Aspire Nautilus Mini and 100% VG Juice Info

FWIW, I have a Nautilus Mini and have been using Virgin Vapor 100% VG juices in my tanks (I have 2 Nautilus tanks + several "other" tanks) with no problems.

I have seen other threads here where folks say not to use 100% VG juice in their Nautilus or the coils will burn up quickly and I just want to point out that is all depends on the company that makes the juice. Coils may burn out with other 'thick' 100% VG juices however that has not been my experience with Virgin Vapor or Ben Jonson's eJuices 60/40 VG/PG.

I run my Nautilus on a Sigelei 30 Watt Mini between 7.5 - 12 watts and coils are lasting me a minimum of 3 weeks. No power vaping and no cloud chasing. I vape like I used to smoke analogs.

I hope I am not violating any rules by mentioning "brands" of eJuices here or the brand of mod I am using. I did not specifically see any rules against it.

I am in no way trying to start any arguments or anything. I am merely trying to point out and pass along some good info (suggestion).

I would also like to read other peoples experiences with juices and the ratios that you are using with your Nautilus as well.

Thanks, BES
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  • @Tina

    Thank you for your welcoming response + comments.

    I wasn't asking why Aspire does or does not suggest 100% VG juice nor was I posting about using thick juices. As you know not all 100% VG juices are thick in viscosity.

    I am informing that the Nautilus is very able and capable of vaping 100% VG juice + I added a couple of juice vendors whose juices are very compatible with the Nautilus tank and coil system. Plus, advantageously, providing long coil life.

    Naturally each person needs to do some research into juice vendors and asking questions of the vendor and/or the vaping community (forum here plus also other well known vaping forums). Most quality juice vendors, if asked, will share their experiences with what tanks work best with their juice (as they would know what works best with their juice). One only has to ask.

    Again to be very clear, I am sharing my experience with the Nautilus, its coil and thinner viscosity 100% VG juice with Aspire and other Nautilus owners. I would think that Aspire would be happy to know that 100% VG juice performs excellently with their tank systems.

    I am very happy with all the Aspire products I own. I have 2 Nautilus Mini's, 1 large Nautilus 5ml, 1 Atlantis Mega and 4 Aspire ET-S pryex tanks. I also own other vendor tanks. The Aspire line of tanks and coils are wonderful products which I regularly recommend.

    Each of the Aspire tanks I own I am very able to vape 100% VG juice, see the 2 juice vendors I posted, and I get excellent life with each of the Aspire coils. I am in no way affiliated with or advertising for those juice vendors (again only sharing quality info that may or may not be helpful to others). It's just info - kind of like - take it or leave it and/or do with it what you will. As you know each person who vapes launches into a world of discovery of what works best for them.

    BTW, with the Aspire tanks + coils I mentioned, "soaking up juice, burnt taste, leaking tank or spitting" I do not experience any of those problems with the juice I use.

    Yes, I totally agree with you, and I believe I make the point that one must use quality juice to obtain full flavor + longevity of coil life with any tank system.

    I do hope that more clearly states my experience with your Aspire tank systems.

    I've been vaping for several years and have accumulated much knowledge along the way. Aspire, initially it was one of your products that helped get me off of analogs.

    Sorry for the long post but I did want to make myself better understood.
  • I often use 50/50 liquids on my Nautilus, I think it's a good compromise.
  • Dear BigEmpty,
    Welcome to aspire forum.
    Why we don't suggest thick e-juice for the nautilus or nautilus mini coil,for the e-juice soaking holes on the coil are not very big.It is difficult for the coil soak up e-juice,then burn taste,leaking ,spitting problem will happen.
    If customers want to use thick e-juice,we suggest them to try our Atlantis or Atlantis 2 or Atlantis mega,for the e-juice soaking holes are more large than the coils for the nautilus or nautilus mini.
    "I have seen other threads here where folks say not to use 100% VG juice in their Nautilus or the coils will burn up quickly and I just want to point out that is all depends on the company that makes the juice."I agree with this point,the quality of the e-juice may affect the flavor ,it also affect the life of the coils.

  • @BigEmpty Thank you for sharing your using experience with us.
    You are so kind.
    We hope more and more users like you to share their kind ideas or using experiences here.
  • One reason that some "0/100" (PG/VG) juices work well, is that they actually have PG in them. The essential flavors from the source use PG as a carrier, but the juice maker only adds VG (hence their advertising of 0/100 PG/VG).

    There are some juice makers that make sure that the essential flavors are alcohol based with no PG in them what-so-ever. These juices are really for those who have PG sensitivity. The problem with these juices is that will separate easily (you end up with layers of flavors and VG in the bottle) and you have to heat steep and shake them vigorously prior to filling. Now these end up being REALLY thick juices, which may not work well with replaceable atomizers.
  • I am just learning about VG/PG, MODS, coil sizes etc. I started using an e-cig two years ago to quit smoking and just used the basic tanks and small batteries. I have recently upgraded to a Nautilus and use a minivolt 40w for power. I went on the recommendation of a friend and got the 1.6ohm coils and 60/40 juice. When I was using the 1.8ohm coils that came with my Nautilus they lasted about a week each. The 1.6ohm coils only last 2-3 days if I'm lucky before they start drying out after only a couple drags on it. I can take 2 draws on it and it is fine then it seems as though it didn't get any juice in the coil. I have to mess with it to get it to work right again. This is very frustrating and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I only run the minivolt between 11.5-13.5w, no power draws, just standard vaping. What I'm reading from this post is that the juice I use may be to thick, is 80/20 better to use?
    Any suggestions would be great!
  • @CarmelMpls The 1.6Ω coils for the Nautilus are only rated for 5-7W. This is why you are getting dry hits at 11.5-13.5W.

    I've attached an image showing the coils that will work with the Nautilus. In my opinion the best is the Clapton.
    Coils NautilusTriton mini.jpg
    800 x 600 - 152K
  • Holy crap wow! I had no idea. I just went with what someone told me. Thank you so much for your response! How much use do you get out of these coils?
  • My wife gets more than a week with 30%VG liquids. I use the larger Triton as my goto tank.
  • Ok thanks, great info!!
  • I make DIY juice and never had an issue with max VG juice, even at power ratings higher than rated by Aspire. But I don't generally chain vape, so you have to take into account your vaping style. VG is ALWAYS thick at room temp, and if yours is thin then it is not 100% VG, or it is a bit warmer than room temp. Having said that, I can see bubbles form from the coil about 10 seconds after hitting the mod. So if you are waitning 10 seconds between puffs you should be ok.

    @CarmelMpls you have gotten very good advice from @Old_Salt . The 1.6 coils never worked for me, but the 1.8 coils are great. The 1.8 Claptons are hands down the best MTL coils ever made in my opinion.
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