Precooking Juice

I was wondering....on an Atlantis, with 0.5 coil, using a CF sub ohm battery, does it reduce the life of the atomizer to consistently precook the juice for a second or two prior to taking a pull?

I look down down the used atomizer at the coils inside and see burnt my "precooking" causing this? Thank you in advance for all your help.
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  • @Guz Thank you for the detailed post, it really helps and it is sincerely appreciated.

    I've often wondered if consuming "X" amount of juice with soft pulls vs consuming the same "X" amount of juice with hard pulls would shorten the length of the atomizer. It makes sense that it does.

    If two exact vehicles with exact same amount of gasoline are put on a track and one is driven at 50mph and the other at 100 mph, the slower car will travel a longer distance on the same amount of gasoline. Do you think hard pulls would consume the juice more, as a vehicle does with gasoline when driven at higher speeds?

    I've had those same "funny" coils before and I've even had a bad trash bag too, you're right buddy, they're just consumables and sometime ya get a bad one. Thanks again.
  • Yes, 'pre-cooking' will lessen the life of the coil. You end up getting a layer of caramelized juice by doing this. Also this technique can tend to lead to "spitting" of juice into your mouth.

    It is best to pull and fire the battery at the same time.
  • @Guz Thank you for the tip, I have noticed caramelized juice and spitting as I know why. Very cool, I appreciate it.

    I've scanned message boards looking for how long an atomizer should last. It's always listed in "time" as the unit of measurement, though I find this a flawed response. I think it should be listed as the "amount" of juice consumed as the unit of measurement. One person may vape a lot more or a lot less than the next guy.

    Would you think an atomizers life should be able to handle 30ml of juice? 60ml? Thank you

  • GuzGuz
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    There are to many variables in vaping to put a set amount of juice that an atomizer can handle. The PG/VG ratios, the sugar content of the juice, how long of draw a person takes, sipping vs. hard pulls, wattage/voltage settings, the resistance of the coil (0.3 - 1.8 ohm), etc.

    I used to vape a flavor that I would be lucky to 15ml of juice out of one coil. But another flavor I could easily consume 60ml and then some with one coil all at the same settings. So even the 'time' unit isn't an exact unit of measurement. Everything is relative ;)

    I used to scratch my head and try to copy other people when they said they got X amount time of ml out of a coil, especially when I wasn't. But now, I just accept that it is what it is for coil life, and that coils are "consumable" items with no set life to them. I've even accepted that every blue moon I get a coil that just doesn't work, or just doesn't taste right. The dead coils I just toss. The 'funny' coils, I use them for awhile and if they don't improve I toss. That is just the way of mass produced items now. Statistically our of so many items made, you will get one that just isn't right, no matter how hard the manufacturer tries to avoid it.

    I perfect example for me was the other day, I pulled a new trash bag off of a roll, and it wasn't sealed at the bottom (just a big hoop of plastic). Not much I could do about it, except toss it and get a new one. Stuff happens.
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