Using Atlantis coils on Triton


With all my experimentation with the Triton trying to review it, I have been trying all the coils I could on it. I obtained a .3 Ohm Atlantis coil and it sucked in comparison to my .4 Ohm Triton coil. I was needing to change out my .4 Ohm Triton coil as it had reached the end of its life due to various reasons. I thought, I wonder if the bottom pin on the Triton coil could fit on the Atlantis coil. The Atlantis coil's bottom pin is a little smaller and uses a different rubber grommet with a smaller hole. The holes for air flow on the Atlantis .3 Ohm coil matches the Triton's. I tried to push my Triton's bottom pin in the place of the one that comes on the Atlantis coil. It was a very tight fit but I was able to get in there. I installed it and it worked. It actually worked quite well. The wider air flow hole in the middle going up to the coil actually put it on par with the Triton for air flow. If you to do this though, do so at your own risk.
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  • @midnightwolf thank you for sharing your using experience with us.
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  • :-B Ingenuity and creativity is the only way to figure it out if it will work or not. Vape On.. B-)
  • Going back to this thread to post this since it is about Atlantis coils. I have some older Atlantis v1 ceramic 0.5Ohm coils and decided to try em out on the Triton. I popped the pin off and put the 0.3 Ohm coils pin for the Atlantis to give it a better airflow. My results are the vape was good but not outstanding. It seemed like an average run of the mill vape. In comparison, the vape was not good. I only really would recommend this if you do not have the 0.3 Ohm or the Triton coils available.
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