Base of my nautty mini does not make contact

All of a sudden my mini will not make contact to make connection for vaper. I had to go to a 'K' model from another manufacturer. I was reading about someone having a sore throat and lung irratation which I am now experiencing with this 'K' model. Where do I get another base,I should not have to shell out another 35bux for the whole nautty unit . All i need to know is if I can buy that part from somewhere,and it is not a copycat.
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  • lol,with a little investigating on this site it sells for 9 bux,not bad. Now I have smoked maybe 10 cigs since march01,I smoked since I was 12, and am 51 lol. Also with asthma. So anyways I had a feeling it was time to quit and I like toys,and this is good . I find the Kangar Mega's intake small left to right big slider is awesome. Becuzz b 4 my bottom hardware wore out i got some time to vape with it. And i hope it clouds like this Kangar does.. But one thing i really notice is a scratchy dry throat. Not sure why.
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