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Aspire is proud to announce our all new Triton tank system!
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Have you ever considered being a reviewer? Maybe you have watched RIP Trippers or PBusardo and you would like to be a reviewer also? Have you ever dreamt of vapemail. Well you’re in luck! We are seeking some excellent and articulate people to do just that. Whether it be facebook, reddit, ECF or other forums, youtube, or your own personal blog, all of the above is acceptable. We just want our wonderful customers to tell us and the rest of the world about our new Triton tank system. Considering that I want to stress the importance of following the promotions entry requirements. We will be helping to establish new reviewers to help promote our products and raise further awareness about the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

(1).Activity dates:
June 17th to June 29th

(2)How to apply:
1. Share this post on your facebook or twitter…
2. Write a comment/review about what aspire products you have used

100x aspire Triton tank systems
Note:If this post be shared on facebook and twitter that meets or exceeds 5000 between June 17th and June 29th we will give away another 50 Tritons

(4)Activity details:
From June 30th to July 2nd we will contact the winners via email. The winners will receive an invitation letter to congratulate them on being selected. The invitation will include a code which the winners can enter in our online store, at, to receive their Triton tank system. We will also post the names of the winners on our forums. Note that winners will be responsible for the associated shipping charges.

We will also post the winners names on our forum.

(5)Review Requirement:
1. Your review should be completed within one week after having received your Triton.
2. Your review, if in text, should be no less than 200 words.
3. Show the world a picture of your Triton on your review article. (Does not apply to video reviews, obviously.)
Note:If you cannot fulfill the review requirements please be mindful that those who do not submit a review of some kind will be banned from any similar promotions in the future.

Follow-up Activity:
We will post another post on aspire forum, all the winners can show their reviews, then will select several winners who wrote or posted an amazing review. These individuals will then be given another big Surprise from aspire.
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  • This is my Youtube channel I have been wanting to get off with no BS reviews. I would not recommend a product if I could not use it myself. As you can see, I have only 1 video from late last year, but this is due to the fact that everything else I have has been reviewed so many times that it just was not reviewed. Would love to get a fresh product like the Triton to review. Also I do run a few Facebook group and very active in the Indiana vape community. I am sure that my videos would be seen. I have used the Nautilus, the Nautilus mini, Atlantis v1, CE5, K1, ESP, and other stuff from Aspire. I tend to follow Aspire and usually will use their products and recommend them due to the fact that they have been more reliable
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    This is my YouTube channel (VapeDiary.) I currently use both the Atlantis and Nautilus mini. I already have reviews on it for my Aspire Atlantis and the Aspire Nautilus mini / OCC coils. I currently have the Atlantis v2 on the way as well that I can't wait to check out. Would love to check out the Triton as well. I shared the link on my twitter.
  • @Tina Shared this link on FB and also posted comments/reviews about the Aspire products you've used and currently own. Did you want the reviews to be on FB or on the Aspire form? Anyway did both to make sure I cover the Rules of the Game, just hoping to win an amazing new product from Aspire the "Triton"!!!

    My Review/Product I own:
    "The (1st Aspire Product) tank I purchased was the Aspire ET-S in early 2013, then I upgraded to Viva Nava-S (2nd Aspire Product) but was looking for something better. Then it happened Christmas Day 2013 my got me hands on (My 3rd Aspire Product) Nautilus and then 6-8 months later I had to get the Nautilus Hollowed-out Sleeve and the Carbon Fiber Battery VV. The best purchases that I have made recently have been the purchase of my Aspire Atlantis Platinum Kit and loving it every-day and about 2 weeks ago I just received my Aspire Atlantis V2, 1 Pack of 0.5 Ohm Coils, and an extra CF Sub Ohm Battery. (My early Aspire gear had been given to family members to help them make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. But instilled they could only Vape with the Best Hardware Company "Aspire"." ;)
  • So the product I would like to share today is the Aspire Nautilus. I bought this baby around 3 months back and before I begin I would like to point out that this was my very first tank, Yes I had an evod but that doesnt really counts. So back to where I was saying, so being in a situation of finally purchasing my very first vape tank, I was very excited. I have to be honest here, I only chose the Nautilus because the dealer I'm buying from , only offers a package of a Kamry with a Nautilus at a very reasonable price and being new in the vape world, I thought heck I'll just give this tank ago.

    So after a month of fiddling it, here are my say about the product. The pros of the Nautilus was that the adjustable air flow system where it allows me to vape to the many styles that people would like in which I actually prefers the largest air hole, secondly is the 5ml tank which is pretty huge for a tank. This baby can pretty much last any user throughout the day. Third, I have to say that the build quality of it is pretty good and you feel quality when you touch it, It is also easy to use and the best pros for this is the Bottom Vertical Coils. So Aspire has adopted this technique of coils because they claim it will make the coils last longer and the taste of the vape clean and pure. Well I have to agree that when it comes to flavour wise, it is pretty top notched. It's pretty much as good as you get and it is almost like you're getting the same taste of the juice if you ever tasted it. However, the life span of the coils I have to disagree. I've been using the BVC coils, according to the recommended volts which is the 3.3 to 4.2 and I've been using about a 4 volt on a 50:50 ratio juice and my coils hardly past a week. That's just rather disappointing, I hope they'll look into it and improve on that. The cons of this tank is that one, it doesnt give you clouds like you would expect from the Atlantis because of the high ohm coils which is the 1.6 and 1.8 and secondly is that it doesnt come with a RBA. I get it that at that time when the Nautilus was marketed (end 2014) there was no RBA and it was only until Kangertech who introduced it and everyone wants a tank with a RBA.

    In conclusion, I have to say I'll give the Aspire Nautilus a thumbs up. The pros outweights the cons and they can be forgiven as Aspire will soon come out their latest innovation which is the Aspire Triton tank. I hope to be one of the lucky ones to be reviewing these new badboys that I believe will bring down the Subtanks and as the other tanks in the market.
  • i am working as a reviewer in Korea 's major e-cigarette community.
    In Korea, more than Facebook or Twitter blog will exert more influence.
    Personal blogs are open , but after a short period of time , during which the community in a vigorous activity .
  • The Aspire Atlantis V2 is a step ahead of everyone else. I like the airflow control of the drip tip's an added extra. I use premium juices mostly at a 70 VG/30PG, a few at 50/50. Been getting into NETs and custards lately. The flavor I get from the Atlantis V2 is so much better than Kanger, Kayfun, and Artic. And the bigger sub-ohm OCC coils last much longer. I now have two of these and have found they stay cleaner longer (beats me why they just do). While many ottehr vendors come out as challengers, Aspire seems to answer the challenge with something even better each and every time. I began with a Mini Nautilus, then graduated to sub-ohm on the Atlantis V2, Can't wait to try the Triton with the top loading.
    I shared info on the Prince at
  • I have been using Aspire products since I started vaping. I am a big fan of their tanks. I started with the K1 and moved all the way through to the Atlantis mega which is now my favorite subOhm tank. It has great airflow that is adjustable on the top and the base. I prefer to use the 0.3ohm coils that are available. The 5ml juice capacity is also great because it makes it a subohm tank that last me all day. I am so excited for the Triton tank, I can not wait to see what Aspire does next. Thanks guys keep it up!
  • Shared. I have used many Aspire Products since I quit smoking. I smoked for 17 years and Aspire helped me quit and never look back! I have used the nautilus mini and mega, both of the Atlantis tanks, the CF mods and the esp. I have loved every single product I have purchased and will continue to use as well as recommend Aspire products. I am excited to see the new triton! I must have the skull mesh cover in my life!! Thank you for being such a reliable company! And thank you for helping me quit smoking!
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    I shared this on both Twitter and Facebook.

    My review of the Aspire Elite Kit:

    When I first saw the CF Maxx and Atlantis Mega I wasn't sure what to think. I mean honestly what exactly was I going to do with a 30mm tank if I just get the Mega? I know there are wider mods out there that may accommodate this tank but I saw the Elite Kit and could not pass it up. If anything I knew having this combination together would surely start some conversations.

    I ordered my Elite Kit directly from Aspire because they included the standard 510 drip tip adapter. The experience was excellent and shipping was timely. I had no issues at all. When it arrived, I was very impressed by the packaging. It is a very nice presentation and easy to open. As I opened the box and gazed upon the tank and mod sitting nicely side by side the first thing that came to mind was that I just received my first light saber. It looked gorgeous, ginormous, and almost deadly all at the same time. I was quite honestly surprised and very impressed seeing it for the first time in person. I grabbed the tank and the mod and gently screwed them together. Together, the CF Maxx and the Atlantis Mega were made for each other. It feels great in my larger hands and both items have the build quality you've come to expect from Aspire. You also get a spare glass tank, a 1A 510 to USB charging adapter and a quick start guide. As I mentioned before I did get the adapter to go from the proprietary drip tip connection on the Atlantis Mega to a standard 510 drip connection. It seems to work well with the few standard drip tips I tried.

    Looking at the Atlantis Mega the first thing you will notice other than the 30mm diameter is the addition of the airflow adjustment just below the drip tip. Further investigation of the drip tip reveals that it is proprietary to the Atlantis Mega. Not sure if it would fit the Atlantis 2 but it does look the same. This did not personally bother me at all as the drip tip size or shape doesn't really affect my review of a product. The knurling and airflow adjustment are slightly different as there a 4 different size holes on 4 sides that click into place very smoothly. Plenty of options there. Disassembling the tank is on par with the original Atlantis and internally is very similar from the chimney to the base where you install the coil head. Mine came with the 1.0 Ohm Coil recommended at 40-50W. These newer coils appear to have much larger juice wicking holes than the original Atlantis coils. What I found strange is that they included the 0.3 ohm coil in the kit but the CF Maxx mod cannot handle the coil head's recommended range of 70-80W. That's fine I can test that on something that can go to that range. By the way, as you may have gathered you can now get replacement coil heads in 3 different Ohm ratings; 0.3 Ohm for 70-80W, 0.5 Ohm for 20-30W, and 1.0 Ohm for 40-50W. I'm not quite certain why the 1.0 Ohm coil is rated at 40-50W but it could be a difference in the type of coil they are using in that head. All that aside, I primed the 1.0 Ohm coil head as suggested and installed it back into the base. Filling the tank is no different than the original Atlantis except you have more than enough room between the glass and the chimney to get your liquid in there. I assembled the tank completely, took a couple primer pulls and let it sit for 10 minutes just to make sure the wicking material was properly saturated. I almost forgot I am using a 30/70 base eLiquid. On to the mod.

    The CF Maxx is exactly what you would expect from the CF series from Aspire only bigger. The button is identical to the CF Mod and the CF Sub Ohm that I have used in the past. It has the same beautiful smooth carbon fiber look on the tube with stainless steel on the top around the button and the 510 connection. The 510 pin appears to be stainless steel and is fixed on mine. I could not detect that it is spring loaded by using a small screwdriver to carefully press on it. This could be an issue if you plan to use other atomizers on this mod. However, I did get another one of my tanks to work on the mod without an issue or any gaps so your mileage may vary. At the bottom of the mod is your wattage adjustment ring that appears to be stainless steel. You have a small window with an arrow above it pointing to your selected wattage and a W below designating that you are setting the wattage. The mod goes from 5W up to 50W with little dots or tick marks designating 1W increments. The adjustment does not click into place but It adjusts very smoothly and provides just the right amount of tension so that you shouldn't accidentally change the setting while using or carrying it. This has an internal 3000mah battery that can be charged via the included 1A 510 to USB charger. Mine appeared to be fully charged or at least close to a full charge when I got it.

    I assembled the tank to the mod and noticed the connection was very smooth and well made with no gaps or janky threading. Again, this tank and mod were made for each other. I powered on the device by clicking the button 5 times which is the same function when you are ready to turn it off. The blue light around the button will flash several times. You can read more about what the light codes mean in terms of battery level and powering the device on and off in the manual or on the Aspire web site. I started the watts low to break in the tank until I got comfortable with it at 45W being my sweet spot. I can tell you this thing hits like a monster. With airflow wide open on the bottom and top it's like breathing without any resistance and is almost overwhelming from what I am used to. I dare to say it almost feels like my experience with using a dripper. That being said the vapor production and flavor were excellent as I got a rich cool vape. I decided to shut off the airflow at the top as I don't think I need the extra cooling or added airflow and left it wide open at the bottom. Now we are talking! Just that little adjustment for me made the vapor much more satisfying from the standpoint of adding a little more warmth and flavor back into the mix. I could even probably step down to the second largest opening and be happy. The battery life is about what you would expect from a 3000mah battery vaping between 40-50W. I'm sorry I never paid close enough attention to tell you how long it was before I had to recharge the mod. If I had to guess it was probably a day and a half.

    I really am pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Aspire Elite Kit. The presentation and packaging are excellent and the build quality of all the components in the kit are fantastic. Everything is very easy to use and clean. I feel this kit is for the slightly more advanced vaper that wants something similar to the dripping experience without the hassles. It certainly cannot replace the dripping experience but does come closer than anything I have experience in a tank and mod kit so far. I thought the price for this kit was right where it should be and I would definitely recommend this to friend as I have no regrets purchasing this for myself. Oh, before I forget, I did try the Atlantis Mega with the 0.3 Ohm coil on a 100W device and it worked as you would expect at about 75W but was simply too warm for my style even when dropping it to the recommended low of 70W and having both arflow adjustments wide open. It does work well and the flavor and vapor are there but it just isn't my thing and is by no means a negative. I do wish they would have included the 0.5 ohm coil as an option, being that it fits in the CF Maxx's wattage range but again not much of negative there. Overall, both the Atlantis Mega tank and the CF Maxx mod are excellent devices on their own but work even better together when bought in this kit.
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    I started vaping over four years ago. At that time I purchased a supply of the three piece cigalikes that lasted until recently. I have always had cartridges with several different flavors at hand for my enjoyment. I had modified the cigalike cartridges so that I could readily identify the flavor within.

    After much market research I purchased an Aspire Nautilus Premium Kit to try at home. I was very pleased with the performance of the Nautilus Mini, and have bought another five units. The one draw back to the product, shared by most on the market, is the lack of ability to differentiate between the contents of the units. I suggest that a kit containing colored bottom seals be produced to easily allow identification of the contents. Using the resistor color code, ten options would be available.

    Monday I decided to try sub-ohm vaping. Once again I chose Aspire products due to the favorable reviews. I paired the Aspire Atlantis 2 with a Sigelei 100W Plus MOD. With it's 0.5Ω coil it produced much more vapor than the Nautilus Mini. The volume of vapor produced by the 0.3Ω coil is currently too much for me. Unfortunately, or perhaps luckily, none of the local dealers currently have the 1.0Ω replacement BVCs in stock, so I was unable to test the Atlantis 2 with them. All of the nicotine e-liquid I had for the Nautilus Mini proved to be unsuitable for use with the Atlantis 2. I had to buy zero nicotine versions, and cut the nicotine content to 15% of the level used in the Nautilus Mini. Once again I face the lack of ability to differentiate between the contents of the different units. The same solution proposed for the Nautilus Mini would work for the Atlantis 2

    The Nautilus and Atlantis series of tanks are top of the line products by the industry leader in personal vaporizers. You can choose a tank from this series to match any of your vaping needs. You will be delighted with their performance, and the clarity of taste in the vapor produced. Aspire's attention to detail by has resulted in a superior, elegant line of products.

    Review shared on Facebook
  • I own Brad's Vapor, a very reputable webstore. I also have about 1700 people in my Facebook group. I have used exclusively Aspire products since you came out with the nautilus. For a couple of years, I sold only Aspire products. I have been the first to get your newest products many times. I am excited about the Triton, as many others are. I would love the chance to review this new tank and share it with all my friends/clients.
  • I got the Nautilus, The Atlantic v1 and when it first came out the Atlantic V2. I have to say out of the three I have gotten the privlage of feeling a better airflow and the fact that the seal does not leak when I fill the tank. I had a few problems with the V 1 based on the girgeling in the chim and the air flow was subpar. Made me almost not get the V2 but I got a great deal for it. I took the deal and after cleaning it pre soaking the coil I filled it with something I know the taste of and I got to tell you that the flavor was spot on. No cotton flavor and coil seems to last a bit longer then the usual 2 weeks. it fits flat on my smok M80 pro plus. I just love that tank and cant wait to try more.
  • Would like to have the opportunity to review for the Spanish speaking vapers your company new addition to your line of products, The Aspire Triton. I have been using the Aspire Nautilus Mini, Aspire ETS- BVC, and the Aspire Atlantis V1. Hope we can work together to bring good review to the Hispanic Vapers Community.
  • Well - What shall I review? Not much since I'm a complete beginner - I might say, that I am a typical Review Reader, since I have have no opportunities to see any "Live" Products - I live so far away from the next Liquid Store or any other Hardware selling store, that I can only guess what the products are like - Excuse my bad engllish - I'm native german speaking, living in Austria.
    I still am Stuck with a double Set of not fully working Evods 2 and a Nemesis Mod from a friend with several weird tasting Liquids (but the give me the nicotine) and I still keep falling back to the jucky cigarette - I'm not at all satisfied and I've read a lot about the Nautilus mini and your other products but simply hesitate to buy a cat in the box - so I would love to write a "Beginners" Review - esp. for those who are looking for a possibilty to quit smoking - and as we all know - It works easier with the right "hardware" - This might be interessting esp. since I'll write it in German - with a view from a Beginner, who is more than confused with SubOhms, Airflow, Coils, Low Wattage, Temp control and so on... I Simply would love to have a good working, well tasting alternative and a good start into the life of vaping..
    cheers from Austria, inmidst of Salzburgs Mountains in 1.000m altitude.
  • I've been a huge fan of Aspire's products since Dec 2014 when I purchased a Nautilus 5ml tank. The Nautilus flipped my vape game on its head and showed me the true potential of what a vaporizer could be. I had a solid two month love affair with the Nautilus, the two of us were pretty much inseparable day and night. I have also purchased an ET-S tank and it, too, is lovely. What the Nautilus did to cure my use of MT3-style tanks, the Atlantis nearly took my head clean off. The amount of vapor from a tank was unbelievable. I currently own two Atlantis version 1 tanks, one with the extended tank portion. With the newer organic cotton coils, the Atlantis is quite possibly a perfect tank. I clearly enjoy Aspire's products. For this reason, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to own the new Triton tank. A detailed written review would not be a problem. I will happily share the review numerous times with my over 1,000 Facebook friends and nearly 500 Twitter followers.
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    How to apply:
    1. Share this post on your facebook or twitter…
    2. Write a comment/review about what aspire products you have used
    From June 30th to July 2nd we will contact the winners via email. The winners will receive an invitation letter to congratulate them on being selected. The invitation will include a code which the winners can enter in our online store, at, to receive their Triton tank system.
  • I have used many products by various Ecig vendors but Aspire always puts out a quality product that you keep on using!! I am going to review the new Ijust and would love to see the Triton blow it out of the water or vapor! I love getting people off analogs and on to vaping. I show them all that Ive learned through various good buys and bad so they dont waste money, get discouraged and never get off cigs! The ONLY Atomizer I recommend to those trying to quite smoking is the Aspire Nautilus! I just got done letting a girl at my work use my Aspire Nautilus Mini for a week to get her off those horrible little E-cig sticks and still smoking! After 1 week of using my Aspire Nautilus Mini she was so happy to have something that worked good and made her not want to smoke. She went out and bought one as soon as she had to give mine back! That just shows the quality and how well the Nautilus works. Which even though Im a sub-ohm guy I still use my Nautilus Mini when I want good vapor with low clouds for indoors or stealth vaping. There is no other tank thats not sub-ohm that beats the Nautilus running BVC and The Nautilus Mini with the BVC's. It is so well made like all of their stuff that I dont know one user who still doesn't have theirs. Aspire Products are so well made I even use the Atlantis v1.5 occ .5ohm coils in my Melo! Which if you have Both the Melo and the Atlantis you know Melo is just a mimic of the Atlantis! Now with the shear number of sales of the Aspire Atlantis, The thousands of raving reviews just shows you how Aspire did it again with another amazing Atomizer. Aspire doesn't stop there they even have a great set of batteries or box-mods. Which when I tell people to get the Nautilus Mini I also show them the CF vv Battery which goes perfect together! And that CF Wrap on all the Tube Mods CF VV, CF SUB ohm, CF Mod and The Box Mod: CF ESP, Just looks so slick! As Ive said Aspire makes Quality products and I would love to get a chance to review the Triton... Especially at the same time as the new Ijust... Well I will review even If I have to wait to get it. But It would be nice to get it now from Aspire and get the review up before others, to show off the quality and those amazing coils and Top FILL!! cant wait! -CelticWolf keep your vape up and cigs down! and vape on vapers!
  • I'll do awesome reviews on reddit for you!!!
  • I have had the Nautilus as well as the Atlantis, 2 revolutionary tanks that were definitely game changers in my book. The nautilus brought great flavor and good vapor production to any one wielding a compatible device and brought new life to even a simplistic EGO C-twist. The Atlantis brought phenomenal vapor production with a one two punch of flavor. In a very competitive market Aspire is on there A game for sure and I can only imagine what the Triton is going to do for the industry. It would be sick as tits (sorry RIP) if I had the opportunity to be one of the first few testers for a Goliath in the industry!
  • I would love to do a review for a Russian gaping board and a cafe/vapeshop. I have quit smoking with the help of Nautilus mini, it was a fantastic tank for its time, which was not that long ago oddly enough. But it's major weakness was that the coil got clogged up way too fast on high VG liquids. Nice to see that you have tried to reinvent it with the 1.8 Omm coil for Triton. And the RBA option is fantastic, because it would really allow you to tackle a certain company in their established field.
    Anyway, great to see you innovating, guys
  • The Atlantis was my very first product I have ever purchased from Aspire and I want to say that I am very happy with it! I needed a way to quit smoking and this item has definitely done the trick. Every time I have the urge for a cigarette I pick up my Aspire CF Mod with my Atlantis tank and it immediately takes that urge away. I really hope to upgrade to a higher wattage mod box and throw this new Triton on it. If given the opportunity to win this great new item, Triton, I would be more than happy to submit a review. Thanks Aspire to helping me live a healthier life!

  • Tina, just to add to my review up above somewhere of the Elite Kit, I have also used your original Atlantis tank, the CF Sub Ohm mod, and the CF Mod. I even added the 5ml extension to my Atlantis and of course use the new all cotton coils. As I think I have mentioned before, Aspire listens to its customers and continues to deliver a great quality product at a good price and not to mention the little value-added upgrades to allow us to get more mileage out of your products like you did with stainless sleeves for the Nautilus Mini and the Atlantis as well as better replacement coils. I could go on but I think everyone here already knows. The Triton is just the newest example of delivering what your customers are asking for. I hope to start my official reviewing "career" with the Triton and eventually the Pegasus and any other Aspire product I have and can get my hands on :)>-
  • I have always been a loyal customer of aspire. All of my tanks are by them. The triton seems to be the next step in my vaping venture.
  • Hi Tina,

    I have been using Aspire products ever since the Nautilus first came out it was the first product I bought which had me stop smoking for 14 years. I still use it to this day as well as the Atlantis and the Atlantis V2. I bought my wife the premium kit and she loves it so to hear that aspire has released the Triton I am excited especially the RTA feature that is coming soon. I have been requesting Aspire for an RTA version and Aspire has stepped up. Even if I do not win one I will still buy the Triton and the RTA kit since I enjoy the quality Aspire provides to the consumers.

    Thank you Tina for passing along to the engineers all our request and ideas it is much appreciated as companies today do not listen to there customers.
  • Dear friends,
    Thank you very much for taking part in our reviewer recruitment giveaway acitivity !
    According to the shares, likes and comments, we have decided to give away 35 Aspire Tritons! The winners only need to pay for the shipping cost to receive their free Triton. Below is a list of the winners.

    I have sent invitation letters to the winners' email address which you used to register in aspire forum,please check your email.

    On the invitation letter,you can find your $50 code (which is the price of Triton) and then log in our online store to purchase the Triton using the code. Then you just need to pay the shipping cost and get your free Triton!
    here is the

    Note: (1).The code is only available for the purchase of Triton. The code is one-of and thusly nontransferable.

    (2).Review Requirement:
    1. Your review should be completed within one week after having received your Triton.
    2. Your review, if in text, should be no less than 200 words.
    3. Show the world a picture of your Triton on your review article. (Does not apply to video reviews, obviously.)
    Note:If you cannot fulfill the review requirements please be mindful that those who do not submit a review of some kind will be banned from any similar promotions in the future.

    We will post another post on aspire forum to let you to show your reviewers,a special prize will be prepared for the winners who post and share their reviewers.

    Below are the winners,congratulations to you!

  • DHL text message told me Tuesday and got a text message it will be delivered on Monday. Yay a day early. I will be doing a first impression video then the review later in the week.
  • Not my review yet, but my first impressions are very good. The flavor is very good with the 0.4 Ohm coil. Clouds are not as good as the Matrix tank that I use regularly, but the coil is 0.2 Ohm on that one so they would be bigger at higher Watts. The clouds are still good with the Triton. The biggest seller though is the flavor. Quite possibly the best flavor I have had period without dripping.

    I spent today with the 0.4 Ohm coil. Tomorrow, I will be using the 1.8 Ohm coil for a comparison. My YouTube review should be up by the weekend.
  • @Tina Sorry I missed your message but my Triton already arrived. I just posted my review over on the other review thread you created. I really do love this tank so far. It is just the right balance of flavor and vapor for me. I would rank the flavor alone as excellent. Anyway, go check out my review for more of what I think about it :)
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    Shared I have used most of your tanks but I'm using the Atlantis v2 at the moment very nice flavour and air flow I have also used the Atlantis and the nautilus tanks and never faulted any of them
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