Aspire 18650 Battery Review

Well it’s been several months of use of the Aspire 18650 battery, and it’s time to a proper review.

One word: AWESOME!!

This battery is a definite thumbs UP, must buy battery!!!

I have gone through a couple of 18650 batteries and this is so far this has been my new “go to” battery in my Aspire CF MOD holder. The main thing I like about the battery is how long it lasts compared to the other brands of 18650 batteries. Previous batteries, they were really strong at the beginning, then they would decline consistently with lower and lower vapor production. I would have to charge them prior to the CF MOD LED would turn orange, indicating it’s time to charge.

The Aspire 18650 battery, you get a couple of strong hits, then it levels off and stays there for what seems like an eternity. Basically consistent hit after hit after hit. Then I notice that I get a couple of weak hits, and then the LED on the CF MOD battery holder turns orange. Which then I take it out and charge.

I can easily go through 5 ml of juice in my Atlantis v1 5ml tank (0.5 ohm coil) on one Aspire battery. The other batteries there was no way I could get through 5 ml of juice on a single charge in the same setup, even when they were new. 2 ml of juice, yes. But not 5 ml of juice.

So if you want an all-day vape battery, this is the battery to get!!

Now I did order 3 batteries, but only use 2. Why? Well I did an inadvertent test of the shorting out of a battery. I have to say the battery handled the short perfectly by venting properly through the positive side of the battery (where the vents are). The only damage (besides my ego and pocket book) was the shrink wrap label around the battery melted off.


It was in a bad battery charger holder. Even then the holder was not damaged, except the positive tab was welded to the battery. But just prying it off the battery, and a re-bending it back into shape, it was good to go.

Even if the battery shorted out in the Aspire CF MOD, it would have been a non-issue, since the CF MOD is vented at the bottom battery cap. But this does enforce the need for battery holders to have short circuit protection AND proper venting. No matter what battery chemistry is used.

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  • Wow, Nice review! =D>
  • @Guz
    What about the battery's chemistry that is supposed to be outdated and less secure than actual batteries ?
    Any concerns about that ?

  • Cegoca,

    I have no concerns with the battery chemistry. Personally I don't think it's 'outdated' at all. It's still used in various applications. And every chemistry has is it's pluses and minuses, depending on what it's intended use is. Oddly, everyone else skipped over this chemistry for vaping, but I think it is well suited for vaping. Mainly for what I said, it provides a flatter discharge curve for a longer period of time, compared to the other battery chemistries.

    As for safety... I honestly and accurately posted a worst case situation, because there have been comments about the safety of this chemistry. As I said, the battery casing is properly designed to vent properly in a worse case scenario. Yes it got damn hot, just like every other lithium based battery that is on the market, when they are shorted out.

    The exact issue I had was that the positive tab on the battery charger had been bent (by me, by accident, previously). I had been meaning to fix it for sometime, but was lazy. But when removing the battery from the charger, the tab wedged itself under the insulating ring around the positive post to the outer casing (negative) and shorted out the battery. This situation can happen on ALL 18650 batteries, no matter of the manufacturer and battery, or chemistry, period. But the 18650 casing are ALL designed to vent around the positive side.

    But this goes back to what we all preach...
    1. Make sure you have a good quality charger that is proper working order that is designed for lithium batteries.
    2. Make sure you have a good quality battery holder for vaping that has short circuit protection, and allows for proper venting in case the internal protection circuitry fails.

    Sadly I violated rule #1 (wasn't in proper working condition). It was MY fault, no if's, and's or but's about it. I admit it.
  • Thank you for clarifying this !
    So what are these batteries best used for ?
  • GuzGuz
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    Cegoca said:

    Thank you for clarifying this !
    So what are these batteries best used for ?

    Vaping!!!!! Of course ;)

    Like I said, they provided a longer, flatter discharge curve than any of the other 18650 batteries I have used, so far. They are perfect for the CF MOD battery holder!! Or a good box mod (that has proper protection circuitry and venting allowances)!!!

    I would like to embed a sketch of what the discharge curve feels like, but there is something wrong with the board, and it won't allow me. :(

  • :)) I meant normal vape, subohming ...
    So you use it on a CF Mod but it aloso could be used on any other mod around 25 Watts, or even much more perhaps ?
  • They are rated to 40 amp discharge. You'll have to do the math for what coil resistance you like to use.

    But for the CF MOD and the Aspire 0.5 ohm coils, and the new 0.4 ohm SS coils, they work just fine :D
  • @Cegoca

    3.2V * 40A = 128W
    I've used the minimum battery voltage for this calculation. I wouldn't take it above 100W

    R = E/I = 3.2V/40A = 0.08Ω
    This would be the minimum resistance for a regulated MOD.

    If the battery were used in a mechanical MOD you need to use the highest voltage from the battery at full charge...
    R=E/I = 4.2V/40A = 0.105 *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Add at least 20% to the computed resistance for safety. The minimum resistance of your coil should be 0.12Ω, I'd go even higher to 0.15Ω.

    Why can you go to a lower resistance with a regulated MOD? As long as you keep the wattage selection below 128W, the MOD will ensure you don't exceed the battery's limits. With a mechanical MOD, your coil is across the battery terminals with NO PROTECTION. A shorted coil WILL destroy your battery. Hopefully you won't be injured if this occurs.
  • So you have proven that it is a viable battery for Mech Mods, as long as you don't go below 0.15 ohm. Which to be honest, I haven't come across anyone doing on a regular basis, yet. I will admit, I haven't been keeping up on the mech mod guys and how low of a resistance they are trying to run lately.

    I've been quite content with all the Aspire products to date that allow me to do sub ohm'ing in a safe manner.
  • It looks like this battery was developed specifically for vaping by Aspire's sister company. Now that's innovation!

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