The video to introduce aspire triton tank

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  • I understand your position and it is justified! That is why Aspire made the CF mod and the Aspire batteries as well. I may end up taking a foray into the adjustable mods in the near future as there are most likely several features that I could take advantage of.
  • Nice video but wait what is this Aspire Pegasus I see attached to the tank????
  • @xdipper You can guess it. :)>-
  • Will the Pegasus really look like that ?
    When is the Triton actually coming out ?
    And the Pegasus ?
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    Hopefully the Pegasus is still in development and has not gone to manufacturing yet. I stay away from MODs with built-in batteries. My choice is partially environmental, partially functional. I don't have to dispose of the entire unit if something goes wrong. I can toss the electronics or the battery, whichever has failed. This is the main reason why I have not bought the Aspire MODs. Low battery? Just swap it. There's no waiting for a re-charge, no need for a second MOD.

    I'd like to see the following in a MOD:
    - larger alpha-numerics for us older folk, perhaps cycling through measurements
    - at least three programmable presets for use with different tanks
    - slower 'fast power select' than found in current MODs, make this programmable
    - curved side to fit against fingers
    - one 18650 for up to 40W, two for up to 80W.
    - 26650s used for 80W+ (not my preference for vaping)

  • I like built in batterys, personal preference. I am not that big into adjustable mods (VV VW VH) and have not been privvy to new developments on that front from Aspire. But I like the video!
  • @charlzrocks Every coil is slightly different, which is why I'm a fan of the variable mods. You can dial in the sweetspot to get the best out of your juice for any coil with them.

    My experience with electronics is that batteries go first. Yes they're rated at 1000+ charges, but not the way we use them. We're lucky to get 300 out of them the high discharge rates the higher wattage coils use. Below about 20 watts you'd get full life out of a good battery, so you're covered if that's how you vape. Samsung INR 18650-25R batteries go for $8.00 USD here. That's far less than a custom battery used in some MODs with built-ins. Those batteries often have spot welded electrical connections that are difficult to change at home. I think MODs with built-in batteries are cheaper initially, but cost more long term. Guess I'm just cheap :(

    To each their own. I just thought I'd share my thinking on the subject.
  • Is there an Aspire box mod named Pegasus? I saw it in this video. Do you plan to release it? When?
  • @aragiannis There's a separate thread for the Pegasus. Tina mentioned that it would be released in a week or two.
  • @tina nice video thanks for posting! keep watching it this week and fig id say thanks!! Im excited to get my hands on this and do a review!! Hopefully picked to do one so I can do give away also!! such a great looking tank!! love the added top fill and the new Drip tip! Also love the coil variation!! cant wait for some TC coils! This truly shows again aspire listens to what is wanted!!
    Awesome video makes me excited for my RTA to get here also!! and love how the end gets you wanting to see the Pegasus!
  • @CelticWolf Thank you so much for supporting aspire.
    If any new information about our new mod,I will share with you and post it here.

    Best Wish
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