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I was told that I could only use 80/20 with my mini tank. But I have no idea what that means and it says nothing like that on my juice bottles. Is there only certain juices that I can use with it? I am new to vape and I appreciate your help.
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  • You also need to look at the fine print. The majority of the juices are labeled PG/VG which means they list the PG first, then VG second. BUT... some manufactures will reverse it with VG/PG (the VG value first, then PG). There isn't a standard, yet.

    So look carefully, and when in doubt, ask ;)
  • On the Atlantis Coils, I've used three main miss with no problems: 50/50, 20PG/80VG, and Max VG which is 5/95 or 10/90 depending how I mix it. But my goto mix for all my Atlantis V1, & V2 Coils is either 50PG/50VG or 20PG/80VG. Also depending on the color of the juice dark & sweet / dessert juices tend to gum up your coils a lot quicker (some companies rate there juices from 1-5, with 1 being clear or almost clear after steeping & 5 being a really dark juice). Personally I stay away from very dark juice, with about 3 being the highest I'll go. Best of luck..
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    It is the PG/VG ratio of your juice.
    The PG (Propylene Glycol) gives you the hit and the taste, the VG (Vegetable Glycerine) will give you the clouds.
    The more VG, the thicker it will be and the more it will make your coil dirty.
    With the Nautilus mini (if that is your tank), you can easily go to a 50/50 ratio and even 100% VG.
    What juice do you use ?
    Look closer at your juice bottle, it should mention either 80/20, 70/30, 50/50, ... or even 100%VG.
  • I would not use 100% VG on a Mini Tank.....come on guys the juice flow holes are too small for the cotton to keep up on a thicker juice. I would stick to 50/50 or even 60 PG 40 VG.
  • I have never had any problems with my 50/50 juices on any Aspire coil. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :>
  • what battery are you using?
  • I've only used high VG juice on the sub ohm coils; but with the 1.6 ohm coils on my nautilus I've used the following ratios (all figures are PG/VG):
  • With the newer cotton wicking on the Nautilus/Mini (with larger holes), and Atlantis style coils, I personally have found that you can use a higher VG ratio than previous and not have as much as an issue as before. Which is a good thing, because there are a lot juice manufactures that like to use the higher VG ratios.

    For 'grins and giggles' I tried a 30/70 PG/VG juice in the new Nautilus style coils, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it handled it, compared to the older versions. Wasn't perfect, but the older coils just couldn't handle that ratio at all.

    Now for the Atlantis style of coils, I am constantly using 20/80 (PG/VG) juices without any issue what-so-ever. Even chain vaping.
  • With an Aspire K4 with Cleito sub-ohm, is it safe to run a Max VG like 5/95?
  • @Casper We don't suggest use Max VG with Cleito tank
  • what battery are you using?
  • I am using Multiple flavors but i recommended light ones to my friends because it doesn't makes you sleepy and coughing and much adjustable for new users
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