Nautilus Mini

Hello there everyone, I have one of these said tanks being used on an Istick and I am having terrible problems with burnt taste , strong tingling on back of throat and a most unplesent experience. I have tried numerous brands of liquids and several coils with no difference.

I am at a loss as to what to do, as I dont want to give up on aspire just yet.
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  • What istick do you use, the 20W ?
    At what Wattage do you vape ?
    What coil resistance do you use ?
  • I have an I stick 30w , It is a 2.0 Ohm coil aspire BVC which fits into the mini. I can not go any higher than 8 watts before the burn gets really bad. In order to stop the burning I have to vape at 7 watts 7.5 at a real push but then I get hardly any vape.

    It seems I have a toss up between no vape but no burn , or some vape and really horrid burn.
  • Have you tried with another battery model or brand ?
    What clearomizer do you use ? Nautilus Mini ?
  • Yes a Nautilus mini, and no there is nothing wrong with the battery.
    I have also tried the deep cleaning and IPA cleaning with no avail
  • I doubt your coils a genuine as Aspire only has 1.6 and 1.8 bvc coils for the Nautilus, no 2.0.
    Did you check the scratch code on the coil box ?
    Where did you buy them ?
  • They are genuine they came in the genuine box that came with my tank, It says 2.0 on the display but sorry they are 1.8 I checked the box
  • You didn't check the scratch code ?
  • When you change your coil, you must prime it (shut the airhole and take a few puffs without firing) then let it sit for a while (15 min.).
    Then start firing at a low wattage that you will gradually increase.
    I personally use my Nautilus at 12-13 Watts.

    Even if your istick is working fine to you, try your mini with another battery brand, just to be sure.

    If you bought your mini in a shop, show them your problem.
  • I did prime it, I put a few drops directly onto cotton also, and I let it sit over night, I usually start at a really low wattage. I guess only thing I can do is try another coil if that does not work dont know what I am going to do as I seem to be throwing money away at the moment
  • I never had any coil problems with the 10 Nautilus+mini I own, so I suggest you keep trying with another coil.
    Bad batch perhaps ?
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