Struggling to separate battery from tank

Hi, I have an aspire CF VV+, obviously when the battery needs charging I need to separate it from the tank. The tank always comes off instead of the battery so I can not charge it. Even when the battery does eventually separate, when it is put back together the tank will then not come off for me to fill it. Any advice?
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  • The tank should easily thread onto the battery. Be careful not to cross-thread them. You will destroy one or both if you do. Don't tighten them down. The tank should be at the point where it does not rattle on the battery, no more.

    It's the same with the glass to bottom hardware joint. There are two layers to the seal. One is inside the glass, the second against the bottom rim of the glass. Just snug the glass against the bottom of the seal. The joint should be just tight enough to prevent leakage.
  • Sounds like the tank and the battery are cross threaded. That's why Aspire Batteries have a floating connection/pin. To prevent the need to crank the tank and battery together like you have to do with someone mods. You don't have to worry about a connection problem with any of Aspire products. :-bd
  • @Old_Salt Hand tight and everything you mentioned is key to success with your tanks and mods. =D>
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    @Southy321 If tightened them as much as possible by hand, even if I limited it to my fingers, there would be many that wouldn't be able to separate them. Ham-fisted I'm not, but I can sure apply the pressure when needed.
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