kanthal coils, and possibly a higher VG ratio juice.

    I'm wondering if the new Stainless Steel coils are the issue with thinner (higher PG) juices.
  • Unfortunately I don't have any Atlantis II kanthal coils. But, what I can tell you is that I've tried vaping max VG juice along with 20/80 (20pg 80vg) juice and it's the same thing. The max VG juice is from Vista Vapors and I've never had a problem with the juice in other setups. For the 20/80, it's juice from One Hit wonder which is the Muffin Man.
  • I've been having major issues with spitting and gurgling with 50/50 juices, and tonight I tried the new 1.8 coil in the atlantis with high VG and it's flawless. Not an ounce of extra juice. From what I can tell the coils are fine with high VG.......but I don't like high VG.

    But since others are saying they're still having issues with higher VG, it might be the new coil and tank combo. I'm going to do some tests since Apsire QC apparently didn't do their job :/
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