Aspire Triton Review

Hello I am the lucky winner of Aspire Triton giveaway (order no:201418737).

I've always been a huge fan of Aspire products, still I think it's fair to express my actual opinion about Triton and I'll also write about it's weak spots.
Coming from nautilus/ atlantis and other brand tanks (don't know if I'm allowed to write about them here :-) I was very happy using Triton.

Overall it's an excellent tank, the 1.8 Ohm head produces huge vapes and excellent flavour. I prefer it for direct-to-lung vaping but it's easily calibrated for mouth to lung vaping (adjustable air-flow ring is great but I miss the nautilus-like holes, maybe next version could have both?). 0.4 Subohm head is also great, although during the first puffs some liquid entered my mouth, next puffs were OK and got some serious clouds. Top air adjustment ring allows someone to adjust how hot he likes his vape.

Here is my Triton on an istick 30w. (which btw also plays nice with the 0.4Ohm head)

Looks great, tastes great, excellent build quality, no leaking, easy to fill from the top, yes this is a great tank (OK not perfect but very nice), once again aspire produced a great product.

Worst fail I can see on this deal is it didn't include the RTA head in the box. I think this would be a huge plus for someone to buy it.Having said that, I would suggest this to anyone eyes-closed, especially if they prefer direct to lung hits. This is a great tank for both advanced and first-time vapers.

-Best direct to lung clearomizer I've ever used!
-Top fill is very easy and convenient
-No leaking, very nice tank manufacturing quality and very cool design
-Dual airflow is very convenient
-Huge clouds and very good flavour
-Great for subohm vaping

-No RTA head in the box? A terrible mistake in my opinion! (but I think it's easy to rebuild the heads either way)
-I would prefer additional nautilus-like holes along with the bottom adjustable air-flow ring
-1.8 Ohm coil head didn't last that long, I used aprox. 40ml of e-liquid on it so I guess that's reasonable.

OVERALL COMMENT: Excellent, but the RTA head should be included in the box
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