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Wow was just about to place a fab review for this. Had used it for about 3 hours after the usual priming and half hour stand and it waz good. Been happily vaping on my sigeli 75 when there's a massive bang and spark from it. At first I thought it was the mod but on moving it to a different mod it tasted like burnt crap. So I check the tank and it's in a state inside up the inside wall and so I take apart and it's like the coil has shot like a gun. And shit the inside up. Well it scared the heck out of me especially as I'm always telling friends and family as long as you use good batteries which I do. A good charger which I do? then it's safe. Well this almost blew me away.
Tank from cloudstix and mod from e clear vapes. Battery from ecolux. All contacted and so far have been fab.
To add I'm not a newbe to vaping. Also done a year now and have 7 box mods all regulated 4 A2 tanks and 3 1s. Also a starre freemax, kayfun r and an aspire nautilus to name but a few and this is my first experience of an explosion in a tank.

Be careful fellow apes.

I never thought it would happen to me but it just did!
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  • Rather strange what happened to you here ...

    What coil ?
    Wattage used ?
    Liquid used ?
  • 0.4 coil. 50/50 juice sigeli mod at 30
  • GuzGuz
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    Sounds like the juice did a spontaneous combustion. I've only heard about it at my vape shop on a dripper. Everyone said it was like a gun shot going off in the shop. Fortunately the guy hadn't really hit it. Just firing it after a new set of coils and cotton, to test everything was ok.

    It's kind of funny now to watch everyone test their setups now after a rebuild. They point the drip tip way, fire for a second, then start vaping on it.
  • Wonder if it was a hot spot in the coil. Sometimes I have had a bad pop when using dripper with a coil that has developed a hot spot in it.
  • They have admitted to my supplier that it could have been a faulty leg on a coil that slipped through quality control! They offered no compensation whatsoever which I think is very poor customer service.
  • I've had similar happen to me on three seperate occasions within two weeks. I'm vaping away quite happily when an almighty bang, and a slight taste of burnt something. I've tried changing the coils and juice but it still happened. This is happening with their new Triton 0.4 coils. I'm using an eleaf iStick 50w set at 30watts, reading 4.2v.
    This is quite worrying.
  • Yes it is but they responded to my supplier that it was a qc issue and not to worry. All I got sent was a replacement coi . It almost set fire to my bed!!!
  • Wow another fill and vape and it's bloody gone pop again. Terrible. My wife flipped. This is unacceptable and not fit for perpose.
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