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I just bought my aspire and it says it's supposed to charge within 2 - 5 hours and last 13 hours. It takes about 13 hours to fully charge and then only lasts around 5. Is something wrong with it?
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  • A batteries charge is relative to its use. Are you "completely" draining the battery? - I personally like to swap mine at around 70-80% to extend life and reduce the charging cycle. That said what mA are you charging the batteries at? Its not unreasonable to take that long if its being drained significantly.
  • I'm actually having the same problem with mine that I just bought and I have had it on charge for 14 hours and still no full battery so I am very confused cause mines brand new and only 2 days old.
  • If you have the Sub ohm battery you need to get the correct Aspire charger as well as the correct "Wall Wart" adaptor. If you do not have an Aspire adaptor for the Sub Ohm battery that is the problem! I had the same problem, bought the Aspire Sub Ohm adaptor and now it charges fine! It helps if the wall adapter is 5.0V - 1000mA otherwise it will take considerably longer.

    The following information I received from @Jinnis and it makes all the difference!
    "Our engineers suggest customers to use our original charger to charge the battery,for other brand charger will damage the battery."
    Customers can buy the charger from our online store,here is the link:

    "Please pay attention to the purchase suggestion and notice on that page.
    If your battery is CF SUB OHM battery,the capacity is 2000mah,we suggest you to choose the Input: DC 5V 1200mah Output: DC 4.2V 1000mah "
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