Triton ---Lucky Winners!

Hello friends ,
Thanks for supporting Aspire .
The promotion has come to an end.
Let us see who got a Triton for the promotion!
The secret will be announced .
Congratulations !
The orders are shipped today ,then I will update the all information later .
Smile and happiness ...

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  • Thank you Demi and congratulations to all of the winners! =D>
  • I went ahead and just purchased a Triton since I could not get the site to work properly during all the chaos. Any idea on when the shipping date for purchased ones will be?
  • Congrats everyone!
  • Thank you Demi and Aspire. Looking forward to receiving my Triton.
  • @charlzrocks Thanks you too for supporting Aspire!
  • Hello friends ,
    Thanks for supporting Aspire .
    All orders from activity were shipped ,we have sent the emails to every customer .
    Or customers can check them here :
    Invoice No. 201418843,Tracking number : 6616970172,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418962,Tracking number : 6616969472,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418886,Tracking number : 6616969774,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418976,Tracking number : 6616970135,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418975,Tracking number : 6616970356,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418973,Tracking number : 5741097036,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419008,Tracking number : 6616969516,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419007,Tracking number : 6616970474,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419006,Tracking number : 6616969914,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419005,Tracking number : 6616969100,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419003,Tracking number : 6616969166,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419001,Tracking number : 5741099895,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201419000,Tracking number : 6616970124,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418999,Tracking number : 6616970581,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418998,Tracking number : 5741095695,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418996,Tracking number : 6616970006,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418995,Tracking number : 6616970426,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418994,Tracking number : 5741098996,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418993,Tracking number : 6616970835,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418992,Tracking number : 6616970076,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418990,Tracking number : 6616970916,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418989,Tracking number : 6616970301,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418988,Tracking number : 5741095356,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418987,Tracking number : 6616969892,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418986,Tracking number : 6616969380,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418985,Tracking number : 6616969612,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418984,Tracking number : 6616970113,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418863,Tracking number : 6616969144,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418864,Tracking number : 6616969450,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418865,Tracking number : 6616970463,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418866,Tracking number : 6616969763,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418891,Tracking number : 6616970360,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418855,Tracking number : 6616969122,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418842,Tracking number : 6616969741,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418845,Tracking number : 6616970813,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418846,Tracking number : 6616969365,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418849,Tracking number : 6616969461,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418850,Tracking number : 6616969181,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418851,Tracking number : 6616970194,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418852,Tracking number : 6616970080,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418853,Tracking number : 6616969726,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418854,Tracking number : 6616969424,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418856,Tracking number : 6616970452,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418857,Tracking number : 6616969671,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418858,Tracking number : 6616970625,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418859,Tracking number : 6616970732,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418860,Tracking number : 6616969623,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418861,Tracking number : 6616969494,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418862,Tracking number : 6616969752,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418983,Tracking number : 6616969413,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418983,Tracking number : 6616969413,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418981,Tracking number : 6616969833,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418980,Tracking number : 6616970054,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418979,Tracking number : 6616969940,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418978,Tracking number : 5741093945,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418977,Tracking number : 6616970275,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418974,Tracking number : 6616969925,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418972,Tracking number : 6616970382,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418970,Tracking number : 6616969391,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418969,Tracking number : 6616969332,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418968,Tracking number : 6616970776,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418967,Tracking number : 6616970043,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418966,Tracking number : 6616970441,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418965,Tracking number : 6616970555,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418964,Tracking number : 6616969785,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418963,Tracking number : 6616970802,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418892,Tracking number : 6616969951,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418890,Tracking number : 6616970242,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418889,Tracking number : 6616970500,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418888,Tracking number : 6616969203,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418887,Tracking number : 6616970651,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418885,Tracking number : 6616970522,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418884,Tracking number : 6616970216,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418883,Tracking number : 8226645232,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418882,Tracking number : 6616969903,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418880,Tracking number : 6616970032,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418879,Tracking number : 6616969225,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418878,Tracking number : 6616970931,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418877,Tracking number : 6616970393,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418876,Tracking number : 6616970345,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418875,Tracking number : 6616970150,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418874,Tracking number : 6616970861,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418873,Tracking number : 6616970872,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418871,Tracking number : 5741094822,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418870,Tracking number : 6616969866,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418869,Tracking number : 6616970312,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418868,Tracking number : 6616970220,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418867,Tracking number : 6616969870,Check website:

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    Invoice No. 201418781,Tracking number : 6616969656,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418780,Tracking number : 6616970894,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418779,Tracking number : 6616970710,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418778,Tracking number : 6616970614,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418777,Tracking number : 6616971012,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418776,Tracking number : 6616970334,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418774,Tracking number : 6616969564,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418773,Tracking number : 6616969844,Check website:  
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    Invoice No. 201418770,Tracking number : 6616969936,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418768,Tracking number : 6616969376,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418767,Tracking number : 6616970065,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418766,Tracking number : 6616969553,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418765,Tracking number : 6616969660,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418763,Tracking number : 5741098436,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418762,Tracking number : 8226645674,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418761,Tracking number : 6616969446,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418760,Tracking number : 6616969811,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418759,Tracking number : 6616970640,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418758,Tracking number : 6616970253,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418757,Tracking number : 6616970592,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418756,Tracking number : 6616970323,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418755,Tracking number : 6616969155,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418754,Tracking number : 6616970264,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418753,Tracking number : 6616970791,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418752,Tracking number : 6616970846,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418751,Tracking number : 6616970544,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418750,Tracking number : 5741093595,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418749,Tracking number : 6616970975,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418748,Tracking number : 6616969402,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418747,Tracking number : 6616969601,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418746,Tracking number : 6616969682,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418745,Tracking number : 6616969590,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418744,Tracking number : 6616969343,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418743,Tracking number : 6616969295,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418742,Tracking number : 6616969995,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418741,Tracking number : 6616970404,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418738,Tracking number : 6616969822,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418737,Tracking number : 6616970010,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418734,Tracking number : 6616969984,Check website:  
    Invoice No. 201418733,Tracking number : 6616969321,Check website: 
    Invoice No. 201418872,Tracking number : 6616969354,Check website: 
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    Invoice No. 201418735,Tracking number : 6616972110,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418971,Tracking number : 6616975676,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418782,Tracking number : 6616973020,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418844,Tracking number : 8226643972,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418764,Tracking number : EA044610120CN,Check website:;
    Invoice No. 201418745,Tracking number : EA044610116CN,Check website:;
    Invoice No. 201418893,Tracking number : 5102053714,Check website:
    Invoice No. 201418739,Tracking number : 5102053703,Check website:

    If you didn't find your order ,please kindly wait for some time .I will update the tracking No. later .
    And some of the winners , please check your emails ,we need the correct information to ship the orders .
    Have a nice day !
  • Thank you very much
  • WOW! That is a lot of Triton tanks!! =D>
  • @Demi my order is still processing and I haven't received any emails my order # is 201418971
  • @Jaystrange
    Hello Jason ,
    Sorry for the late reply .
    We updated ,you can check the order here :
    Tracking number : 6616975676
    Check website:
    Have a nice day ! :)
  • @Demi thank you I did receive the email. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any other information you needed from me. I want to say that aspire has excellent customer service too with quick response time.
  • piapia
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    Hello and first thank you for the giveaway !
    Seems i'm the first to have received my Triton this morning (western Europe Time) and was very happy, nice looking product and seems robust.

    Though, perhaps i missed some info or user manual, but it seems there's a gap between the coil holes and the central tube holes.
    The pics i saw on the internet let me think the holes should align ? As a result the coils seems not to whick well, and i experienced small amount of vapor and harsh taste.
    I only mounted the 1.8 ohm coil. Here is a pic and a copy of the mail i sent to service@aspire.

    With the coil in, i can not see the white of the cotton through the holes. (switching to vape/fill position does not solve the problem)

    thanks again and best regards

    1024 x 1024 - 64K
  • Sooo I guess I wasnt one of the winners. dang
  • @kaybe2310 You still have a chance at a freebie. Volunteer to review the Triton ;)
  • @Pia
    Thanks for your time .the Triton is normal (You can scan our website
    Triton 0.4 ohm coil:25-30 W.What battery did you used ?
    Our customer service will help you to make Triton work well .And I sent pictures to you by email .
    Best Regards !
  • @pia Hey there Pia you're Triton is ok. I have one exactly the same and I first thought it was an issue but Its not been any trouble. Perhaps the design takes the surface tension of the juice into consideration, a la the Atlantis chimney. I loved how surface tension of the juice allowed me to fill past the indentations. As for the burnt taste however, the 1.8 coil is not meant for much power. What wattage were you running on that coil?
  • @Demi @NoSmoking
    Thanks for your answers, I only tried 1.8 ohms coil on an Evic Supreme @ 11-13W , as written on the coil.
    Tried different airflow positions, inspected coil which is OK (clean, not burnt, nor cotton), primed it with juice and waited for several minutes.
    Perhaps my juice is too fluid (70/30 PG/VG BananaNut Bread from Mister Eliquid) i will try with more VG.
    This is my first Aspire tank, for sure i must get used to it. If some "classic" vapers could show how they use it with 1.8 coil ?
    @Demi i did not receive your mail, could you please resend at ?
    Thanks !
  • I have Order Number: 201418863 for the Triton giveaway.
    Date Ordered: Thursday 25 June, 2015
    The comments for your order are: Tracking number : 8226644425
    Check Web site:
    Your order has been updated to the following status:
    New status: Shipped

    But when I look at DHL website, it shows this:
    Track DHL Express Shipments
    Some of your queries resulted in an error
    8226644425 (Not found): No result found for your DHL query. Please try again

    Is this normal?
  • @pia I was just checking the forums cause my cotton opening from the coils also dont match the chimney opening. It looks like it is by design.
    I am using the 0.4 ohm coil @ 30w on a eVic-VT with ANIML LOOPER.
    I was trying to align the damn holes for the last 20 minutes hehe. Maximum i get is about 1/3 of the coil holes showing.
  • JodyB, I had the same message from DHL but it updated yesterday for me. DHL says I should have it by end of day tomorrow. :)
    I can't wait!
  • New Triton is awesome. Guess the hole matchup thing is normal kinda strange wen you set it up that they aren't even really close. So does the fact that the Atlantis Coils are pretty much the same mean I can use them until we can get some new coils for this thing
  • @JodyB
    Please check the order here :
    Invoice No. 201418963,Tracking number : 6616970802,Check website:
    Then I checked ,this is the tracking information :
    2015-07-01 01:40
    2015-06-30 22:21
    LEIPZIG - GERMANY, Clearance processing complete at LEIPZIG - GERMANY
    2015-06-30 17:40
    LEIPZIG - GERMANY, Arrived at Sort Facility LEIPZIG - GERMANY
    2015-06-30 05:09
    HONG KONG - HONG KONG, Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me .
    Have a nice day !
  • @pia Hello again Pia. I've tried the 1.8ohm coil without any issues. Though I should state that I really prefer a subohm vape due to the increased flavor. When I was using the 1.8ohm coil I used it at 12.5 watts. I have a friend here who exclusively uses the same coil at the same wattage. Did you be sure to prime your coil before vaping on it. Sorry if my questions are redundant, I am just eliminating possibilities.

  • @watkijw
    I am really sorry that the update has a little delay ,the transporting company have a rest on weekends .
    Hope everything is OK .Have a nice day ! :)
  • piapia
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    @Necaris : the holes do not have to match as the liquid is everywhere in the tank -not only in front of the holes hopefully. It is my first Aspire tank so i'm not used to it, and preview pics made me think the holes should match which is not true.

    @NoSmoking : yes i primed it as usual (i'm used to Kan**er OCC & mostly RBA with my own coils and "Fiber freaks").
    The problem seems to come from the 1.8 coil which gives me this harsh/chemical taste -when i unmount and smell it, same chemical feeling.
    I tried the 0.4 coil and no problem, but it is not my vape-style at all, i'm a "classic" mouth to lung vaper/cool vapor lover.

    Seems i just have to wait for the Triton RBA to be available in my country, so i can build my own 1.5 coils ;)

    Thanks to all and the Triton is a really good tank, top-filling and airflow control are awesome !
  • @pia No sweat! I have used that 1.8ohm coil as well as my friend without any issues. Is it possible that it was singed during your tinkering? Accidents do happen, to me everyday. haha

  • Congrats to the winners! I went ahead and purchased mine. Hoping to see it in the next few weeks. Love hearing about all the ins and outs of this new tank!
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