anyone having leak issues with their Nautilus

I have been having some minor issues with leaking into the the base of the Nautilus from the coil I am guessing and leaks through to the battery contact.... just curious if anyone else if having this issue and if so any suggestions as how to remedy it
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  • I do not own a nautilus tank, sorry. Can anyone else chime in here?
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    I recently purchased the Nautilus BVC tank and have experienced constant leaking through the air hole and also from the base. When I blow into the tank and a lot of liquid is expelled through the air hole and if I turn the tank upside down it also leaks through the chimney.

    This is my first Aspire product and I am very disappointed in its performance. I have contacted the vendor about a possible refund. I have also contacted Aspire and await a response.
  • I suggest that you make sure the coil is screwed firmly into the base and that the the rest of the tank is screwed firmly onto the base. Make sure that the silicone ring on the base is correctly in place as well.
  • Charlzrocks - it is a brand new Nautilus BVC and it has been leaking and gurgiling since I purchased it. I have cleaned the tank out and made sure the coil was securely placed and tightened. I got a few good vapes from the tank and I left it for a while and when I picked it up the juice had expelled through the air hole and base which had seeped onto the Kanger KBox Mod.

    I own several Kanger Protank 2 tanks and have never experienced this type of leakage or gurgling. I bought this tank as an upgrade and from the reviews I had read on chat forums. I hope the vendor I purchased the item from will give a refund so I can purchase another make of tank. Very disappointed as this is my first Aspire purchase.
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    Well I changed the BVC Coil (1.8ohm) to the other BVC Coil (1.6) which was supplied with the Nautilus tank and gave the equipment a good rinse in water and made sure everything was tight. I also used a Vision Spinner battery at 4.3v rather than my Kanger KMod at 8w and the leakage seems to have stopped. There was a lot of gurgling but after watching a video on UTube I have managed to suppress the gurgling - wrap some tissue around the drip tip and give the tank a good shake which has released the excess fluid from the chimney. The amount of vape isn't great but the tank is much better to vape on and hopefully it will settle and I wont have any other issues with this tank.
  • I too am having this issue!! I bought the Nautilus a month ago.... When it works I love it, when it doesn't I hate it! When juice starts to get to 3 ml that's when the base starts to flood with juice, and leaks out of the holes, no vape, just a bunch of gurgling and spit up. I then disassemble, blow through the base to get juice out, cotton swap chimney and base, then put coil back into the base (tightly) as to avoid any juice to get in, then screw the tank. When I look at the seal, I can see a clear solid seal line all around the glass, which to me means it is sealed properly.... however after a few puffs, that sealed line starts to get juice and eventually it looks like the seal is not properly set in place. I have checked the chimney seal and it is nice and snug. Any idea's as to why this is happening? Would it be my seal that is defective or BVC that is leaking? The coil was bought from an authentic nautilus shop.... 20 years of smoking cigarettes, I decided to quit last month and vape instead, but it is giving me nothing but headaches, and honestly if I can't figure this out, I may just switch back to cigarettes. What are your thoughts? Any help from anyone would be immensely appreciated!!!
  • I read on another forum of a way to stop the leaking - put a spare 'o' ring over the holes on the coil. I did this and now my Nautilus tank works great - no more leaking or flooding.
  • @AndyMan Glad you found a cure - it depends on what kind of juice you are using - if the problems come back with high PG then you can put 2 O-rings over the juice ports
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