Triton coils going with a bang?

I've had my Triton for two weeks now, and within those two weeks I've experienced what can only be described as a small explosion in the tank when vaping, followed by a slight burnt taste. This has happened three times now. I tried changing coils and juice bit it still happened.
I'm using their new 0.4 Triton coils, an eleaf iStick 50w box mod set at 30 watts reading 4.2v. I prime the coils correctly and am doing nothing out of the ordinary.
This is quite worrying now.
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  • @simon23484 has experienced this phenomenon.....maybe it's not an isolated incident! :-B
  • Update...
    I have now purchased another Triton unit from a different shop. I am going to try this one on my other eleaf iStick 50w box mod, with another new 0.4 Triton coil, and another juice I've not used before (70/30 VG/PG)
    I will use the same settings as before on the battery (30w)
    I will update the outcome here.
  • Well, all is not going well with these units.
    I came home to find my new Triton had leaked a full tank of juice from the bottom somewhere. It seems these problems are a common occurrence as I'm seeing more people report having the same things happen to their units.
    Please respond Aspire, this could potentially be disastrous for your company as words travels fast.
  • @Tina I've heard of a lot of people having this problem with the Triton Tank, not so much when they use their .4 Ohm Coil but when they switch to an Atlantis V2 .5 Ohm Coils. I've read this throughout Aspire forum from other users. Also read about this happening to new Triton Tank owners on & Forum's but this is referring to the leaking problem.

    I'm trying to do as much research as possible, in the meantime, since I still have not received my Triton Tank, & optional RTA System from the 3 day promo back on June 24th?? It's very frustrating that I haven't received the Triton Tank yet. So I guess I'm going to have to fork over $50 and purchase it again... Makes me very sad.. :( Hope you can resolve this issue with not receiving my Triton. Thanks for any help you can provide Tina. :!!
  • Wow another fill and vape and it's bloody gone pop again. Terrible. My wife flipped. This is unacceptable and not fit for perpose.
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    @Southy321 we have shipped out your order on June 29th,here is the tracking information.
    Tracking number : 6616987462
    Check website:
    What's more,the order has been arrived at your place and signed by M MASH in July 2nd.
    here are the pictures for the tracking information and signature.

    tracking information.png
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