The Pegasus takes flight on July 21st--See you!

The Pegasus takes flight on July 21st and will also be landing at the following distributors:
Heaven Gifts Incorporated Limited (China)
Shenzhen Elego Technology Co. Ltd (China)
UVAPER (America)
Vaporus Wholesale (Canada)
eSmoking World (Poland)
See you!

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  • Excited but waiting for specs on 7.21.15 will be a killer.
  • Oh Oh Oh! We finally get to see the mod up close!! =D>
  • It's good to see that your distributors will have stock when you release the Pegasus.

    Can you tell us the specifications now?
  • Would really love to know the specs for the Pegasus. Is it gonna be a tc mod ??
  • Ooooo....multiple colors? Please? [-O<
  • @charlzrocks With a paint touch-up kit? ;)
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    Has anyone considered that Aspire may have found a way to implement Temperature Control for 316l stainless coils? A safe method of temperature control! Coupled with the Triton, it would be an awesome combination. Triton mounted on Pegasus with that feature would blow the market away!
  • Old_Salt said:

    @charlzrocks With a paint touch-up kit? ;)

    @Old_Salt Hmmmm...Black Velvet Paint by numbers or Decoupage! =))
  • Wonder if it will be anodized finish or carbon fiber :>
  • I'm really excited to see the pegasus!
  • @Tina can we get a sneak peek...a teaser pic....maybe just a small portion to look at? Please please please??? [-O<
  • The wait is almost over, I can't wait to see the specs that it will have to offer. Also, I was hoping they would release a grayed out shadow like they did on the Triton before the release. That would be a nice teaser to hold us over. @Tina Please, pretty pretty please.. lol [-O<

    @charlzrocks It seems like we've been anticipating this moment since the Titan teaser released video.. :!! :-SS or maybe it's just the technical aspects that keep me hooked. :-B :D

    @Old_Salt You couldn't have said what I was thinking even better, you nailed it on the head. The Triton Tank, with TC 316L Stainless Coils or even the possibility of new Titanium Coils for the Triton (would be even happy with Ni200 to hold us over).

    Then all of this leads us to the long awaited Pegasus. I'm hoping Aspire went with a Temperature Control option on the Pegasus, so they can keep up with all the new products flooding the market. I've been holding out for the Pegasus, since I'm loyal to Aspire and there quality products, amazing customer service, and last but not least listening to their customers with product suggestions. I'm wanting to see the specs before I purchase a new mod, and not having TC might be a deal breaker for me. But who knows if it has everything else, I'll be purchasing the Pegasus to replace my CF Sub Ohm Battery.

    @Tina You listed vendors that the Pegasus could be purchased through, but here in the North American, UVAPER (America) requires a minimum order of $300. Will Aspires online store be selling the Pegasus or is there a way to get around the $300 minimum order requirement? I'm wanting to buy the Pegasus, replacement Triton Coils, RTA System, and a few odds & ends but I'm still only reaching probably around $150 order total. :D I can't wait if you notice.. hehe :-SS :-B :!!
  • So, tomorrow is the day ... can't wait :-SS
  • And ? Where is it hiding ?
  • @Cegoca the pegasus is dressing up now,it will meet with us several hours later. ;)
  • >:/ >:/ >:/ >:/
    You know this is killing us.
  • I'm w a i t i n g [-(
  • Kind remind:now there are some sellers using the picture from our triton video to sell our pegasus mod,and Notes that they have pegasus in stock,please stay away from them.
    First,our pegasus mod has not been released.
    Second,we will not ship our pegasus mod to any of our distributors or directly retailers until next month.
  • But it will be released through Aspires Online Store directly today correct? [-O<
  • @Tina yes i saw that at efuntop who already proposes pre-orders. :(

    Ok so we'll probably wait until the end of the day to know more about the design and specs. And my triton's rba order still not processed, OMG too much wait for me :-SS :D
  • I just saw a shadow of something flying overhead!
    Is it a it a plane...... :-O
  • @pia did you place the order for the RTA from our online store?
    If yes, please tell me your order number,I will check for you.
  • @Southy321 it will also be landing at the following distributors:
    Heaven Gifts Incorporated Limited (China)
    Shenzhen Elego Technology Co. Ltd (China)
    UVAPER (America)
    Vaporus Wholesale (Canada)
    eSmoking World (Poland)
  • @Tina yes of course, order # 201420371. Thank you Tina !
  • @pia You placed your order yesterday,If no problem,we will ship your order today,the status of your order will be updated tomorrow,then you can get the tracking number.
  • Thanks @Tina !
    And i hope the Pegasus launch will not make you work too late this evening ;)
    It seems we're all waiting for specs (TC or not, power, colors, price, ...) and a real pic of the product.

    If it could have a giveaway on the site as the Triton had, it would be awesome :D
  • @Tina Do you know any distributors that will sell to the public because the companies you listed will only sell to Vendor's or Licensed Businesses/ Business Owners of Vapor Shops? But you will be selling them on

    Do you have the direct website links for the company's you listed b/c when you use Google, or Click on the Official Distributor link on your website it does not take you to that company/store? Thanks Tina
  • piapia
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    @Southy321 : here they are after a google search, sorry if mistakes !
  • @pia Thank You very much.

    I couldn't find an online store for Shenzhen Elego Technology Co. Ltd (China) either. But the downfall to almost all of them besides ASPIRECIG LIMITED UK (England), is they only do wholesale so $300-$500 minimum order as a customer or you have to have a business license to purchase from them.. :((
  • So I guess will be waiting for to list the Pegasus. If anyone finds out a supplier that will allow the purchase of 1 unit for the Pegasus, post what you find out on the forum. Vape On Everyone, and will be waiting a little longer then.. :!!
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