order 201417682?

I have not yet received my order. Is there an estimated timeline for delivery? Is there a refund process if I do not receive the parcel, as the main reason reason I bought it online was a special deal, I could spend a bit more and just pick up the parts from a local seller that carries Aspire.
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    Dear friend ,
    I checked the order ,this is the tracking information :
    2015-06-10 10:49
    HARRISBURG, PA 17109, Delivered, In/At Mailbox, Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 10:49 am on June 10, 2015 in HARRISBURG, PA 17109.
    2015-06-10 08:58
    HARRISBURG, PA 17112, Out for Delivery
    2015-06-10 08:48
    HARRISBURG, PA 17112, Sorting Complete

    What is wrong ? Did you get the goods ?
    Would you please find it around the shipping address ?

    Have a nice day !

    Best Regards !
  • Received, a neighbor got it by mistake. There is a problem though.

    Hooking up the Atlantis v2 to the ESP 30w results in a constant error message, "Check atomizer".

    I have tried two separate coils, tightening and loosening the fit, changing the voltage... nothing works. I can take a video of the defect if needed. Is this a known issue that can be repaired
  • What are the ohm values of the coils you used ?
    You changed the voltage on an ESP ? You mean the Wattage, no ?
    Have you tried the Atlantis on another battery and the ESP with another atomizer ?
  • Dear friend ,
    I sent the email to you .
    Don't worry ,I will help you .
    My email :demi@aspirecig.com .
    Please keep in touch by email .

    Sweet Time !

    Best Regards !
  • @JosephG would you please take a clear video to show your problem to our online store support:online@aspirecig.com
    she will checks with our engineer.
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    I do not have another battery or atomizer to test, only other setup I have is a Vision Spinner with Aspire ET-S clearomizer. I have tried both coils that were included with the product, and one from my vape shop. Coils tested- 0.5 ohm(20-30w), 0.3 ohm(70-80w).

    Display always shows 9.9 ohms, 0.0V.

  • @JosephG Would you please send the video to our online store support by email:online@aspirecig.com
    For internal storage of our website is limited,the video is so large(I am sorry that here i need delete your video)
    Please send the video to our online store support by email,thank you in advance.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • According to the shop, the ESP 30W battery is broken, the tank is functional. Tank works on other batteries, battery failed on all other tanks.
    Is a replacement possible?
  • Dear friend ,
    Thanks for the information .
    I will give you a way to solve the case in our rule .
    Don't worry ,we love every customer from Aspire .
    Please keep in touch by email .
    Nice days !

    Best Regards !
  • Okay, sent the same info by e-mail reply. Hopefully things get sorted out.
  • Replacement received, working fine so far. Thanks for the excellent service.
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