Should you remove your tank from your mod box before charging?

This might be a stupid question (I'm kind of a newbie at this.)
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  • Hello,welcome to aspire forum.
    So interesting question.
    What kind of mod did you have?
    If you bought our ESP battery,we can use it while charging,so we don't need remove the tank from it.
    But for other aspire batteries,we need remove the tank from the batteries,then screw the USB charger on the battery to charge.
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    @Tina It's actually my tank that's Aspire (Atlantis 2); my mod is from a different manufacturer (DNA 30). This is more of a question about setups in general, not so much one that's specific to Aspire equipment, but I figured someone here would probably know. :)
  • you can check with the manufacturer if this battery can be used while charging?
    What's more,you can read the manual of this battery for the details.
    Hope someone here can help you out! :D
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