Ridding Aspire Atlantis v2 of taste

Hello, i just want to know the proper way of cleaning the whole unit.
What had happened was, my mod had autofired in the car, causing the juice to burn out as well the whole atlantis smelling and tasting burnt. Tried to boil and wash the whole thing but no use. I tried leaving the tank in soap over night and washing and drying but now it just tastes like soap and my juice. I cant rid the soapy smell or taste. I know what i did was stupid, now i just need to know how to fix everything.
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  • Soak in baking soda & water solution, then thoroughly wash with water. Put glass and metal parts in a crock pot on medium for about 6 hours with distilled water. Then buy new rubber gaskets from the parts selection. I wouldn't want to be Vaping soap residue personally. This has worked for myself but other users might have some other insight. Best of luck.. :D
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