No flavor in atlantis with new replacment coils

I recently purchased a 5 pack of these new replacment coils, and i am no longer getting any flavor out of my Aspire Atlantis. I have tried putting in another coil from the pack and still no flavor gets through. I get full flavor using the same Juice in other devices so its not "vapors tongue" as some have suggested, it has to be a problem with the new coils or perhaps the tank itself. Any advise on how i might be able to fix this problem?
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  • First usual question : are your coils genuine ? Did you check the code ?
  • @Cegoca Yes, i have checked the security code and they are genuine.
  • Put 5-6 drops of liquid inside the coil and let it soak in a full tank for a night.
    Else, try a complete cleaning of the tank.
  • for thr first like half a tank it will taste like crap but after the cotton taste is gone its great
  • @GrandMastaDong I have went through several tanks full now and still getting very little flavor, so i don't think that's the problem.
  • Resistance in ohms ? And at which Wattage ?
  • What device do you have the Atlantis mounted to? My suggestion is to lower the wattage. I have run into problems with higher power devices and more "Delicately" flavored liquids. It seems that at a higher wattage the flavor aspect "burns" off leaving a very bland tasting vape. I currently use my Atlantis tanks with the Aspire CF Sub Ohm batterys and have never had a problem. The flavor is always spot on. When using the same juices with an RDA at a higher wattage or higher voltage the taste just disappears and all I get is lots of tasteless vapor. Even if the RDA measures higher at say .85 ohm. More power is not nessessarily a good thing with certain juices. Also, I have found when I vape with the Atlantis direct to lung hits have more flavor if I use one of the two largest airflow settings on the tank. Hope this helps!
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