Bad response

I do respect aspire as a product and a value but, I'm facing many issues when contacting support.

First live chat nobody respond and wait forever, secondly, if you send email using contact us nobody respond, finally, If you replied to the online@aspire email no body respond.

May you just show me one way to contact aspire and somebody do care to respond?

I'm sorry for my language but really fed up, please advise.
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    Dear customer,
    Sorry for the trouble .
    I checked your order ,and sent an email to you .
    Any questions ,pls let me know .
    I will help you .
    My email .( I didn't receive the questions from

    Have a nice day !

    Best Regards !
  • I received your email, and replied for your kind action.
  • Dear friend ,
    I received and answered the email .
    The transporting company will solve the trouble .
    And I will tell you the charge late after I got the news from DHL .
    Don't worry ,Everything will be OK .

    Sweet Time .

    Best Regards !
  • I confirmed the address and replied.

    Many many many thanks for your professional cooperation.
  • Friend,

    Any updates?
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    Dear friend ,
    How are you ?
    I got the reply just now ,DHL changed the shipping address successfully .
    So the order will be shipped to Canada
    And I told you the charge by email .
    Pls note :The new tracking No. will be updated tomorrow ,and you can get it by email .

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me again .

    Nice days !

    Best Regards !
  • Friend,

    As per your request payment sent. Transaction ID sent to you by email.

    Many thanks.
  • Friend,

    Any updates? Kindly note that the lady will leave Canada on 20th jun. plz try to expedite it asap. We need to avoid another change to the package.
  • Dear friend ,
    Please kindly wait for some time .
    I didn't get the new tracking No. from DHL until now .
    But don't worry ,you can receive the goods in time .
    Usually DHL takes 4-6 workdays .
    Your package is transporting on the way ,although we can't check it .

    Smile and Happiness !

    Best Regards !
  • Hello friend ,
    Really sorry for your time .
    I got the new tracking No. just now .You can check it here :
    Tracking number : 2023590391
    Check website:
    Everything is OK ,the order will be shipped to the new address in Canada .
    You wouldn't miss it .
    Any questions ,pls contact me again .

    Happy ~~~

    Best Regards !
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