If kanger can do it so should aspire putting off alot of costumers with this ploy to make a little extra cash SHAME rings bell SHAME rings bell SHAME rings bell
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  • Hmmmm.....Aspire has given so many of these Triton tanks away for free.....I never heard of Kanger doing that :-?
  • Leaving aside the discussion about price point - you can make your own decision on whether the price is worth it for you....

    I don't mind the RDA not being included if it keeps the cost down of the tank - not everyone will want the RDA

    Maybe having some varied Triton kits would work? Then people can take their pick of the combination that works for them...
  • yeah but think how much it must cost to make that little rda penny's and you could still pick what combination works for you if it came as standard it is nice that they are giving them away free but cmon think how many more they would sell if it were in the box as standard
  • I agree. Aspire has to be competitive in the market. Most vapers nowadays would prefer to rebuild their coils instead of using ready-made-coils or at least has the option to choose. Like without having the RTA it would hinder the more experience vapers who would eventually in my opinion give their personal feedback to the new vapers or future vapers that is around them about the product that they are using, since they are so many tanks in the market, so new vapers would likely seek advice from veteran vapers. Therefore I believe one of the reasons why kangertech's subtank is big in the market right now is because of it's ability to satisfy both veteran and new vapers.

    I hope Aspire would come up with a solution on this.
  • @charlzrocks I agree with you how Aspire has really stepped up their game, and customer loyalty is a big part of what they're looking for in return. That means a lot from a company, they're really taking care of there existing customers. It's an excellent way for them to receive future new & vet Vapors. The way I see it, "that everytime you use your new Triton someone going to ask you what kind of tank your Vaping on? Then that brings word of mouth referrals, endless possibilities.. :D
  • @Viruk I like the idea of the having a combination option for the Triton & RTA Platform, maybe a package. The price point would be higher but you could choose between just the Triton Tank (which is on the store) or the Triton Tank with RTA Platform (maybe something in the future). But in the meantime, you can buy both or just the tank. :D
  • What are everyone's thoughts on this? Customer feedback is always helpful for future product launches... ☑
  • I bet when this so called Pegasus comes out, we see a package deal with RTA, Triton and MOD included.
  • I presently have 2 Kanger Sub Tank Mini's and have never used the RDA portion. The Aspire Triton RDA design looks interesting I may buy one to give it a try. I would rather have a lower tank price than pay for something I might not use.
  • @Jasonvape Jason I am not questioning the validity of your personal opinion. However smoking/vaping is a very subjective and personal thing by nature. Considering that it makes no sense for Aspire to include the RTA in every single pack. Not everyone who purchases a Triton has a use for the RTA. I rarely ever use mine. I'm sorry that you're feeling disappointed over it.

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