Aspire Giveaway!!

Been rockin Apire tanks since the Nautilus and then had the the Mini and now the Atlantis 1 and v2!!! Awesome vapor and probably the best sub ohms out there.
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  • Glad you love the Aspire gear as much as we do! You will really be stoked with the new Triton tank that is being released. I know I am! B-)
  • Same here.. Did my reviews and post on Social Media. Can't wait to get my hands on the newest Aspire product "Triton" aka The Prince of the sea! :)
  • Can't wait until this new Prince of the Sea is released. Started off with Min Nautilus last year, now have two each Atlantis V2 and Atlantis Mega. I posted review here and on Facebook. Would love to win the Triton. Have tried Kayfun, Kanger, Artic...BUT the quality of the materials used by Aspire and the customer focus are amazing. I mean no sooner was Atlantis 1 released that Aspire was listening to customers and came out with V2.

    Will Triton have the option to add a 5ml tank, aka Triton Mega???? :-B
  • That could be a future release if enough people clamor for a bigger tank. Right now they want to see how well we like the Triton. But if it's anything like the Atlantis, I wouldn't doubt that they will release a larger version! :-bd
  • I'm already sold on it and it's not yet out. I have only aspire tanks.
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