cleaning tank/coil

Just got the nautilus tank, (not mini). Would love to see videos on how to clean the coils between flavors so that there is not a "mixing" of flavors. Lemonade flavored ejuice doesn't mix well with some other flavors and I am with a mingling of good ejuice tinged with lemonade flavor. Would love some help/videos to get that flavor out of my wick.
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  • You know, I have really, really thought about this for sometime now. The only idea I can come up with, is getting some unflavored PG/VG and vaping it till the flavor goes away, then putting the new flavor in.

    I've been experimenting with cleaning the coils (trying every suggestion I can find on the web) and I personally haven't found a technique that I like. But that's just me.

    The other that I have done is just get a new coil for the new flavor, but keep the old coil in a plastic baggie, or container. When I want to go back to the old flavor I just switch out the coil to the old flavor (after I rinse out the tank, of course).
  • Cleaning coils is sometimes difficult depending on the liquid and how long the coil has been in use. The best method that I have found (and it only works about 50% of the time) is to soak the coil in vodka overnight, rinse it well with hot water and let it dry for 24 hours before using it with another flavor. I must state that I have NEVER tried to clean Atlantis or Nautilus coils to date. The only coils that I have had success with are the regular 1.8ohm BDC Aspire coils. And it only works sometimes. Good Luck!
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