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Was told by some friends aspire is a good brand. I was looking into just getting the starter kit. Now, i have a e cig but it's not good and i don't know too much about the kits. What juice is needed and does it matter the mg,pg/vg/strength. Any tips would be helpful really.
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  • Ok. Here are some basics.
    PG = Propylene Glycol, carries more flavors, but some people are sensitive to it.
    VG = Vegetable Glycerin, makes more vapor than PG.
    Nicotine Strength is generally sold in the following increments, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 mg/ml.

    A good place to start is a 70/30 (PG/VG) ratio. Nicotine strength is somewhat dependent on how much you smoked before, and the type of kit/atomizer. With the starter kit, and guessing you were a pack a day smoker, I would start at 24 mg/ml of nicotine and keep the VG at 50 or less.

    Now, I would HIGHLY recommend finding a local Vape shop that has sample flavors that you can try before you buy. And even then, get the smallest bottle of that flavor. Mainly because it takes a bit to find a flavor you like the most and the nicotine level that works for you. Most of us are trying to eventually get to 0 nicotine, others a quite happy at a certain level and stay there. There is nothing worse that buying a big bottle, and after a couple of days you realize you don't like the flavor after all, or the nicotine level is to high or to low.

    If you are trying to quit analog smoking, personally I recommend avoiding any tobacco flavors. You want to disassociate analog smoking with vaping. After awhile most of found that analogs really taste terrible after vaping for awhile.

    You can vape and do analogs in the beginning, slowly weaning yourself off of the analogs.
  • @trilogy Welcome to the Aspire forum! First off the best place in my estimation to gleen the information that you are looking for is the ECF forum.....lots of information for newcomers regarding nicotine strength as well as the juice PG/VG ratios. For the most part the juice ratios are premixed and usually have a higher ratio of PG to VG and that is where you can start. I tend to look for a 50/50 blend as it gives the best flavor to vapor ratio for me, but everyone is different! As far as nicotine content...that also is a personal preference depending on what type of cigarettes you used to smoke. I personally will not vape any stronger than 18mg and usually vape 12mg juices. Check out the ECF website....tons of great information there. As far as your starter equipment...Aspire is the best way to go as the quality and features are the best on the market. The Aspire K1 Starter kit seen here ... the best way to go. Everything you need to get a great vape at a great price! :-bd
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    Ok, so you're less than a pack a day guy. Start around 6 or 12 mg/ml of nicotine then. Again, these are just suggestions, everyone is different.

    You don't have to replace the entire kit. You just need new coils/atomizers, which run ~$10 for a pack of 5. These are the 'consumables' that everyone talks about. They are the little things inside that soak of the liquid and get hot to produce the vapor.

    They get old, gunky, produce less vapor as they are used. There is no hard fast measurable way of saying when to replace them, because there are to many variables involved (juice: sweet, dark, clear. How hard, often you hit the device. Voltages, etc.) Basically you put in new coil, let it sit for a bit to make sure the juice saturates the wicking material and start vaping. After awhile you will notice that the vapor production drops, things start to taste 'funky' or burnt. This might be a couple of days, or a couple of weeks of use. Then you just replace the coil/atomizers and repeat the process.

    One word of caution: Be wary of cheap, badly made, clone coils/atomizers. When you go shopping for new ones, make sure your source is honest and reputable. Most of time if the price is really low, it's a counterfeit product. And let me tell you, you will curse and scream if you get bad clone coils, tanks, batteries. A lot of people come back here and say that Aspire makes junk, but upon further investigation they find out that they didn't get authentic products. Once they go find a good source (the best source is always Aspire directly at ) and get authentic products, then they change their tune.

    As for the differences... of the different tanks. Each one has been a progression to incorporate new features, new improvements, as we all learn and experiment with this new form of nicotine delivery. With that, there is NOTHING wrong with the starter kit. It is what it is. A very good kit, that isn't that expensive, to get people to try vaping (some people try it, and don't like it, no big deal, the kit is inexpensive so it isn't a huge waste. And you can always sell it, if it hasn't been used much, or donate it someone else who wants to try it out) It uses some of the earliest designed tank features, which still work extremely well. It's the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Son). Fill, vape, fill, vape, charge, fill, vape, fill vape, charge again, eventually change the coil/atomizers. Repeat.

    As you use the items more and more, and learn more, you start thinking "Hmmm.. maybe I do want to have this feature or that feature." And that's when you start moving up to newer tanks, which then leads to different batteries, which leads to more tanks, and more batteries. (God... I just realized how a vicious circle this is :D ) But there are some that are quite content to find one thing, setup, that works for them and just stick with it (more power to them!!!).
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    Thanks for the info guys. I wasn't even close to a pack a day, but good estimate. So if i do go with that kit, i can just go to any shop and get any juice then. Now, it comes with a tank how often to replace it and how much more do i need after i do buy a starter kit. Also, what is the atomizer/clearomizer/the different series/lifestyle/triton
  • Guz thanks man. So replacing the atomizer doesn't seem hard, now is it one piece? or multiple pieces to change when it's dirty.
  • I had to go down to 4mg nicotine to stop hacking/ coughing with the pre-made liquids available here. If you find the nicotine strength is too strong but like the flavor, buy a zero nicotine version. Use oral syringes, available at most drug stores, to mix small (2-3ml) batches in a clean pill vial of reduced nicotine liquid. Clean and dry your atomizer between tests. An analogue usually contains between 0.8 and 1.0 mg nicotine. That will give you a starting point for computing how much you'd vape in the beginning.

    The atomizers are usually one piece, but sold in packs of several. The whole tank should be cleaned regularly. Clean whenever the liquid gets dark, you replace the atomizer, or you change flavors. I use 99% Isopropanol, others don't like it. Let everything dry thoroughly before refilling it.

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