Show us your amazing Triton reviews!--To win an extra prize from Aspire

Some of you have already received your Triton tank. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. With that in mind please share your review with us, and with your friends. We will choose some reviewers who really put forth an amazing and well thought out review to receive an extra prize(Hat, RTA, Coils or hollowed-out tank...) from Aspire.
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  • This is not my review for it for the promo, but I am going to share a quick review. The tank looks very sexy. Very sleek design and looks so good that I would leave it just like it is. The top fill is very nice. The only suggestion I would make to it is to have it a little more to the center but I have no problem getting a dropper in there. Air flow is very nice with the 0.4 Ohm coil but I found that the 1.8 Ohm coil was pretty restrictive from the bottom. The flavor from the 0.4 Ohm coil is probably the best flavor I have gotten off of a sub-ohm tank. The 1.8 Ohm coil is a different story. I loved the Nautilus BVC coils. They were the best high ohm coils out there. I had a modified Nautilus that gave a nice smooth air flow. It was my favorite tank until I started to drip and use sub-ohm tanks. Now that that is said, the 1.8 Ohm coil did not give me the same experience. I found the draw to be pretty tight even with the bottom air flow all the way open, the flavor to be muted, and a little gurgle was present. I attributed that to the fact that I pre-moisten my coils before use to avoid an initial dry hit and that I probably got it too wet. Even after I got rid of the gurgle, it started to come back a little. The 1.8 Ohm coil has small air holes a lot of cotton in them. Maybe some bigger air holes and less cotton would make it better. Smaller gage wire and a wider coil would still allow you to have the higher ohms but less cotton. I must mention the cotton. Very clean tasting. The best tasting of any sub-ohm tank. It wicks very well. As I mentioned, I pre-moisten my coils and it just sucked up the juice when I dripped it on the top of the coil. Did not take much to get it completely wet.

    A few negatives I did find. I would have liked to seen the bottom air flow slightly taller. Some people may want an even more massive bottom air flow. With that said, with the air flow currently on it, I found that it works and works quite well. Also, the coil does not line up with the juice holes inside the tank and it has to be backed off. I have not gotten a dry hit off it not being lined up but can see a possibility. The control for top fill could be tighter or click in a little better. I have noticed that when adjusting the top air flow that it can move. I have not had an issue with it moving in my pocket but someone on Facebook told me that it has moved on them in pocket. The top air flow could be a little tighter. I find it to be easy to twist and change your setting without you even noticing it. The top air flow also can allow juice to condensate and collect in the top fill area of tank. I noticed some in there after a while.

    With all of this said, I must say that it is quite possibly my new favorite tank. I loved my Matrix but by comparison, it blows it away with the flavor. The clouds could be slightly better but the flavor this tank gives makes up for it. Have I mentioned how good the flavor is, lmao. Anyways, I can say that I will be highly recommending this tank when I make my YouTube video review.
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    I posted my review on Reddit. I also shared the review on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you like it but there's still a few things I'd like to do a follow up review for, such as the 0.3 ohm coil, the 1.8 ohm coil, the RBA kit, and the two hollowed-out sleeve options. As soon as I get my hands on them I will get that done.

    Thank you very much to Aspire for providing me with this opportunity to review your newest product!

  • Update to my former Review: Cleaning

    Well, after puffing around since one week with the 1.8 Ohm coil, i somehow got a little metallic flavour - Since i still don't own a RTA/RBA ( :-)))))) and I am the mouth to lung vaper, I cleaned the tank and the Coil: Other than my reviewers above, I had no Problems with the cleaning:
    I took it apart, rinsed the tank from both sides with hot water under the tab, always opening and closing the liquid control and the AFC, shook off the remaining water, and put it itnto the sun for 15 mins - it doen't bother me, that the chamber was still a little damp .... makes maybe 0,01 % Water in the liquid.

    Coil: I took of the bottom and the plastik inlay, so that you can see form the bottom direct onto the wicking and removed the mesh inlya on the top. I took a normal 2ml syringe filled with Vodka and pressed two loads each dierectly into the 4 openings on the side - under pressure. Afterwards the same from the top and the bottom - I repeated that a couple of times and took a thin rolled piece of tissue and cleaned the coil in the middle. Then I rinsed it under hot water and let it dry for half an hour.

    Assemble everything again and the vape was good again -

    So aspire - hury up with the RTA/RBA, since I don't want to miss the TRITON anymore and I only got this one coil :-((

    A really superb product!
  • Ok, I’m back at it with part two of my review, finally to the coils.

    With the Triton, Aspire has introduced 4 new coils. Really! 4 new coils.

    1. 0.3 Ω Stainless Steel coil (45-55 watts).
    2. 0.4 Ω Stainless Steel coil (25-30 watts).
    3. 1.8 Ω Kanthal coil (10-13 watts).
    4. Rebuild able Tank Atomizer (RTA).

    First off, all but the RTA is compatible with the Atlantis series, and vice versa. So if you like the original Atlantis 0.3, 0.5 Ω Kanthal coils you can use them in the Triton. Or if you like the new Triton coils, you can use them in the Atlantis series of clearomizers. A definite win-win all the way round!!!

    One thing I quickly noticed is that finally the 0.3 Ω SS (stainless steel) coil I can use my CF MAXX battery as has a lower wattage rating than the original 0.3 Ω kanthal coils (70-80W).

    The one odd thing that I’ve noticed with the new brand new SS coils is that it imparts an ever so slight metallic taste to my juice, but it quickly goes away after a few hits. For these comparisons, I used a fruity 20/80 (PG/VG) 6mg/ml nicotine juice.

    I had a hard time testing 0.3 Ω SS coil, because I don’t have a battery that will go past 50 watts and 50 watts isn’t enough to fully appreciate the coil. I think another 5-10 watts would make this coil really perform well. But even at 50 watts, the bottom of the tank gets really hot.

    The 0.4 Ω SS is similar to the 0.3 Ω coil. But since it’s suggested range of 25-30 watts it’s a little more controlled. But the base of the tank still gets really warm. Not hot like the 0.3 Ω col, but it is very noticeable.

    I do agree with Aspire that 25 watts is about the lowest you should go. Any lower, the vape does cools down, but so does the vapor production, and the flavor.

    As for the upper spectrum of wattage, again I have to agree with Aspire with their suggestion of 30 watts. Every time I push it past 30W, I end up coughing as it gets really harsh and really hot.

    Keeping this coil in the 25-30W range, and it runs like a champ! The flavor from the juice is dead on. The cloud production is amazing. Definite thumbs UP on this coil!

    The next coil I want to talk about is the new RTA coil. Finally a rebuild able from Aspire. The one thing I don’t many people have mentioned is that this ONLY works on the Triton tank. It is NOT compatible with the Atlantis series of tanks.

    This coil is really for those who like to play around and customize their coils to their exact liking. It was designed as a horizontal coil, but it can be done as a vertical coil as well. Using the supplied pre-made coil as a vertical coil, it is on par with the old Atlantis 0.5 Ω kanthal coil. The main difference is that the openings on the bottom of the coil aren’t as big as the pre-made Atlantis coils, so there is some airflow restrictions. But other than that, it the flavor flow is excellent, and you can produce some nice clouds.

    So if you have the Triton TRA setup, I highly recommend experimenting with various gauges of wire and the amount of cotton packing. With it, I think a lot of people who like to tinker will be able to refine their setup to their exact liking.

    Lastly Aspire has produced a 1.8 Ω Kanthal coil for the Trtiton (it can be used in the Atlantis series as well). I have to admit with I got my Triton, looking at the 1.8 Ω coil, I thought “Why?” It just seems counter intuitive as everyone is going for the sub Ω. So I left this coil alone for quite a while. But I thought I might as put it through its passes for this review.

    One word: WOW!!!

    This is an amazing coil. I know several people that have gotten the Triton that have just passed over this this coil (I was). But I highly recommend everyone to at least try it!

    This coil has the most cotton wicking material to date from Aspire, which really helps it out, with a tiny coil in the middle. But the vapor and flavor production is absolutely one of the best I have ever had in this class of coil.

    Granted, this coil is really meant for mouth to lung vapor people, but with some effort you can lung hit it. I’ve found to get the most out of this coil, is to open the top airflow to just barely open. Then on the bottom airflow, start small then work up. Even changing out the drip tip to a smaller one (I just used my old Nautilus tip) really helps.

    But the flavor produced by this coil is seriously the best I have had so far. I still can’t get over how good flavor is when using this coil.

    As for vapor production, again WOW! I am surprised at how much cloud this coil can produce from the Triton. Aspire recommends running the coil at 10-13 watts. But I’ve found 15 watts is really the sweet spot for me. 13 watts was just a bit low for my tastes, and anything above 15 watts I found muted some of the flavor, but did increase vapor production. Granted, you won’t win any vape competitions with it, nor keep up with the Atlantis Mega. But for the general ohm coil, tank, it is quite surprising.

    So right now, I have to say that the 1.8 Ω coil is now my favorite coil in my Triton. Actually it’s my favorite coil of all time at this moment.

    Which brings me back to the Triton tank itself, with the bottom airflow slot. I really, really like the adjustability it has now. With the Nautilus tanks, I always felt that there was something lacking for airflow adjustability, on its preset settings they were either too big or too small (in the beginning). I eventually was having desires for a larger openings. The Atlantis and the Mega filled that void. But in a way they went ‘to big’. But with the Triton and the 1.8 Ω I can fine tune the airflow so much, it’s really just right.


  • Here is my review. :)
  • Hey Aspire!
    Reviewed your stuff on reddit, amazing review for an amazing tank system! Keep them coming!

    Do you guys vape? I picture a few chinese mechanical engineers just vaping around a big cnc machine and computers and coming up with other stuff to add to make it better. Whatever your R&D, I look forward to your box mod you mentioned! Take it easy and vape on!
  • I received my Triton yesterday, and this is my first impression of the tank. First, I have to explain that I am more of a flavor chaser than a cloud chaser, so most sub-Ohm tanks aren't for me. This tank seems very well-made and solid, and all the pieces slide nicely. I tried the .4 Ohm coil first, and definitely had to wait a couple hours for the coil to soak up anough juice to work properly. It does produce nice flavor, and I absolutely love the fully adjustable airflow. I did, however, run into some issues with leaking from the bottom air holes. Still, a really great tank - very quiet, even with the air holes open all the way.
    Today I swapped out the coil for the 1.8 Ohm, to compare it to the Nautilus. The Nautilus is my all time favorite tank up to this point, and I own two of them. I have tried multiple tanks, and was never able to duplicate the flavor. Until now. Even with the 1.8 Ohm coil, this thing produces great clouds and tastes great! I will have to wait overnight to see if I have any leaking issues with this coil, but so far so good.
    All in all, it seems to be a really nice tank, and built to be more durable than the Nautilus.
    Some drawbacks that could be improved? As I mentioned, the leaking issue. The tank doesn't really come apart easily, so cleaning might be difficult as well. And I would like to see the bottom airflow adjustment a bit tighter, so it doesn't move on its own. Also, be careful of over-tightening the unit, as the coil will no longer align with the holes and produce dry hits.
    That's about all I have to say. Overall, a nice tank and it's nice that Aspire is putting some thought into tank design. I think if they take a few of these hints and update to a version 2 Triton, it could be the best tank ever made. Thank you Aspire, for running this contest and giving me the opportunity to try it.
  • I received my Triton yesterday its so awesome to be one of the first to try it out. Its a very beautiful tank the cooling fins on the top piece looks cool. I absolutely love being able to fill it from the top it makes it so much easier, no more having to unscrew the tank from the mod to fill. Right now I'm using the 1.8 coil at 14 watts, 50/50 cherry cola juice and its producing very good vapor with tons of flavor. In fact it seems to bring out more of the cherry flavor in my cherry cola juice then my Nautilus does. The air flow adjustment at the bottom is very smooth its not to loose or to tight when adjusting it.

    I like the fact that standard drip tips fit on this. I'm not to fond of the wide bore drip tips so I have put a nautilus drip tip on my Triton its more comfortable on my lips. Even with that drip tip on it I still think it looks cool.

    The only thing that bothers me is the airflow adjustment at the top under the drip tip. When I have mine open it whistles lol. It definitely seems to affects the temperature of the vapor mine just make a noise. No biggie I probably wont need to use it.

    I think it would look even better if the vape symbol and drop symbol was etched or recessed in the tank like the Aspire name is at the bottom. My concern is that the printed or painted on symbols would eventually rub off.

    All in all I think this is a very well made easy to use tank.

    I absolutely love it.
    Thanks Aspire
  • This tank deserves it's name. It is truly a king among tanks. The Triton hits like a champ. The vapor production and flavor is comparable to direct drips. I doubted it would be that much better than its predecessors, but Aspire proved me wrong. The design is luxurious and has a good weight to it. Maybe just a little too complicated of a design though, but that's a personal preference. It's very close in size to the Atlantis'. The airflow is phenomenal on both the tip and the base. The top filling system is very convenient, but sometimes liquid stays in the compartment. My only complaint would be that it isn't the easiest to clean. Overall if I were to rate it out of 100, I'd say it deserves a 94. However, it is the best tank out there, hands down. I can't wait to purchase the RBA kit!
  • piapia
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    The Aspire Triton : convenient, stylish, for all purpose tank

    Hello @ all,

    first of all i have to say i'm a Kan*er fan-boy since the beginning, i had negative preconceived ideas about Aspire products...
    ...and this time i must admit the Triton changed my mind !

    • The first in-hand feeling is : quality materials !
      The desgin is modern and classy, moreover the optional hollowed-out sleeves will offer even more style.

    • The top-filling system is awesome, no need to unmount anything to fill it, just remove the drip tip and here you go, very useful in car or train.
      Even no need to target precisely the holes, they are quite large and the top is curved so your juice just go in the tank easily !
      You can change from the "fill" to "vape" position regardless the rotational direction (as the airflow controls, you can slide them in both directions).

    • airflow control is just perfect, you can adjust it to your needs and habits, from wide open to just a little hole.
      "Power vapers" or sub-ohm addicts will love the drip-tip airflow control and the heat sink !

    • great amount of smooth vapor, rich tastes on complex juices, even if i first had problems with the 1.8 coil. Different coils for classic or sub-ohm vaping.
      Just looking forward to test the RBA, only thing missing for me to do a full review. (and compare to my usual RBA setup)
    To conclude, yes, the Aspire Triton is a great product, convenient, stylish, for all purpose tank.

    In my country, comparative advertising is not allowed, but i would say "hey Kan*er, beware, here is a serious opponent on the market."

    With the Triton, Aspire is a step ahead of their competitors.
  • The Triton - made for professionals and for noobs like me!

    Hey.. thanks for the great TRITON!

    To make it short - I Wrote immediately a little Reviw on a german forum. The Link ist enclosed here, together with some photos. So pplease excuse my not so good english. Username in that board - Also MacB

    Let's make a short Summary:
    Packing - Nice, handy and with a nice personell Letter - Was a great surprise

    Tank: Clean, no sharp edges, everything works fluently and easy. AFC doesn't move even while carrieng it in my Pants. All Stainless Steel and Pyrex. Awesome look and feel. The Dript tip has a 510 and can be change (I personally am a mouth to lung vaper and the wide bore is to big for me)

    Top-Filling: I never experinced anythin better. The holes (aprox. 4mm) are big enough to just pour the Liquid into the tank. Since the Airflow pipe stands out about 5mm, no juice will flow into the coil chamber. Even if a little juice is still in the "catching" Chamber, just klick on the top cap and beginn vaping. the Emptying ist as easy as the filling. No mess, no dripping.

    Coils - the coils are high Quallity, new material - I tested both and the Vape and the flavour ist amazing!! Becuase of the Cooling ribs at the top cap, the DripTip doesn't get hot. The holes for the Juice flow are BIG and even power Vaping didn't give me a dry hit.

    Base - The base has huge Orings and they seal everything - no leaking. Huge airflow holes give you what you want.

    AFC - For me as a Mouth to lung vaper it is more than perfekt - simply changing the airflow gives always a new flavour Experience and the best part: I don't have to change the liquid if i want to vape a little less nicotine - just open the AFC a litle bit more and its fine. Before that i had two tanks - one with 3mg and one with 9mg - no need for them anymore...

    Coil Changing - is a easy as saying hello - even with a filled tank! since the Air pipe (??? the part That goes from the chamber to the Driptip) sticks out a little bit, the juice from the outersides of the coil cathces there - just use a needle and fill it back in - But be cautious that the topcap is inserted and the Fill modus is on, or else everything will be pretty messy.

    Cleaning - well - you can just take of the base, the top cap and the Drip tip - if you want to clean the tank, hold it under runnig hot water with the Fill modus and vape modus after another ( i had to clean it since i Forgot the point above :-))). And.... i just dried the aitflow, the base and the inner topcap, refilled and stared vaping again -- no drying period.. work like a charm.

    RBA/RTA - i am totally exited to get one of those into my hands - I wanted to start the "selfmade" coiling and i am looking forward to the RTA from Aspire.

    Ever since i put it onto my Nemesis, i only took it of once for Coilchanging (subohm) - and i used a lot juice, since it is so fun to vape with that tank (1.8). So i must get some more coils or the RBA/RTA . I simply love it - Whoever starts into Vaping or wants great flavour combined with even better Vape ---- grab a triton. The only con is that you can't change the tank, when its broken, but the surrounding steel elements should work fine - my 3 year old kid threw it onto the ground and nothing happend.

    And now i know what Aspire stands for...


    A Super Product - Incredible Revolutionary Experience

  • Hey Guys here is my review on youtube.
  • @watkijw
    I just want to update my review after having a few days to get used to the Triton. I believe the leaking issues I had were due to the bottom hardware not being quite tight enough on the tank. It leaked when the coil intake holes were perfectly lined up, but another 10 degree turn and the leaking stopped completely. Perhaps a slightly thicker O-Ring would go a long way to solve this issue completely. This tank looks awesome on my CoolFire IV, and I am vaping at slightly higher than recommended wattage but the original coils are still going strong. I am using the 1.8 Ohm coil at 16 - 18 Watts and the flavor is outstanding. This coil has gove through 4 full tanks and two flavors, and still rocking. Even though you can't take the tank apart, I found it to be pretty simple to rinse out and let dry for an hour. I am really loving the top fill, even without using needle tip droppers.You can just dump the liquid in and wait for it to drain through the filling holes, and go! I still find myself playing with the airflows just to get different vapes, even with the 1.8 Ohm coil. I am finding this tank to be infinitely enjoyable, and I can't wait to get my hands on the skull-shaped Hollowed-out sleeve. That thing looks awesome!
    So, long story short, most of my initial concerns about this product have been answered just by getting used to it. My last suggestion is to provide a slightly thicker O-ring for the bottom hardware, or possibly provide two sizes of O-rings with the product.
    Way to go Aspire, this is a fantastic produt!
  • Mine arrived in the US yesterday through EMS so I am hoping to get it by the end of the week. I am going to do a review on the RTA Kit with three to four different builds. Since everyone is doing a review on the provided atomizers I will do one on the RTA kit with the Triton.
  • My shipment just got to Chicago, so I have a few more days to wait yet.... [-O<
  • Since a few of my viewers asked to see the Aspire with the 1,8 Ohm in action, there is a 2nd Video from me for the Aspire Triton...

  • I received an Aspire Triton from a giveaway from Aspire, so here is what I thought of it.

    NOTE: MOD : Evic VT
    Tank: Aspire Triton
    Juice: Hand of Midas Claudia. 50:50 ratio with 6mg nicotine.
    Duration of Testing: 72 hours.

    Lets start with the tank:
    • 73.5mm height
    • 22.5mm width
    • Stainless steel
    • Pyrex tube
    • 3.5ml capacity

    Personal Note: The 22.5mm width means that the tanks fits nicely on my Evic VT. The tank is made of Pyrex glass but it is protected 4 stainless steel pillars of the tank chamber which means that it gives that extra protection to the pyrex glass. Bonus for you clumsy users out there. The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity which is in my opinion rather small, since I chain vape, so in a day I would usually use about 2 tanks. I would prefer to see a 4.0 - 4.5 ml tank. Aesthetic wise the tank looks really good. Best looking tank out there currently in the market.

    Drip Tip
    • Standard 510 drip tip
    • Stainless steel

    Personal Note: Aspire has been listening to their customers and didnt follow up with their wide bore tip from the Atlantis 2. This is good. This allows you to put on your favourite drip tip. Although this is using the standard 510 but the top of the drip tip is rather large which is approx 110 mm wide.

    Additional Features
    1. Triton Drip Tip System
    • Adjustable airflow at the drip tip to allow users to cool their vapor when running higher wattage/voltage settings
    • Four fins to act as a heat sink and dissipate heat away from the drip tip
    2. Drip tip airflow control
    • Our all new Triton drip tip system delivers selectable airflow to help cool vapor as per the user’s requirements
    • Compatible with most 510 drip tips on the market

    Personal Note : If you like your vape to be cool then this features will make sure that your vape stays cool all the time no matter what. The airflow channel (AFC) is trully adjustable which means it doesnt click into place like the Nautilus and you can adjust to your preference. It has two holes to help cool the vape.

    3. Top filling
    • Simply twist from the base of the drip top to set the arrow to the fill setting. (note the water drop)
    • Simply squirt your favorite juice into the hole

    Personal Note: This is a big big pros. It easy to fill in and no there's no more mess like I had with the other tanks. Just squeeze the juice and voila done.

    4. Triton coils
    • Japanese organic cotton
    • 0.4 ohm (rated at 25-30 watts) & 0.3 ohm (rated at 45-55 watts) - Made of new surgical grade (316L) stainless steel tube filament, suitable for direct to lung style vaping, encoded with a black gasket
    • 1.8 ohm (rated at 10-13 watts) - Made of traditional kanthal this coil is suitable for mouth to lung vaping, encoded with a blue gasket
    • Optional RTA system - Simple and easy to use.

    Personal Note: So the Triton I received came with the 0.4 ohm and 1.8 ohm coils.
    The 0.4 ohm coils I received had a 0.4 ohm reading on my Evic. So after using the 0.4 coils from 25 watts to 35 watts. I noticed it best perform at the 30 watts mark while at the 35 watts I started noticing some dry hit. Vapor on the 0.4 ohm coils was good. Good chunks of clouds and the flavor was good. This I believe is more suitable for those cloud junkies. On the other hand the 1.8 ohm coils, when I received them, my Evic detected it to be at 1.9 ohm. I tested it from 10 to 13 watts as recommended. Because the airhole in the coil is smaller than the ones in the 0.4 ohm, therefore the pull was rather restrictive even though the bottom air hole channel of the tank was fully open. I had to open slightly at the top airhole to make to more comfortable. This I would recommend for all you flavor junkies out there. Taste is just the bomb. Better than the Nautilus.

    Price Point: 50 USD for the Aspire Triton on their Aspire Store while its 12 USD for the RTA system.

    So here are my pros:
    1. Good build quality.
    2. Two trully adjustable AFC which gives the options to all the kind of vapors
    3. Top filling. No more messy refilling and it's easy to use.
    4. Subohm coils and normal coils.

    1. Hard to clean up the tank . Because the pyrex glass is in the chamber, it hard to dry up the tank.
    2. The top drip tip AFC gives out a whistle like sound.
    3. The base of the tank gets really hot if I vape around 35 watts.
    4. Small capacity @ 3.5 ml.

    Note: Thank you Aspire for the opportunity for me to review this tank.
    Note: Thank you Aspire for the opportunity for me to review this tank.

    I shared it on Twitter and Reddit
  • My Review of the Triton - First Impressions (Pre-Fill)
    Packaging: Nice sturdy crystal clear plastic box. Aspire Triton easily read on paper insert with scratch off security authentication on back. Cardboard insert embossed with Aspire and behind it, a foam insert holding the extra coil. Nice Job!
    Looks: The tank has a very nicely designed SS outer tank covering that looks to me like a classic but somewhat industrial retro look with 4 viewing windows, Pyrex glass And SS all around.
    Construction: Pristine machining here with no oil smell, very clean. All threading is smooth as silk with nor burrs or sharp edges. Perfect!
    Features: You all know abouth these from the website and video. My favorites are the color coded coils and top fill design. The top fill is click indexed and can be rotated either direction, not loose or wobbly. The bottom AFC is not click indexed and provides easy adjustment but is tight enough to stay put, The same goes for the Drip Tip AFC. The drip tip finned heat sink is perfectly machined and helps to keep the vape cool as well, nice touch! Wide bore drip tip fits snug and looks great.

    I will be taking this into the local B&M this morning to show the owners who will be receiving a shipment from their supplier so they can get a look at it as well. I will fill it and test it there so as to get their impressions that I will post here as well...stay tuned! :-B
  • My Triton Review - The VAPE

    This morning I took the Triton tank 25 miles to my local B&M (Nu-Way Vape in Columbus, MS) for it's "Maiden Voyage" so to speak. Upon arrival I introduced the new tank to Rob Robertson, Jason, Brooke and Sierra. Rob had been waiting anxiously for his first look at the new tank! I decided that since I didn't have a new flavor to try out with the new tank that he could make the decision and have the first vape. He was really stoked! After I explained the features of the Triton, Rob primed the pre-installed 0.4 ohm coil and we filled the Triton with his favorite juice ("Festus" Tobacco/Bananna by JT's Juices). We both really liked the top fill, it works like a charm! He then took 5 really big hits in rapid succession proclaiming the tank produces great clouds and excellent flavor. I then hit the tank 3 times and LOVE the flavor and HUGE clouds. Airflow controls worked flawlessly. Then Jason, Brooke and Sierra all tried the tank proclaiming it a success. We were all hitting the tank pretty hard in rapid succession and nobody got a dry hit! Jason said that the tank really amplifies the flavor over the regular Atlantis and V2. I love the way this tank performs.

    The only 2 concerns that I have are that the tank really heats up pretty fast and seems to hold onto that heat for a while. Without the drip tip cooling fins this could be a bad problem. Also the tank glass can't be removed for replacement making broken pyrex glass an expensive proposition. Removable glass would also make the unit easier to clean.

    All in all I can easily say the the introductory version of the Aspire Triton tank is a success. Undoubtedly there will be refinements to a followup model in the future as we always learn from other folks opinions. I would like to thank the kind people at Aspire for giving me the opportunity to test the new Triton tank and hope that it is as successful as the Atlantis is. :-bd :-bd
  • @charlzrocks Yeah, I am completely new to rebuildables myself. I am purchasing a whole kit complete with meters, and will compare against a Ka**er subtank mini. Both have an RTA option, and it will be interesting to see how they compare. Stay tuned in a month or so. :)
  • Review of the Triton tank from Aspire.
    By TheMeatManVapes

    Mods used for this review:
    Eleaf 50w istick & IPV3 Li
    E-liquid used:
    Using the 1.8 ohm coil,
    Bubb' old school 50/50 pg/vg 12mg nic
    Pink Lemonade 60/40 pg/vg 12mg nic
    Using the 0.4 ohm coil,
    Creeper by Oooosh juice 70/30 vg/pg 6mg nic
    Re-looped by Cornish Liquids 60/40 vg/pg 6mg nic.

    First impressions of the Triton were great, it was packaged nicely and labelled well. Having taken the Triton out of the box it looks great, I really like the four steel posts protecting the Pyrex tank and the heat fins at the top added to the look. I checked it over to see the level of engineering and quality of the finish and was very impressed as all threads were smooth with no roughness and no sign of oil residue that you often find in new products. However straight away I was disappointed to find that it's not possible to take the tank apart completely to clean it. (I clean my tanks at least once a week and this will be annoying to completely clean). Time for the part I was looking forward to, putting in some e-liquid and start vaping. So I started out with the pre-installed 0.4 ohm coil distinguished by the black o-ring. Using the new top fill system was brilliant as it's so easy just remove the drip tip and the heat fins and you can see the two slots for the juice. One turn of the top of the tank to the droplet symbol and hey presto the two holes are open and ready to guzzle juice. Within seconds the tank was full without any hassle. Next just turn the top of the tank back to vapor mode and replace the heat fins and drip tip and away we go. I started out with the base air flow fully open and so too with the top air flow. Set the mod to 25w and it was time to chug. The hit was ok but flavour wasn't quite there so I changed the wattage up to 30w and tried again. Straight away the difference was clear, much more flavour and the clouds were great. I tried playing with different airflow settings and found what was right for me. Now everyone is different so you'll have to find your own perfect setting but it is fairly easy to find you're sweet spot. Even with the higher vg liquid the performance was great. Although there is a slight flaw with the drip tip which it seems due to the design it seems to collect some residue during inhale which seems to build up and if you don't keep an eye on it then you'll get a shot of liquid with the occasional inhale which is unpleasant. I switched to my own 510 drip tip and didn't have any problems. Now on to the 1.8 ohm coil distinguished by the blue o-ring. This coil is designed for mouth to lung vaping. Having refilled the tank with fresh juice it was time to try and see if this set up could rival the performance of my nautilus mini. This time I set the battery up at 11.5w and closed the top airflow and only left a small gap on the bottom airflow to create a tighter draw similar to my nautilus mini. Well I was blown away with the flavour from the first inhale. This is the same juice I use in my nautilus mini but it's never tasted as good as this did. The vapour was similar to the nautilus mini. Overall I am really impressed with the way the Triton performed in mouth to lung mode. I switched back to the 0.4 coil to give it another run through and I was also impressed by the flavour and vapour production. This being a 22.5mm tank means it fit on both my mods and looked great. Now on to the pro's and con's.
    First the con's. No RBA included, I know this can be purchased separately but I feel if the Triton is to rival other brands then it should be included not an optional extra. The drip tip design causing residue to build up and either end up in the user's mouth or on a couple of occasions it leaked out of the top airflow. Not being able to finish a tank of e-liquid as when you get down to approximately 0.4ml left it becomes too low for the juice holes in the coil. (Maybe a similar coil design to the Arctic tanks coils could resolve this issue) and lastly my biggest problem with this tank is not being able to fully disassemble it to clean it and if you should be unlucky enough to break the Pyrex glass then you need to replace the whole middle section which can be expensive. Ok that's the bad now for the pro's. This has to be the best looking tank on the market to date. Next is the flavour and clouds it produces, using either of the coils the flavour was amazing and in sub ohm vaping the clouds were pretty impressive. Another pro is the build quality of this tank ever thread was clean cut and the fact that there was no machine oil residue meant that just a quick rinse and it was ready to use. The different airflow combinations for me were a big positive as each can be set exactly how you want them rather than being preset positions and finally the top fill system is great, it was flawless and so simple to use. If this had come with the RBA and the glass tube was removable it would be almost perfect. Final verdict would I recommend the Triton to others ? The answer is yes as it will please both mouth to lung vaper's and also direct to lung vaper's and I have already shown it to plenty of people who are keen to get one upon release.
    Thank you for choosing me to be part of the review team for the Triton tank and I hope you found my review fair and honest.
  • my first impressions
    Unboxing - Aspire Triton Sub Ohm Tank
    Hardware - Aspire Triton Sub Ohm Tank

    After testing
    Hardware Check - Aspire Triton Sub Ohm Tank

    The Triton is first class
    twice the air flow was in the beginning getting used to for me.
    but after a while I got used to it and never want to miss it
    I am very enthusiastic about design and taste of the Triton

    I do not know what I could say what size is not already here
    Thank you Aspire for such a nice product
  • Here is Part 1 of my Triton Review series. This is a quicker video on my thoughts with pros and cons. In Part 2 I will be going more in depth with close ups of the tank and the RTA Kit. Did not really edit this one. Part 2 will definately be a better video.

  • GuzGuz
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    Ok, it’s time for me to do my review of the Triton tank. I’m always a bit slow in getting these things done, but I like to spend time with the new tanks that I get and explore them as much as possible, and try as many combinations as possible before spouting off.

    Fist thing, as always, I cannot get over at how well the tank is machined. With all of the Aspire tanks, the quality of work is always near perfect. Looking at the polish of the stainless steel is just right, not too shiny or not to dull.

    The ease of how the two airflow rings rotate is perfect. Easy enough to do, but with just the right amount of resistance that will keep the rings in place. I have held and played with other brands of tanks that have friction based adjustment rings for airflow, they usually fall into two camps, either to tight or to loose. The Triton is “just right”.

    The one nitpick comment I can make about the finish is first the markings for the vape and fill. I wish they had engraved it, instead of painting it on. I can foresee in the future the paint wearing off, and having to peek through the juice to see what setting it’s on by looking at the set of juice holes on the chimney (closed=fill, open=vape).

    As for actual vaping, this is a fun tank because you have two options to adjust. First: the normal airflow at the bottom. Second: the airflow adjustment at the drip tip.

    The bottom airflow is no longer a ‘clicker’ to predefined settings. But a slot that is retained by friction. This allows for a more refined adjustment for personal preferences. The actual maximum airflow is equal to the original Atlantis, and a bit more than the Atlantis ver. 2, but less than the Atlantis Mega. There are two slots on each side of the tank which allow for ample airflow for the upper and lower slots.

    The real fun comes with playing with the upper airflow around the drip tip. With it you can adjust the temperature of the vape going into your mouth. If you like a “warm” vape, you can leave the upper slots closed. But if you like a “cool” vape, just open them up all the way. Along with the new cooling fins below the drip tip you can get a nice cool vape. But again, you can adjust it to what-ever you like it to be.

    Which leads to the one drawback of this tank, when you first get it, you are experimenting with the various settings quite a bit and you go through a bunch of juice trying to find your sweet spot. What I found was to close the upper slots at first, then play around with bottom airflow to find the amount of airflow you like. Then go after the upper airflow to fine tune the temperature of vape you like. You will most likely have to go back to the bottom airflow and maybe restrict it a bit to compensate for the upper airflow. Then make a mental note of the positions of each so just get back to what you like if anything changes. Which most likely will happen with the upper airflow when you remove it to fill the tank.

    Which brings up the newest feature of this awesome tank. No more having to remove the tank from the battery, and removing the bottom to fill. You can do it all from the top!! It’s just a matter of rotating the upper portion till it clicks and the arrow it above the drip icon. The pull off the upper cap, look inside and find the two openings inside. Just put the tip of you juice bottle to one of the holes, and start filling.

    One think I noticed is that the fill cap has extra O-rings in it, so you really don’t have to worry if not all your juice goes into the main portion of the tank. Just rotate and tip the whole setup so an excess liquid flows into one of the holes. When no more will flow in, just put the cap back on, rotate the top to click to the vape position, and start vaping!

    As for the taste of juices. This isn’t covered in this review, because Aspire has released new coil designs with stainless steel coils with this tank and also a rebuild able. I personally feel it’s the coil that makes the flavors. So this will take a whole separate review to cover.

    I just used the standard 0.5 ohm Atlantis v2 coils, so I could compare “apples to apples”. Comparing the Triton to the Atlantis, and the Atlantis Mega, they all taste the same with the same coil moved between them with the same flavor of juice and using the same battery. The big differences is the amount of airflow and adjustability.

    • The Atlantis is great for those who like a warm airy vape.
    • The Atlantis 2 adds the adjustable of the vape temperature, but not as airy as the Atlantis.
    • The Triton is the best of both the Atlantis, and Atlantis 2 combined!
    • The Atlantis Mega is for those who like REALLY airy vape but on the warm side.

    As for actual cloud production. The Triton, Atlantis, and Atlantis v2 all produce about the same amount of cloud, i.e. big clouds. The Mega does what its name is, mega clouds.

    So, in summary this is an awesome addition to the Aspire line of tanks. A new and very innovative way of the top filling. And a great feature of adjustable top airflow to get your preferred vape temperature.
  • My Triton RTA System review

    Nice tin box that it came in with all the required parts as well as cotton and a screwdriver/coil winding jig (nice touch that it is all in a vaccuformed insert as well).

    I decided to give the provided prewound coil an extra turn using the end of the screwdriver as I like a cooler vape. So I wet at this with 5 turns on the provided stock coil. I cut and threaded the provided cotton into the coil and secured the coil into the top end with the screwdriver. I then proceeded to cut the cotton ends and fumble around with tucking the cotton so that it suficciently covered the juice intake holes and trimmed away some more excess. Now mind you, I am not an expert at rebuilding RDA's but this was a bit tricky at first what with having to tuck the cotton and all. I never had to take this long with my regular RDA's but I suppose there is a learning curve with this RTA. Annnyyyyhowww.....I got the cotton where I wanted it, (in my opinion you can never have too much cotton but I don't like mine to be too loose). attached the bottom part of the coil holder and secured the bottom of the coil. Snipping the coil ends was pretty easy. I proceeded to check the resistance.......0.64 ohms....just where I wanted it to be. I primed the coil and attached it to the Triton tank and left it for 10 minutes while I comforted my dogs from the thunderstorm going overhead.
    The first few draws were pretty gurgly and very little vapor came to I continued to draw on the tank slowly as to not introduce too much started to vape pretty well! I must have overprimed the coil. I believe that the RTA system needs larger juice inflow holes like the stock coils have as the vape seemed warmer than the stock .4ohm coil that I was using before. I also seem to get much less air inflow with the RTA than the stock coil. So I believe that the Triton RTA system does work well, but it needs some refinement in the way of larger juice inlets that do not restrict the juice flow and larger airflow holes as well. Again as I said before, there is a learning curve with this RTA. My final judgement is that this RTA system is better suited for higher ohm resistance and mouth to lung vaping than it is for direct to lung vaping simply because of the restricted juice and airflow with the RTA. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! Vape on brothers and sisters, vape on! B-)
    RTA Coil.JPG
    1024 x 768 - 300K
    RTA Coil.JPG 300.5K

  • Is my YouTube review of the Triton..

    Fantastic.. NO dry hits even on 80w on the .4 coil and I hit that 4-5 times in a row at 80w, perfect airflow.. Flavor was spot on each and every time. Love the airflow options. .. Just three things I did not like.

    Cannot change out the glass if it breaks... Will have to get a new tank

    When juice is low there is still some in the tank that will not be able to be vaped because the intake holes are a little higher.. Think if it was flush with the tank well it would have been perfect.

    3. It cannot be taken apart for a proper cleaning.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to review this fantastic product even with the three things I did not like about it.. It is Still well worth the money.
  • My Review of the Aspire Triton:

    Time with Triton: 3 Days
    Coil: 0.04 Kanthal
    Battery: Joyetech eVic VT
    Wattage: 40
    E-Juice: PinUp Vapors Betty 75VG/25PG

    Initial Thoughts:

    Beautiful looking tank, Big Clouds, Drinks lots of E-Juice, Very Nice Flavor, Top Fill is very convenient (I don't miss taking off the tank to refill)

    3 Days Later:

    Clouds are great, using the top airflow to control hot vaping but still nice sized, Juice leaking to the bottom is annoying but tolerable. Easy to clean with a quick water rinse with no change in flavor, air dried with air duster finish.

    New E-Juice: Pinup Vapors Marilyn 75VG/25PG

    Flavor:Triton LOVES Marilyn!!!
    Great Flavor, Superior Clouds, Very Smooth, Could not put down my Triton all day!! I tasted EVERYTHING!!! I don't mind refilling.


    Great to have a top filling tank, wish I had an RTA so I can rebuild the coils (that will come later), body is very study (dropped it on wood floor by accident), tried a nickel coil in it and it tastes fantastic (Aspire needs nickel coils- Nickel Coil was 0.15 set at 40 watts- 420 temp as specified by the manufacturer- I called them for recommendations).
    Can't beat the taste (knowing you have good juice and tasting it at it's've done it)!! I would hate to break it, buying another tank will not be cheap but the build is so good,it would have to hit something really hard to break it.Top and Bottom airflow vents are great to use, some flavor loss with the top but no enough to make me change tanks. Sometimes I will vape and forget to change from juice fill to vaping but the lack of clouds will remind you really quick to check your selection.

    Tips: Any tank will leak if it is hot outside, wipe it and move on. Some spitting will occur with any overfilled tank, I pour out a small amount of juice, spitting stops. If you are having vaping issues, check under the coil, some juice may be pooled there, use a Q-tip, wipe it out and wipe the bottom of the coil so it makes perfect contact (especially if it is hot outside).

    Thank you for allowing me to review this tank.
  • GuzGuz
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    The only way I personally have been able to get a tighter draw with the RTA is to build it as a vertical coil, with a smaller inner diameter wrap.

    I'm still experimenting with the inner diameter and wire gauge, trying to replicate the 1.8 ohm feel, as I too really like the 1.8 ohm coil.
  • @MacB I have a 1.1 Ohm vertical coil in mine atm and it works good for both. The width listed in the guide is a reference to using the screwdriver handle end in the RTA. You can build other coils than those listed in the guide with different diameters as long as the coil does not touch the side of the RTA.
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    The Triton by Aspire is an elegant, ingenious device, more complex than most of the other tanks on the market. With the Triton, Aspire also released three new coils. The Kanthal 1.8Ω for mouth to lung vaping, as well as the 0.3Ω and 0.4Ω coils made of 316L Stainless steel for sub-Ohm vaping. Coupled with these coils, Aspire claims to have produced a tank that does it all.

    My review of the Triton started late, and I have had the benefit of many earlier reviews, and comments made in the forums. I decided to investigate some of the complaints made about the Triton, as well as evaluate the volume and taste of the vapor produced. To this end I used seven coils in seven days. The complaints investigated include:

    1. leakage from the bottom AFC;
    2. gurgling and/or spitting; and
    3. difficulty cleaning and drying the tank.

    On day four of my review I had some leakage from the bottom AFC after the tank was horizontal in my car for a period of time. I was unable to duplicate the leakage, even with the same coil. I attribute the leakage to my error in filling the tank. I think I probably poured some liquid into the chimney during the previous refill.

    Some gurgling and spitting was observed. This was mainly when I used the high PG liquid with the 0.4Ω coil. The gurgling and spitting was eliminated by changing the coil to one of another value, lowering the level of liquid in the tank, and/or lowering the power level used for vaping. You need to choose the coil, and set the power to get the best results for your liquid. The high PG liquid I used worked best with the 1.8Ω coil, while the high VG liquid worked well with both coils. I was able to vape at 16W with the 1.8Ω coil rated at 10-13W.

    I find the suggested method of cleaning the tank by holding it under running water, then setting it beside an open window to dry problematic. I have no intention of opening my windows when the outside temperatures hit –20°C (-4°F for the Americans) in the winter. My method is two rinses with Isopropanol, a two minute session in an ultrasonic cleaner water bath, and finally drying it with a gentle stream of air delivered by an aquarium air pump via a custom needle. Admittedly it’s a little cumbersome, but the tank is ready for re-use in less than 5 minutes.

    I had trouble filling the tank quickly the first few times that I tried it. I found that tilting the tank slightly with one fill hole down worked well. Don’t let your liquid cover the upper fill hole, as this will vent the air from the tank.

    Vape Experience:
    I tried the 1.8Ω an 0.4Ω each with 20/80 and 85/15 PG/VG liquids.

    The Aspire Triton with the 1.8Ω Kanthal coil produced more vapor, with better taste than the Aspire Nautilus Mini. I was astounded by the vapor and taste produced with my high VG liquid. I could chain vape at 16W, producing clouds that rivaled that of the 0.4Ω coil.

    The Aspire Triton with the 0.4Ω coil produced similar vapor volume, with taste comparable to that of the Aspire Atlantis 2. Volume and taste was better than that from my Subtank Mini. The vapor was also cooler than that from the Subtank, thanks to the top Air Flow Control of the Triton. I recommend the 0.4Ω coils for liquids with a high VG content, as the 80/20 liquid required too low a power level.

    Aspire Customer Service:
    From the time I entered my order for the Triton to review to the present, Aspire has demonstrated world class customer service. Replies to questions came quickly, were clear, and easy to understand. I highly recommend doing business with the Aspire team of professionals. The Arrival posted above details the receipt of my order.

    I recommend the Aspire Triton for your use. I will be buying a second Triton in the near future as I agree than Aspire has produced a tank that does it all for me.

    I'll post a follow-up in a few days with more images.
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