Apsire needs to refund the defective products they've been selling.

I have gotten so many similar Relpies on my burnt coil post that it's impossible that Aspire is not aware there is a problem. I have done every troubleshooting activity they've advised me to, only to be told "sorry I made you send me a lengthy email with several photos, I'm too busy promoting our new products to do anything I said I would for you", "no one else has this problem it must be something you're doing". Well Aspire. You see it here. Many of your loyal customers have this problem. I have recipets for all the DEFECTIVE coils I have purchased and want a refund. I also feel you should spend more time working on fixing your existing DEFECTIVE products rather than launching new ones which may not be ready as the Atlantis coils were not. I suggest Aspire refund all members with recipets for defective Atlantis coils, then FIX THEM and have a HUGE sale to apologize for its poor customer service and pushing of sub par prouducts then feigning ignorance about it when CLEARLY mine is not an isolated incident.
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  • @tina that is a crock of crap. I contacted you guys about an aspire esp30 that stopped working within a week of buying it and all you people told me was that it was the place I bought it from that is responsible. Unless you guys changed your policy in a month and I didn't hear about it then you guys were lying to me and don't respect me as a company. I'm on the verge of just going to another company for my vape supplies because I'm sick of all the nonsense I'm getting fed. Hell I found a nice Tesla invader II classic for the same price I bought my esp30 and it would probably work too
  • @dethklok1515

    The policy has always been the same as stated above.

    1. If you bought something directly from Aspire (https://online.aspirecig.com/) then you deal directly with Aspire with their warranty.
    2. If you bought from somewhere else (online, Brick and mortar store, etc.) you deal with whom you bought it from. If they are reputable, they will exchange for you, and then they send the defective product back to Aspire for exchange.

    It's just like if you bought a TV from WalMart, it's bad, you return it WalMart, you walk out with a new TV, and then WalMart deals with the manufacturer of the TV.
  • This problem has been commented on by so many posters. Aspire has a responsibility to its loyal customers. Your solutions have been unsatisfactory, first blaming the customer (me), now the retailer. If your company values its customers it should offer a better customer service solution. I sent you photos, detailed information, everything you asked for. Your reply to me was "I'm busy promoting our new products". How insulting. In addition to wasting my time, you basically inferred, "I don't care about your problem". If Aspire cannot "see the defect" after so many posts reiterating my same exact problem, perhaps the global expansion is another example of a company getting too big, too fast, and not providing enough staff to handle demand. Aspire produces the coils, and therefore is responsible for their efficient operation. You get paid from the retailer, and continue seller your defective products. This giant company has the ability to both fix the issue, and make customer satisfaction a bigger priority. They're choosing not to by hiding behind their "policy". It's frustrating and expensive. My case was passed off to someone else after several days of emails with you, because, as you said, you were too busy to deal with it. Why say you were going to help then?
    Additionally, the person who my case was passed to offered me non solution to the problem either. I've attempted additional communication with her as well asking questions and those were also ignored.
    This is not a good way to service your customers.
  • To add, Why?

    There are so many fake, clone products out there, this is only way Aspire can be assured that they are providing replacements of authentic products.

    Think of this way:
    "Bob's Vape Shop" is a cheap ass place, and they want to maximize their profits, so they buy clone products and sell them as authentic. You buy the esp30 from Bob's, but in reality it's a fake and it's a piece of crap and dies in a week. You go back to Bob's and ask for refund or exchange. Bob knows it's a crappy fake, he doesn't want to loose money, so he tells you to go to Aspire and deal with them (washing his hands of the whole thing). Now, if Aspire takes back the esp30, and when they get it, they look at it and realize it's a fake, what do think they would do? Their going to send it back to you and say "Sorry, but WE didn't make this, so we can't help." Then there is huge fight between you and Aspire saying what is authentic and what isn't. But Bob is sitting back laughing to himself with cash in hand.

    Now a couple of blocks away from Bob's is "KP Vape Shop". KP buys directly from Aspire China, or Aspire authorized importer. You have a friend that buys the esp30 from KP. For some reason his esp30 dies within the warranty (it does happen). He goes back to KP and asks for a warranty exchange. KP, being an honest shop exchanges the esp30. Your friend goes home happy. Now KP boxes up the dead esp30 and ships it back to Aspire. Aspire knows that THEY made it, and sends KP back a new one to put on the shelf to be sold. Also, Aspire has the dead esp30 in hand and take it apart and figure out what's wrong with it, and possibly make changes to the design, parts, or assembly.
  • And I have checked authenticity of every product. Started buyin coils right off the aspire site. One day use. This is a known problem they don't care about. Too busy promoting new products that won't work.
  • I'm with you ... Something is wrong with them I. A bad way. Right away I notice a wierd flavor within hours they are simply unbearable. I subohm and understand watts etc .. So I don't think it's me to be honest . then the triton purchase has been a flat out nightmare .. Coils aren't cheap. . I love my mega and v2 but seems the o my coils I can keep fora few days is the temp. Coils . which I. The triton. Thank was go e in just three hours !!
  • Nice work on the PM issue.
    @NoSmoking are you an Aspire representative? It would be good to know for future use.

    Did anyone figure out @ALICAT 's issue? Sounds like maybe the starter kit with the CF G-Power battery? Those scew-on chargers should not spin freely. It sounds like the charger and battery are mismatched to me. Let us know your equipment specs and I'm sure someone can help.
  • Hello,coppekat
    I feel sincerely sorry for the delay.
    Because I am busying with our new product.So I have passed your problem to our service.
    Our service have contacted you,but she didn't get your reply.
    Please reply to her email,our service will help you out.
  • Of course we will be responsible for every of our products.But every company has its own after-sale process.As our after-sale process,we send replacements to our directly retailers and authorized directly distributors.
    Our after-sale process is :when consumer found what their bought is defective,they can firstly check the security code on our website to confirm if it is original,When customer check it on our website,it should be original,no one check it before you.then ask the dealer for exchange,every dealer is responsible for their products,we need the dealer's help,for we don't see the defective.when any qualiy problems occur, they can ask for exchange from their previous dealer.We will send the replacement to our authorized selles.
    We suggest customer to ask the seller for sevice,for we can not see the defective,if the seller confirm the product is defect,you exchange from the seller,if the seller bought the products from us directly,they can ask us for replacement,if the seller bought the products from our authorized distributors,our authorized distributors will replacement it.
    For we have customers around the world,it is really difficult to offer directly service to every customers around the world.We are now trying to establish global service.but it need time to finish.
  • @coppekat Because I am busying with our new product.So I have passed your problem to our service.
    Our service have contacted you,but she didn't get your reply.
    Please reply to her email,our service will help you out.
  • As I stated in my comment I DID reply to her. I await her reply for several weeks now.
  • @Guz Nice response. There are valid reasons for a manufacturer to ask a customer to deal with the distributor directly. That doesn't mean the manufacturer is avoiding responsibility.
  • @Guz this isn't true. My Vape store has replaced my coils at their own cost. They provided me with a new tank at no cost. They've done everything they could. It is Aspire who keeps passing the buck and ignoring ALL the people who have had this problem.
  • Does your vape shop get reimbursed for the coils and the tank?
  • Coppekat, Tina has given you my contact information weeks ago. I cannot understand why you didn't attempt to contact me so I could try to help you in depth and without language barriers. It seems that would have been much much easier and less tiring than being on our forums where you don't seem to be getting the help you need. If you pm me I will give you my contact information again or you may refer to the message that Tina sent to you some time ago, which you never replied to.

  • @NoSmoking I don't think the PM feature is working/enabled at the minute? I'm not sure if its deliberate or a mistake, but I see the attached if I try to message anyone from their profile page.

    I'm waiting for my Pegasus order to come through with some replacement O rings after discussion with support via email. I'm not sure its going to resolve my issue but I am happy to try and continue the discussion to find a resolution. If you don't mind me contacting you in the event my issue persists I'd really appreciate any additional support you could provide. I'll test the O rings as suggested first, I just need the Pegasus order to be shipped before I get those replacements!
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  • I bought this product one month ago, I am having an issue with the charger attaching the battery. Bought a replacement charger, as a new one appeared to attach fine; however, I am now having the same issues again. It simply will NOT attached, it just spins and spins....the only way I can charge it is if I sit and hold it together. Apparently, it is the battery that is the issue, and not the charger. If I knew it would be such a hassle, I definitely would have bout one that has ports like a typical USB charger and not this screw on type....

    Anyone else have this problem?
  • ALICAT said:

    Anyone else have this problem?

    No ... because you don't give the slightest clue what product you are talking about !

  • @Viruk Fair enough. I will look into the PM issue. Thanks for the heads up.

  • The PM issue has been solved,please check if the function works on your computer .
  • PM function works on my computer, nice touch Tina ;)
  • @Tina Yea!!! It works again!!
  • @NoSmoking Tina asked me when k could skype. The only personal information she has given me was a female employee who gave me a discount code one purchase off your website. I have never been given your information, however Tina has all of mine. Not sure why she wouldn't just pass it to you.
    This is why I come to the forum. Bc if it's not in public nobody responds. And quite frankly I'm not at all pleased with your tone. It's merely echoing the sub par customer service I've received thus far.
  • The only thing that comes to mind about ALICAT issue, is that they may have stripped the threads on the battery, or the charger. If that is the case, there isn't much that can be done except replace either item.
  • @tina yes, it looks like the message function is working - I just sent a message to test :)
  • @NoSmoking I'm not sure whether you could help me with this, I have emailed service@aspirecig.com as they were dealing with this previously. I was supposed to be getting some replacement O Rings with my order, but they appear to have been missed out. I'd supplied my order number to them and had confirmation that some O Rings would be added to my order.

    Can you suggest a solution or contact me to discuss the problem further?

  • @Viruk If you leave message to your order for asking for some extra o-ring or did you send email to our online store support for this requirment?
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