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hello, I was the first 50 people purchased(won) the triton give away the very first day that the activity went online. after paying for the shipping cost, a confirmation email was sent to me. I believe I saw something in the event description page saying that a tracking number will be emailed to me the next day. Its been 2 days now since I placed the order on the 23rd. Just wondering when will my order be ship to me. there are many people asking did they win the giveaway, which made me a little nervous and starting to question my qualification. please clear the cloud for me. My Order Number: 201418771
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  • oh and one more thing. the live chat function is so useless. it says you guys are online and 1 person is waiting, estimated wait time is 1 min. i waited 30 min and it disconnected me.
  • Dear customer ,
    Yes ,I checked the order .
    The activity was finished just now ,we will arrange the all orders .
    But don't worry ,it must be shipped in the first time than others .
    Please kindly wait for some time .Then we will update the tracking number .
  • @Demi would it be ship out tomorrow? the regular triton says wont be delivered until early July, want to make sure the giveaway won't take that long.
  • Maybe today ... :D
    We will ship the orders from activity via the fastest shipping way .
  • @Demi sounds awesome! thank you so much. great job from aspire and the support team
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