Triton leaKS at bottom airflow

So my wife and I decided to upgrade from the atantis 1 to the new triton. We have done everything 100% the right way when filling our tanks and they leak juice out of the bottom airflow valves! We switch from the vape symbol to the drip symbol to fill it with juice (like your supposed to) and we even bought special bottles to fill it with so we don't waste any juice. We only vape high quality max vg juice so I do not cannot come up with a single reason as to why I keep getting juice all over my hands! I ether we both have defective units or this is just how it is. Either way I am highly disapointed. The Atlantis was flawless.
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  • When you fill your tank be sure to close all air flows prior to filling this will allow the air to escape from the filling holes when filling. This will eliminate the problem :)>-
  • I have had the same issue. The tank has gone from half full to completely empty on me twice. Both times I had left it unattended. Not sure why its happening but it only does it when I let it sit. Sure it has something to do with the dozen or so O-rings on the thing. (Too Many) --- Serious design flaw if you ask me. The Silo Beast top fill works perfectly and the last two Atlantis tanks were flawless...aspire needs to fix this
  • Same thing has just happened to me.
    Not happy with these units at all, taking into account the other performs I've had.
  • not to mention the juice I've lost which wasn't cheap
  • Thank you for those tips, Tina :)>-
  • iv tried everything to stop liquid literally pouring out the bottom and cant stop it, iv been through 2 bottles of eliquid that as stated above are not cheap! iv taken it apart and cleaned it and tried all the fixes above with no joy, the kanger subtank is now back on and its a million times better. really dissapointed
  • @tellekson Which coil were you using?

    I had trouble with the 1.8 ohm coil with exactly the problem you describe, using juice between 70/30 and 50/50 (PG/VG)

    When I swapped to the 0.4 ohm coil after I bought some lower nicotine and higher VG juice (20/80) it changed the experience completely and I've been very pleased with it since then.

    I have heard of people having difficulties with different coils - but my problem was only with the 1.8 ohm coil
  • Are you sure that the coils are installed in the unit properly and nice and tight? Also that the tank is tightened down all the way onto the base?
  • @dmiller622 thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try next time however I didn't have leaking immediately with the 50/50 juice I tried with my 1.8 ohm coil. It was fine for a few hours in the evening, but the next morning I'd got leaking if I remember correctly.

    I definitely haven't been having trouble when not closing the air flow at the bottom when filling with 20/80 juice :)
  • this happens if you accidentally overfill the top portion and some juice leaks into the main channel, or if you get distracted and accidentally squirt a bunch of juice in there (which I've done)
  • @Tina I've heard of a lot of people having this problem with the Triton Tank, not so much when they use their .4 Ohm Coil but when they switch to an Atlantis V2 .5 Ohm Coils. I've read this throughout Aspire forum from other users. Also read about this happening to new Triton Tank owners on & Forum's but this is referring to the leaking problem.

    I'm trying to do as much research as possible, in the meantime, since I still have not received my Triton Tank, & optional RTA System from the 3 day promo back on June 24th?? It's very frustrating that I haven't received the Triton Tank yet. So I guess I'm going to have to fork over $50 and purchase it again... Makes me very sad.. :( Hope you can resolve this issue with not receiving my Triton. Thanks for any help you can provide Tina. :!!
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    while vaping,users open the airflow hole on the drip tip,the warm vapor meet the cool air from the airflow hole on the drip tip,some vapor condensation(looks like e-juice) may happen on the Top Fill area of the the unit,so,after one or two tank of e-juice working out,users need clean the drip tip and top fill area with q-tip or clean paper.What's more,after refilling,please make sure that there is on e-juice stay enter into the center top or there is no e-juice stay on the top fill area,after refill,please use a clean paper to clean out the e-juice on the top fill area.
    last,if users don't use the tank for several hours or overnight,they can let the tank stand up,then let the arrow indicator point to “drip” position to prevent the e-juice from entering into the coil,If we don't use the tank,the e-juice inside the coil will not be atomized,however the e-juice still enter into the coil,if so much e-juice inside the coil,the leaking problem will happen,which is common happen to all other brand tanks.
    So,we suggest that if we don't use the tank,we can let the tank stand up and let the arrow indicator point to “drip” position to prevent the e-juice from entering into the coil.What's more.regular cleaning is very important,after one or two tanks of e-juice working out,before refilling,we not only need clean the drip tip and the top filling area,but also,we need clean the base hardware with q-tip or clean paper.
  • Mine just leaked. This is such crap. Never had such a bad experience with a tank before. I literally had it set aside my eVic VT cause its charging, picked it up and guess what? Juice on my hand. Checked the bottom air flow, FLOODED with juice. All I did was pick it up to take a look at the tank. No the tank is not on its side. I always leave my tanks right side up to avoid juice leaking. WTF did I just buy?
  • @Tina I will try your "method" of turning it to the "drip" icon. I'm not even planning to leave it on my box mod with the possibility of it leaking onto my mod. I will report back in the next couple days to see if this method stopped the leaking issue.

    Also Tina, you may want to address the "juice spitting" that people are experiencing with the Aspire Triton.
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