Can i use the Aspire Atlantis v2 on the Aspire Sub-ohm battery?

is this a thing? i used to own the Atlantis 1 with that battery but decided to upgrade. it does get really hot which is why im so curious
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  • What resistance do you use ?
    You must put the 0.5 one, not the others (0.3 and 1.0) to use with the CF Subohm.
  • i use the classic coils usually so the 0.5 resistance, however when i bought the tank it came with a larger coil which is 0.3 what im using now
  • Forget the 0.3 coil, it must run at 70 to 80 Watts, far of what your battery can give.
    Keep on the 0.5 coil.
  • @haydar1994 there are two ohm coils inside the Atlantis 2 tank,0.3 ohm(pre-installed) and 0.5 ohm(as a extra replacement coil)
    You can use the Atlantis 2 with the 0.5 ohm coil on the CF subohm battery.
    In order to get better vapor,for the CF subohm battery,we suggest:0.5-0.8ohm coil.
  • Hi Tina,

    When pairing a tank with a battery.....for the Atlantis 2 would the ESP 30W be a better battery choice than the CF sub Ω? And for that matter, is it better match for the Atlantis 1 as well? In terms of vape production that is, using a 0.5 coil.

    I purchased the platinum kit a month ago and I'm thinking of upgrading and having a spare battery and tank that interchanges nicely with one another just in case one I damage one or the other.

    I love the aspire line and want to stay in the same family! Thank you in advance for all your help :)>-
  • @WVVermin
    there are two ohm coils inside the Atlantis 2 tank,0.3 ohm(pre-installed) and 0.5 ohm(as a extra replacement coil).
    You can use the Atlantis 2 with the 0.5 ohm coil on the ESP or the CF Subohm battery .Both are compatible.
    If you want to use the Atlantis 2 with the 0.3 ohm coil,i am sorry that both battery are not compatible.
    For the ESP battery,it is a wattage adjustable battery from 5W-30W,users can use nautilus or nautilus mini or Atlantis or Atlantis 2 with the 0.5 ohm coil on this battery.
    For the CF subohm battery,it is not a wattage a adjustable battery,users can use the Atlantis or Atlantis 2 with 0.5 ohm coil on this battery,it is not compatible with our nautilus or nautilus mini tank.
  • Thanks again Tina, it's nice to know that the Atlantis and Atlantis 2 and the CF sub Ω and the ESP 30W are all interchangeable and mix and match with the 0.5 coil, it simplifies things for me when planning long trips. :D

    I'd have to think that the Atlantis 2 is a better tank than it's predecessor, but which of the two batteries do you think would produce the thickest vape? They are pretty similar in price.

    I've done a bit of research but I can't seem to put a finger on what the wattage is that the CF sub Ω puts out. I know it's 40 amps but still can't seem to get my head around it. As you stated before the 0.5 coil need 20-30 watts so I'd have to assume the CF sub Ω is putting at least 20 watts out?

    Thanks again for your help Tina, you rock! =D>
  • @WVVermin generally speaking,low ohm coil means high wattage,more thick vapor,this is why engineers make different ohm coils for customers.
    If you use the same ohm coil(0.5ohm) on Atlantis or Atlantis 2,i think the vape amount is nearly the same .
    Maybe the Atlantis 2 performs better than Atlantis 1,because the adjustable airflow system is upgraded version.More airflow.
    But for Atlantis 2.there is a adjustable cooling system on the top of the upper hardware,which you can adjust the temperature of vapor by rotating the value to control access of external cool air .
    For the CF subohm battery ,it is not a wattage adjustable battery,the output wattage will change according to different ohm coil.The output wattage is 17W-35W
  • Very cool Tina, thank you. We've basically taken over this thread so just 2 more quick questions and I'll stop, hahahaha!

    With the CF sub Ω fully charged, putting out 4.2 volts, using a 0.5 coil...what would you think the wattage would be?

    And will the ESP 30W take dual voltage input for charging (110v / 220v) through it's micro USB charging cable?

    Thank you again :D
  • @WVVermin once fully charged the floating voltage is 4.2 V,but if we put a tank on the battery,the voltage will drop automatically,the load voltage maybe 3.7-3.9V,if we use 0.5 ohm coil,the wattage maybe 27W-30W
    While using,the load voltage will still dropping,so the wattage will also reduce.
    For the last question,I think that different country has different standard,in China,the output voltage of our socket is 220V.After check with our engineer,both are fine,but if users want to plug the supplied USB charger to wall adaptor to charge the battery,please make sure the output wattage of the output voltage of the wall adaptor can reach to 5V.
  • Sweetness! I see a new ESP 30W and an Atlantis 2 in my future ;)
  • @WVVermin You are welcome!
  • I have an Aspire CF VV battery (not CF+, not Sub-Ohm). Is this battery compatible with the Atlantis 2? How about the Atlantis 1? And should I use the Atlantis V2 or V1 replacement coils? I use the K1 clearomizer now, but it's not doing the job for my 70VG/30PG juice. I vape with Teleos - Crunch (and sometimes The Milk (also Teleos)) juice. And I vape a lot - about 30ml bottle every 5-7 days. Before I invest too much money buying the wrong things, what is the best setup you recommend for me? Also, the Teleos website does recommend the Aspire Atlantis with their Crunch juice. Which is great - my favorite e-juice with my favorite brand of hardware! Please advise...
  • @JoeyV701 Unfortunately not, the Aspire CF VV Battery wouldn't be compatible with the Atlantis V1 or Atlantis V2. If your looking for a compatible battery for an Atlantis Series Tanks (V1, V2, & Mega) the following will work: CF Sub Ohm Battery, CF Mod Battery (but would have to purchase an 18650 battery), CF Maxx 50W Battery (which pairs nicely will the Atlantis Mega or is made for the Atlantis Mega), ESP 30 Watt, and the new Aspire Pegasus. If your going to be sub ohm vaping be prepared to use a lot more E-Liquid (personally I use 5ml-10ml when I'm vaping daily with a low Nic 6mg). If your just getting into sub ohm vaping, I would recommend a Kit from Aspire. I started sub ohm vaping with the Platinum Kit (Atlantis V1, CF Sub Ohm Battery, battery charger, scabbard, 5 pack of 0.5Ω coils), then you have the Elite Kit and there newest Odyssey Kit (which you could grow into and would say that's your best option). It just depends what your looking for, if your a mouth to lung or want to direct lung vape. There's another thread, that I will put the link if I come across it this morning. Best of luck and vape on.. B-)
  • I didn't read all the other replies, but here's my experience:
    I own a CF MOD (almost identical to the CF Sub-Ohm, just with removable battery),
    and I have successfully used the Atlantis V2 Coils in both flavors - 0.5 as well as 0.3 ohms..
    The 0.5 certainly fires much easier and quicker, but the 0.3 DOES fire, almost immediately.
    You get much bigger clouds, and a bit warmer vape.
    And although its more "sluggish" to go balls-out firing off like the 0.5 ohm, it DOES fire, and does its job.
    In fact, all I buy now is the 0.3 ohm V2 coils..
    Bare in mind that my CF MOD supposedly only fires down to 0.5 @ 30w, as does your SubbOhm i believe.
    But sure enough, it fires those 0.3 ohm coils and puts a smile on my face.

    The one downside I will say though, when using the 0.3 coils - make sure the battery is near full charge.
    If you dont have a solid 2 lights out of the 3 on a charger like mine, it seems to fire much weaker (eg: <66%)

    As far as safety firing these 0.3 coils in a device setup like ours (CF MOD or SUBOHM with Atlantis) I have no idea.
    But for me, I simply follow Ohms Law against my batterys specs and it all seems to check out ok.

    Just sharing my personal experience with a similar device. Not claiming im a genius.

    PS. Just glanced at some of the posts above, and yes, a more powerful/suitable device would be much more appropriate, but with what youve got, ive put in my 2 cents. Ive got my Odyssey Kit on the way soon hopefully so no more worries soon. If it ever ships..
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