Aspire Triton Leakage


Anyone else's triton tank leaking?
I can't seem to work out why, the leakage seems to be happening around the driptip airflow. I've checked that there isn't any juice above the fill holes and I've obviously made sure that it is set to vaping mode but still some leakage. Not masses, similar to the original subtank mini leakage.
Could I be doing something wrong?
Apart from that I'm loving the tank and I'm sure it'll only get better once my RTA and 0.3 coils preorder is fulfilled.
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  • To quote the above "There is a seal in the chimney for the coil." - well there obviously SHOULD be BUT my first Triton did not have one whereas the second one (in the Odyssey kit) does!

    So if you are having gurgling, leaking and over saturated coils check one is fitted in your Triton because if it is not then the juice, regardless of ratio, will creep around the chimney into the top of your coil as well as through the proper orifices!

    I managed to mostly cure the problem using a silicon ring from the base of an old Nautilus coil - which is not quite as thick as the "proper" one fitted on my latest Triton but seems to do the trick.

    If you are not sure where it should be fitted remove the base then look into the bottom of the tank. You will see the the double skinned metal part that the top of the coil fits into. The O-ring fits around the outer circumference of the inner chimney tube in a groove and it can be very difficult to see unless you have a clean tank with no juice residue.

    DON'T FIT one UNLESS you are absolutely sure it is missing in the first place as getting them out without damage is not going to be easy.

    I am disappointed with Aspire at the moment - QC seems to be slipping from their usual high standard - what with the missing O-ring as above, the wrong one fitted to the top AFC (small white instead of large black - leaky) and the scorched cotton mode on the Pegasus (luckily defeat-able now thanks to experimentation by users, not information from Aspire) it's all seems to be going down-hill a bit?
  • Just got a new blister pak of 1.8 coils. Did some researched and compared the leak situation with my mautilis mini bvc coils. Bothe tanks do the same thing in a very minute small way. The bottom of the chimmely on both will have a little ejuice when removing and replacing head coils on both. Also the bottom of both will have a small mist of ejuice in the bottom hardware after vaping a tank full. With the new 1.8 head coils for the triton it vapes great:) Triton is my first subohm normal tank. So it took me some time to get use to it. I clean everything before i put a tank back togeter anyways. So Far I love love love this Triton Tank :)
  • Mine is leaking too. My airflow is closed & im using max VG. I left mine on its side overnight and I woke up to a puddle of juice. This device does leak and it not condensation in the chamber. Im not sure if it's the silicon O-ring not working as designed or juice traveling up the chamber. All I know is it is not leak proof like the Atlantis.
  • Just got mine today, pulled it apart rinsed it out, popped the preinstalled coil back in, made sure it was snug as a bug in a rug (as tight as I could get it), let it sit on my desk while I took a nap before work with juice in it, so far no issues, but as the days go by I will keep this updated.
  • @BigVA That is quite interesting. Thank you for that information. It may in fact be the SS coils that are causing these issues. Or perhaps it could be the tank. I am hoping and praying for all the Triton owners that someone finds a permanent solution for the spit back, leaking issues, and the "pop" issues. There's just so many problems with a tank that costs $35-45. QCing should've been able to catch all these issues. Not sure if Aspire did a couple days testing, weeks, or months; but what I can say is if you're going to release something like this, it should be tested for a long time under different situations so that it can come up with the different problems that everyone is experiencing right now.
  • Hello everyone,

    I just bought my Triton, and it spits at me like a dragon. I tried cleaning, refilling, etc, various different methods of hitting it, and it still spit. However I found a solution to the problem. Close the top airflow all the way and the spitting will stop. Being that this is a brand new tank, and obviously a somewhat common issue, it is a bit ridiculous that I should have to do that. Also what that tells me, is that the top (airflow and/or drip tip are defective from the factory. Aspire, with all due respect, I work for a large manufacturer, and understand that shit happens, for lack of a better term. However, you need to either come out with another top airflow that will not spit, or issue new ones under warranty (if you don't have a warranty create one). If you don't do this, consider this the last Aspire I buy. I will also make sure that all of the distributors I visit here in GA are aware of this issue. I know this comes off as rude, but this truly is constructive criticism. Again, I work for a huge manufacturer, I understand your stance, but your answers on the threads so far are " send pictures ". If you'd like, message me in private, and I will send you a video with sound, of juice flying out of the top airflow valve, and spitting like a big fat Greek wedding.

  • I figured it out. I went to my distributor, and he agreed that this was spitting fireballs. We replaced the coil with an Atlantis and its a heaven vape. Caution spoilers: We ripped the stock .4ohm triton coil apart, and we found the problem. There are two pieces of cotton wrapped around the vertical coil, that meet each other on each side. One piece of cotton had peeled back a tad, and was letting juice pour into the coil, causing it to fall down to the battery and spark fireballs. He said that he sold around 80 tritons and that I was the only one with this issue. So there you have it, 1/80 coils has a receding cotton piece almost like a receding hairline on one side of the head. Tina you can thank me by shipping some nickel coils
  • @Southy321 I'm really not trying to be a jerk. I'm just being honest about what we discovered. That coil, regardless of who manufactures it, had a split in the cotton fresh out of the box. It's not the end of the world, but it is money down the drain. I'm sure aspire is trying to figure it out, and I'm just offering insight through the troubleshooting steps that I took, and the conclusion from those steps. The tank itself is the bomb and the best tank I've ever owned. I'm blowing clouds as I type this. I apologize if I come off as negative I was just upset yesterday. I wouldn't mind some nickel coils either way :-)
  • If you're using this for subohm I would recommend buying Atlantis coils. The .4 ohm coils seem to be faulty.
  • I just did a very low pressure test on my triton and it leaks all over the place that explains why the liquid just runs straight through it so I wrapped the tank in cling film and tried it again it was much better but still getting too much liquid so I think its a combination of leaks and crappy coils
  • @Southy321 I don't think that all of the coils are decective, just a select batch. I am now 100% certain that the coil is the problem. If you have a leaky spitting tank, order some new .4 coils, or order some Atlantis coils. Has anybody tried nickel on this tank? I'm curious. Anyway I think Aspire should reach out to some distributors and offer a coil for free. Honestly between the coil which is 4$+, and the full tanks I lost, it probably amounts to about 10$ wasted. Couple that with the fact that other companies sell subohm tanks for much cheaper, and they come with extra glass, and an RTA deck, some mercy should be shown.
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    I am having the same issues as most people that posted. Using original .40 Ohms coil that came with triton. 50/50 juice. I have reduce the spitting, but not eliminate the problem and hopefully stop the leakage to the AFC. I would like other people to try to see if it helps so please post some feedback.

    -Leakage from bottom AFC(some e-liquid but not the whole tank).
    -Lots of splitting.
    -Lots of pooling of e-liquid at top AFC(between the drip tip and tank.)

    I took apart everything to examine that everything was nice and snug and no kinks on the o-rings.

    -Checked to see if there was an o-ring on the inside of chimney where the atty would meet(I have an white o-ring inside, hard to see). I put the atty itself(no base) to feel if it would meet the o-ring. It did and I can feel that it was sealing because of the added pressure. How good of a seal I have no idea. This info was posted by "Harryz" about the chimney o-ring and that the atty did not twist into the chimney.

    -Checked the .4 Ohms atty to make sure there are 2 o-rings without kinks. twisted into base to make sure it was snug.

    -Checked the inside base of the triton where the AFC is with one o-ring. When I was first cleaning the tank I remember moving that o-ring up and down for whatever reason and it popped off. So if put it back on and move the o-ring lower.

    I believe the base AFC o-ring is causing all my problems with the triton. The o-ring was not sitting nicely with the bottom of the tank. Which I assume would cause a small leak, may not be enough to drain the tank, but enough to cause pooling of e-liquid in that area. I suspect that the atty inst really spitting up e-liquid, but that I'm sucking up e-liquid that leaked from that o-ring and through that atty.

    So try and move the base o-ring far up as possible to sit flush with the bottom of the tank.
  • Okay, I've been using a .5 Atlantis coil for a week with no leaks. This evening, when refilling, I removed the coil from the base to clean up the residual juice I normally see in the base. To my surprise, it was nearly dry. .. only slight trace of juice inside! I haven't had as much spitting and have been experiencing consistent good vaping.

    As others have posted: I believe this is because I have been tightening down all fittings completely each time I fill or refill the tank.

    I will be trying the same technique again with Triton .4 coils next time I replace a coil.
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    I've actually finally figured out how to make the Triton's leak on command. It's actually pretty simple, fill, then close up to vape position and let it sit. It will eventually leak through the coil and out the bottom air flow.

    Why? There is a pressure differential and the system is trying to equalize. The best way to prevent this, is to start vaping as soon as you feel the wick is saturated. If I am starting off with a new coil, as soon as I have filled and set it to "vape", I wait 5 minutes or so (watch for bubbles to stop coming out of the coil openings) then start sucking without pressing the battery fire button. Then I start at low wattage/temperature, then slowly work my way up to my preferred wattage/temp.

    If I'm just refilling, I start vaping ASAP after filling. Roughly 4-6 hits and the pressure has equalized enough so I don't get any leaks.

    I've also moved up to "thicker" juice. Primarily 20/80 (PG/VG) which has helped minimize leaking through the coil.

  • I was already using 70 VG but it's happening with every juice regardless of thickness.
  • I've already posted about this in another thread but I've had two half tanks fully just dissappear after leaving my mod sit for a bit. Come back to it and the tank is empty with juice running down the mod. Seems to be coming from the bottom though on mine. I was looking and the top threads on the coil don't screw into anything the coil just slips over an o-ring. I think with any heat the juice overflows and goes out of the bottom air intake. I know I shouldn't leave it in heat but both of the Atlantis tanks never gave me this problem.
  • Never mind it just leaked out of nowhere. Had it sitting on the counter indoors, thermostat says 71. So it's not heat just seems to be a failing o-ring... Not sure why it's random but it's very aggravating. I've had it for only 5 days and it has leaked 4 of them. So far very disappointed, had nothing but praise for the last three aspire tanks I've owned. Hope this gets solved and fixed
  • Sorry to hear about the leaking tank problems! I have not had any problems with the .4 ohm coil or the RTA and haven't yet tried the 1.8 ohm. So far so good....I just double checked mine to see if the connecting post is ok.....dry as a bone!
  • Yes, after a separate problem with my other Triton tank *see coils going with a bang; I bought another one to see if the same thing happens. I didn't get the chance though, as I came back home to find a full tank of liquid had leaked from the bottom of the new tank. I'm starting to think the new Triton is a failed system as more and more people are reporting these problems, as sales increase.
    A response would be nice, Aspire!
  • My Aspire Triton tank leaks too, I cleaned it with water, and I checked to wear the leak was . I I filled it with water and put it on the vape mode. I had the bottom hardware disconnected from it. The leak is coming from the bottom . I checked the bottom , did not find anything , then I looked inside. The leakage must be coming from the closed juice intake holes. Also when changing coil heads with vape mode on. The bottom chimmely had joice in the part that screws onto the coil head. This is a major problem. hopefully Aspire will bring out a new top tank assembly fixing this leakage or fixed in a newer version. no leaks when bottom is connected.
  • I made a mistake on last post. This Triton Tank does not leak with the bottom removed and it is set to drip symblol witch closes the juice intake holes. However ; when replacing coil head with liquid in the tank, have to turn the tank upside down with the vapers symble selected shuting off the top filling holes. While upside down after removing the bottom and head coil . down inside at the bottom of the chimmely is ejuice. also when coil heads removed the bottom will have ejuice maybe coil head leakage. the ejuice on the chimmely is juice getting past the coil head when it is installed, Been vaping it all day and it is awesome, I love love love it so far :) Hopefully when Version 2 Triton comes out, this loose ejuice problem will be fixed.

  • Mine just leaked. This is such crap. Never had such a bad experience with a tank before. I literally had it set aside my eVic VT cause its charging, picked it up and guess what? Juice on my hand. Checked the bottom air flow, FLOODED with juice. All I did was pick it up to take a look at the tank. No the tank is not on its side. I always leave my tanks right side up to avoid juice leaking. WTF did I just buy?
  • Mine arrived today and getting leaking problems, half a tank leaked out of the bottom air holes. Not sure whats going on, took the base off once it had emptied itself and both the coil and base were saturated, not very impressed so far. Using the 1.8ohm coil which is real nice when it works but not happy it soaked my Vaporshark DNA 40
  • After reading above comments I felt that its not just me everyone is experiencing problems with this tank. I bought mine 2days ago and since then I am fiddling with this tank. It is a shame that such a nice looking tank has a lot of drawbacks. Firstly the leaking issue which specially on changing the coils can be worst. 2ndly and most annoying issue is with the spit back no one has mentioned this so far and people who are using it are praising the tank. I have tried both coils 0.4 and 1.8ohm and both has this issue. Even if Atlantis v2 coils are used they will start doing the same to technically there is a serious design issue. The third issue I have with this tank is 1.8ohm coils which does get flooded. I have used it and was extremely disappointed by gurgling and continuously had to blow air through the mouth piece to get rid of the juice and then as expected had leak from the air flow. And that crazy wide bore drip tip who needs it for mouth to lungs 1.8ohm coils?? There much be a small bore drip trip included.
    This tank is nice looking but should be functional and free from all these faults. Please do something about it.
  • @andy_47 I've actually mentioned it on another post that someone else made. Mine was doing spit backs like crazy. The worst (in my situation) was I had it sitting up right next to my eVic VT (THANK GOD) and picked it up to take a look at it and there was juice all over my hand. Took a look at the bottom and juice was flowing like a river on crack out of the air flow control. If it was on my eVic VT, it would've leaked all over my box mod and perhaps even have gotten into the battery. I'm stating this as my opinion, but Aspire Triton is one of the worst tanks I've ever tried. It can't be enjoyable if you are getting spit back with every pull you do. Along with the spit back, the leaking issue. The only thing I enjoyed was the top fill. All I am saying is, this tank is no longer my daily. I straight up switched back to my mini little eGo One tank for now. I'm looking into buying a new tank and I can state here that I will never buy an Aspire product again. I can't speak on behalf of the Atlantis or the Nautilus but the Triton is junk. Its for sure not worth the time and money that I've spent on it. If you do research on the tank, there are numerous complaints about the spit back and leaking issue. Along with a YouTube video I saw, some reviewer was getting spit back like crazy and you can see him cleaning it with a q tip which I did as well. You get so much juice coming through the channel that you're practically drinking it. For me, this tank gets a 2 thumbs down.
  • I have had leaks and spit back and a coil explode. Not good and no feedback from aspire customer service. Also my UK vendor contacted them with no success. A shame as I love the nautilus and atlantis 2 but I doubt I'd buy aspire again as no customer support whatsoever.
  • @drysprocket I have had the Triton tank for 4 days and I'm experiencing spitting using the stock .4ohm coil running 20/80 high VG juice. So much in fact it fills the
    mouthpiece adapter with a small amount of juice. mouthpiece air full open or fully closed does not prevent the heavy condensation. So.....I replaced the head with a Gen1 Aspire .05 coil and the problem disappeared...image that. Must be the new stainless steel coils were not on the top of the list in the QC department. Love the design and the top fill, no leakage from mine and now that I'm not swallowing juice life is better!
  • I just bought one of these tanks yesterday, and it was working like a dream. For about three solid hours while I was at the vape shop where I bought it, I was running a 60/40 juice, 12mg, with the 1.8ohm coil, and mouth-to-lunging it like a pro with the drip tip airflow off and the bottom airflow open just a hair's breadth to restrict it enough.

    This morning, after leaving my tank upright on my charging iStick 50w, I go to take a puff and I get a mouthful of juice. I actually had to pull through the juice before I got any air, and it gurgled like CRAZY.

    I've spent the past few hours just examining everything. When I pulled the 1.8ohm coil out, the entire underside of it was completely covered in juice. The contact was soaked. I tried to spin the contact and it spun as freely as the drip tip airflow does. I barely had to apply pressure and it spun. So I pulled it out. That also took nearly no effort. And then I tried touching the grommet between the contact and the body of the coil. It nearly FELL OUT.The only thing even marginally holding it in place was the coil itself, one of the leads of which was pressed along the grommet and bent just under the bottom of it.

    I think I found the problem. Just for comparison, I grabbed one of my Atlantis V1 coils and tried to spin the contact. It spun, but only after considerable force was applied, and it is nowhere NEAR as easy to spin. The grommet is also much, MUCH tighter in the body of the coil. Upon inspection, the 1.8ohm coil was completely, thickly coated with juice on the underside of the coil inside the body. I gently slid a Q-Tip into it and it completely soaked it, and I hadn't even touched the bottom of the coil. Very clearly to me, they redesigned the contact pin to restrict the airflow, but forgot to restrict the juice flow. That's problem #1.

    Problem #2 is in the tank itself. On a whim, I took the coil out of the base and pressed it into the upper section of the tank, turned upside down as it was half-full of juice. I tried spinning the coil to see how deep it had to be for the threads to catch it. There are no threads. It presses again an o-ring inside the base of the chimney.

    Here's the actual problem. When you have the coil disconnected from the base, it presses a full 5-6 mm FURTHER IN than when it's fully screwed onto the base. In other words, when you have it installed, IT ISN'T CONTACTING THE O-RING.

    I have since switched out the 1.8ohm coil for the Atlantis V1 0.5ohm coil, and it's been performing exactly as I would expect it to. I did not purchase this tank to use sub-ohm coils, I purchased it as an upgrade to sit beside my Nautilus tanks. I am extremely unhappy. I feel like I've just wasted $40 on a tank I thought could only be great based on the first few hours, and based on my previous experiences with this company. I feel cheated. This is bloody nonsense. How on earth can the tolerances be THIS BAD?

    Shame on you, Aspire.
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    I noticed that o-ring during cleaning today. I also noticed the loose fit of the base in the 1.8Ω coils. I think you're right that the top of the coil does not touch the o-ring. I wonder if the o-ring has another purpose.

    I'm using a new coil every day in the hope of seeing the leakage for myself. My third 1.8Ω coil is in the tank now. The first two had 80/20 PG/VG juice, this one has 15/85. There have been no leaks yet. It will be late next week before I start to run a coil to the end of its life.
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