Aspire Triton Release Giveaway---aspire online store activity

Dear friends,
The new tank from Aspire is coming.
Triton! To know the details about aspire triton,please click
We hope everyone will love it. Who will receive one for free this time?
This activity is going to be crazy so come on everyone!

Selection and shipping
1.Every customer will have the chance to receive a free Triton from June 23th to June 25th.
2.This activity begins at noon (12pm) Eastern Standard Time.
3.Will give away 50 Tritons for each day of this activity.
4.DHL is the only shipping method available for this promotional activity and the winner is responsible for shipping fees. (Unless your region requires us to choose a different logistics company, such as EMS or Aramex.)
5.Winners will receive a tracking number as soon as it is provided by the logistics company.

Activity requirements
1.Register an account with our online store. (If you already have one you can simply login.)
2.Check the online store for details as to whether the activity is ongoing or already finished. If you see the blurb about it that means HURRY!
3.The first 50 entries will be eligible.
4.Confirm your shipping address and pay the shipping charges.

Additional Info
1.Tracking numbers will be provided the next day.
2.Please allow for and excuse any issues that may arise with customs. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter should it arise. (For example, if electronic cigarettes are banned in your country we cannot fix or change that and you will not receive your Triton. Of course we will refund any shipping fees you may have paid. Our deepest apologies in advance in regards to this.)
3.DHL is the only shipping method available for this promotional activity and the winner is responsible for shipping fees.

We will apply a countdown to our online store( ,Please pay attention to our online you can be the first!
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  • Hello Aspire Team,

    since I complained yesterday about the triton disappearing from my cart, it is just fair to post an update on this situation: I was one of the lucky ones proceeding through the whole checkout process and got a free (confirmed) triton today! Preperation is the key to success: Beeing logged into paypal already and having opened the shop atleast in three browser tabs for reloading during the lag is essential! Compaired to yesterday the shop worked way smoother, so I think you guys really worked on the shop system as hard as you could and I would like to thank you for the efforts and the free triton! I am so happy and looking forward to recieve that beauty. Thanks for this opportunity @ Aspire <3
  • Top fill, Skull hollowed out tank, RBA coil... there is nothing stoopping me from getting this besides their release of it
  • A suggestion why not just give each and every one of us one in this discussion it will be easier for Aspire fan rather than waiting in front of the comp for hours waiting for something to pop up in the screen. We will be delighted with the idea and we can share to the world how great the product will be. :D
  • Very nice promotion. I still dont get it when the giveaway starts but i will check here over and over again.
  • @Luki there is a countdown on our online store page, please pay attention to it,then you can be the first one to enter in this competition.
    Good luck to you.

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  • Can't wait to maybe get one and provide Aspire an amazing review on the Triton... I guess I'll see how my luck goes.. ;)
  • This is insane!!! Love the marketing for this product! I think I will end up in paying for one....
  • @Doitbestguy TRITON,TRITON,TRITON,Triton! Come on let's start chanting.
  • Why can't Aspire make a new Nautilus type tank that has more airflow options and top fill for people who don't want to take bong rips all day. I like to sub ohm and blow clouds like the rest, don't get me wrong. I've been Vaping for 2 years now and I still like my nautilus mouth to lung vape. I like the flavor and I like the fact that it doesn't kill a 30 mil bottle in a day. I like to vape both ways to be honest. Why can't Aspire create an all in one type tank like joytech has done with the ego one, but even better? That's what I would like to see. Aspire isn't blazing the trail anymore. Instead they are getting caught up in the crowd. Unless the coils for this Triton are going to be stainless steel or something new to be a game changer. I hope they do something about the spit back also. I love my Atlantis and Atlantis 2 but the spit back I could do without. A mouth to lung type option tank that improves on the nautilus, with a wide open air flow option for lung inhales, easy top fill without leaking, and new type coils that don't have a muted flavor and no more spit back. Now if the triton covers all of that I will be amazed. I doubt it but I will still buy the damn thing. I can't lie. Aspire has always put out a good product. I just would like to see great again I guess.
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    @Cbrannan I agree. I use a arctic tank at the moment but would love to switch back to aspire. The triton is what i was waiting for.
    However, i cant afford to buy a new setup every month, so i have to choose carefully. To bad i picked a arctic and the triton came to late.
    If i win a triton i switch back to aspire in a heartbeat. I still use my nautilus as i still think it was/is the best non subohm tank ever produced. I ordered 100 replacement coils from here hehe. My money goes into the coils for the best tank i own. Choosing a new tank only happens every 6-12 months.
    I also have a RDA but i get lazy and love to just replace the stock coils.
  • I think it will take time before they come out with accessories besides the sleeves for the Triton. As you mentioned a Mega Triton wouldn't be feasible for everyone. I would recommend for Aspire to come out with a 5-7ml replacement upgrade tank like they did for the original Atlantis. I think that would be a great add on down the road to hold more E-Juice. But I'll have to try the Triton as is before I could start suggestions accessories for the tank itself!! :-) Hopefully in my review, after I'm able to get my hands on the Triton.. ;)
  • @Tina Aight, sounds great!! Got my alarm set and hoping I'm one of the 1st 50 today. Thks ;)
  • I cant wait to try the Triton!
  • 7 hours and 30 minutes later,the first 50 pcs triton will giveaway.
  • @Tina

    Thanks for ousting the link for the RBA decks. I've already preordered 3 tanks but wasn't wanting to buy coils for them as the whole point, for me, was the RBA deck. So now I've got 3 of those coming. If you win one, do you get the deck too or just the regular tank and have to buy your own RBA deck?
  • Says it begins at noon EST....but the countdown says 1 hour 24 minutes...which would put it at 1PM EST....Get it together
  • @Tina @Luki I was wondering the same if it came with the RBA if you win a Triton or you have to buy the RBA. If I win one, I can't complain about having to buy an RBA, now can I. hehe :-/

    This like always, Matt
  • The entire site crashed, had it in my cart and went to to verify payment... Aspire website crashed, I guess they weren't expecting the Internet traffic. Need to talk with your IT Department before tomorrow, because it really turned into a game :-/
  • I WON, yay, but then nothing come of it. I went thru the whole paypal checkout and now over 30 minutes later there is no confirmation email from paypal, no email period and when I go to accout page there is no order history no nothing... I sure hope they get this sorted!
  • I had multiple time-outs on the page, but I'd added it to my cart, went through the payment process for postage ($17.54, not $26 - but that may be a difference in tax as I'm outside the US?)

    Several reloads later and having seen the site down for maintenance message a few times I finished the process.

    I have had confirmation from Aspire and from Paypal about the order; the two messages arrived 5 and 6 minutes after 12PM EST - IMPORTANT NOTE most of the US east coast is not currently on EST - it is DST for the summer - see

    The order is showing in my account history in the shop - and did immediately on completion of the order.

    To clarify instructions as already stated - this forum is NOT the place to try to get a Triton - go to and click the link when the timer is down (note it is currently showing NaN instead of a timer - maybe check later - those familiar with RRD tool may recognise that as meaning Not a Number - they probably need to reset it)
    The process today was that there was a zero cost item you could add to your cart and then go through the payment process - I guess the same may happen tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone for the remaining days.

    Thanks Aspire - I look forward to testing out the Triton :)
  • @Ph0t0man @Matt R You might want to check the copycat list. (a Chinese company) has been added. I surmise that if they added to their copycat list that they are not an authorized distributor. Which likely means they are selling cloned products. Buyer beware. I'd hate to see anyone spend their hard earned money on a subpar product and regret their purchase.
  • @BlackRose61
    Dear friend ,
    Don't worry ,you can pay attention to the activity on June 24th & 25th .
    The new countdown is working :
    Lucky with you ~
    Best Regards !
  • @J Cole stop spamming the forum if you cant read. It was explained how to win a Triton.

    @Tina Thx alot. You made my day. I never did win somthing. I hope i can get replacement coils bevor the ones with the tank die.
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    Woohoo, my order went through today - maybe the site is not as jammed as yesterday. :)
    Thanks Aspire - even with $27 shipping I am excited to try this new tank.
  • Got it baby! F#*% yeah!
  • Yaa, I finally got one today. Received my order # and paid the shipping. It was $25 yesterday when the website crashed and today it was $27.32. But it was free, and DHL is the fast shipping possible. Thank You very much Aspire, can't wait to try the new tank :D :))
  • UGH!!! I cant stand J Cole his stupid comment keeps going to the bottom of this forum! Don't be such a douche!
  • I'm really excited for this product. I have a nautilus, and although it performs admirably it falls far short of exceeding my expectations. The Triton's adjustable airflow looks like nothing I've ever vaped on and I'm stoked that there is going to be an optional RDA! This looks like a tank system that can produce dripper results & I can't wait to try one out myself!
  • @thegeodeman2005 Check your options on page 1 of this thread. If votes are selected his post will always be on the bottom. Use date posted.
  • Dear All friends,
    Thank you so much for taking part in our online store activity.
    Now the online store giveaway activity is ending.
    If you don't win a free triton,please don't worry.
    If you think that you are a good review,you can attend our "reviewer recruitment" activity here:

    This activity will open until June 29th.

    Good luck!
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