I noticed a new Aspire mod at the end of the video on the Triton. Please tell us about it? Wattage, details please.
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  • @Tina @Demi Do you have any info on the Aspire mod at the end of The Triton Video, when it showed the "Box Mod "Pegasus"? :D
  • Tina said:

    @Southy321 haha,If I get one,I will display my order here
    I am a bad girl :))

    Oh Tina! Such a bad girl! ;))
  • @Cegoca :-$
    Yes,We are going to release our new box mod in nearly future.
  • Same here, I just hope the 45-55 Watts rating for the new 0.3 Ohms Triton coil will not serve as limit.
    We want 80 Watts ! :-B
  • So ideally we're hoping/wanting/ or looking for the mod to be 80-100 Watts. That way it will keep up with the Atlantis V2 0.3 Ohm Coils and will be able to find the sweet spot on the Triton 0.3 Ohm Coils, being 45-55 Watts, without maxing out the power of the Mod. That way we're not hitting the Max Wattage limits and by not doing so it would be a more stable Mod and have the Watt/Voltage there to push higher if needed or in the future. That way Aspire has room to grow with the Pegasus and people can use it for multiple builds, setups, and resistance levels. Also if they use the correct chip we could possibly see the option for Temperature Control with both Ni200 & maybe possibly Titanium. That way it's not shooting itself short, since this is the way Advanced Vaping is heading. Just my opinions and thoughts after seeing everything that's hitting the market lately, and seems like it's going to stick around for thoughts of use who like to build our own setups, like subohm setups & coils (direct lung Vaping), stable with the ability to run all day if not into the next, and also gives Aspire the option to make Ni200 or Titanium Coils (let's say in the short future :-? Hopefully).

    @Cegoca I totally agree with your thoughts on what should be next. What do you think of possibilities of making between 80-100 Watts with temperature control coils in the future or even with the Pegasus have the option of an upgradable Chip Set, so a later Firmware update could make Temperature Control Possible?? :-)

    Since there is already a coil on the market that works with the Atlantis V2 & Mega, so thus it would work on the Triton that is Ni200 for Temperature Control (unfortunately it's not made by Aspire hmm hit hit)!! :D I'm hoping Aspire will step into Temperature Control Coils for the Triton & Atlantis V2 / Mega... :-bd
  • Dear All,

    Thank you for giving your kind suggestion to aspire.
    I will pass all these suggestion to aspire products development department.
    Hope these suggestion can be took account in aspire future new products.

    Best Wish
  • Looks like one kick @ss box mod.. That truly holds it's name as "The Pegasus" of the sky and like a Greek Mythology God.. The symbolism of Pegasus varies with time. Symbol of wisdom and especially of fame from the Middle Ages but through the Sky Pegasus is the subject of a very rich iconography, especially through the ancient Greeks but Aspire brought Pegasus down from the Sky and back to life.. For Aspire Vaping enthusias to enjoy.. #-o
  • I think it is the newest product from Aspire. They won't tell us much till it's released. So....whatcha think it is and whatcha think it has in the way offeatures??
  • @Southy321 dear all,thank you so much for your concern.
    I am sorry that I don't have further information about our new mod.
    Please pay attention to our forum or our website.
    We may release it next week or next next week.

  • @Tina Thanks for the update. Will be looking forward next next week. Have a great day or maybe evening were you are. Just thought I'd see if you had any information, looking forward to the contest here in about 6 hrs 30 mins.. :D ~O) ~O) ~O)
  • @Southy321 haha,If I get one,I will display my order here
    I am a bad girl :))
  • I would want to buy the box mod with the triton considering it could hypothetically run 70 watts or more don't get me wrong the cf sub batteries are nice but I had to buy 2 because they run out quickly hopefully Pegasus is the answer.
  • I have received many PM from aspire lovely friends these days:when this mod come into market?Is pegasus the name of your new mod?What kind of function does this battery have?....

    Dear aspire lovely friends,
    I am sincerely sorry that I can not give your answers.
    But I promise that If I get any information about our new mod,I will share with you here.

    You can just guess what kind of mod it is?
  • The question is : is that new mod built especially for the Triton or for the Atlantis ?
    The 0.3 Ohm coils for the Triton only need 65 W unlike the ones for the Atlantis that need up to 80 W.

    Else :
    Variable Temperature feature ? Not a clue about that, so I doubt it.
    Fixed or non fixed battery ? And what capacity ?

    Anyone has other thoughts ?
  • Form factor looks like a single 18650 battery. Aspire's rates their battery at 40A, so with some electronic magic they should be able to fire at 80 - 100W.

    VV is rapidly becoming old technology, VW is the norm, and VT is the emerging choice.

    My guess would be 10 - 100W, VW/VT with presets. This would fire all of their top end tanks/coils.
  • All good features mentioned! We will just have to wait and see! :-B
  • Hey Tina, are we going to get another "Teaser" on the Pegasus mod soon? :)]
  • we wait...... :-w :))
  • Hey! I'm good at that! The military "hurry up and wait" was training for this announcement :D
  • Much agreed the wait will be worth the time, Aspire has been really stepping up it game and listening to it's customers through the forums. So I think will be taken by surprise, but don't mind waiting either. :D :-SS 8->
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    So it will be a Pegasus mod ?
  • The Triton Tank and Pegasus Mod seem to be a perfect match-up. I can't what to see the features, power, and options it has. It sounds like we're getting really close to seeing the release soon.. :-/ :D
  • Tina said:

    @Cegoca :-$
    Yes,We are going to release our new box mod in nearly future.

    Wooo Hooooo!! <:-P \:D/
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    Tina said:

    @Cegoca :-$
    Yes,We are going to release our new box mod in nearly future.

    This is THE device from Aspire I've been waiting for !

  •'s gonna be a Good Thing! 8->
  • I just hope that it can output enough watts to handle ALL the coils Aspire makes. That's one of my current frustrations with the CF MAXX battery, it an't output enough watts for the 0.3ohm coils for the Atlantis Mega.
  • I had to go back to the Triton video to freeze frame it but still can't tell much about it. I do like the thumbwheel adjustment .....but again, still have no idea as to the specs........ :-?
  • @Southy321 I haven't tried TC yet, but I'm awaiting an Evic VT soon (TC and 60W).
    The ideal would have been TC with min. 80 W ... I hope Aspire will make our dreams become real ... :-B
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    @Tina I'll stick with tried and proven technology, until the health impact of Ni200 and Ti has been explored.

    If I were bringing a product to market, I'd seriously consider the potential legal liability. In today's world many people seek to blame others for their choice, and are supported by the courts. It's not a financial risk I'd want to take.
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