Atlantis 1 5ml version, spare parts ?

Does Aspire sell the pyrex glass alone as an accessory ?
(so without the matching upper hardware).

I don't see that on the website.
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  • Did you mean the pyrex glass replacement for the 5 ml version?
    If yes,I am sorry that we only have the 5 ml replacement tank for sale,we don't sell the 5ml pyrex glass alone as an accessory :(
  • Perhaps it should be available as all other pyrex are, don't you agree ?
    I know people who broke theirs and they are just desperate not finding any spare.
    Any Aspire dealer where it can be found ?
  • @Cegoca I agree with you.
    I will pass your suggestion to our products development department.
    Any Aspire dealer where it can be found ?Did you want to know any dealer who sell this part?
    If yes,I am sorry that I can not answer this question. :((
  • If there was any possible way to change this tank to plexiglass, I think it would be beneficial. I broke mine today (still had the spare that came with the tank, thank goodness!) I understand the use of pyrex, but it is really awful to change out if broken, pyrex crumbles easily and breaks into tiny bits during removal, it is pretty dangerous. Ultimately I resorted to finding a tool to bend the tines inward to release the broken portion. Also, if the glass cannot be ordered standalone, that is really disheartening. It would force me to reconsider continuing to use aspire products... although I LOVE my simple CF mod and my atlantis, having to buy a $35 tank just because the glass is unavailable is a deal breaker.
  • Puppeteer said:

    If there was any possible way to change this tank to plexiglass.

    The problem with plastic tanks, is that they react with certain flavored juices (i.e. melt).

    The best solution is to use a hollowed out tank (a tank with a metal outer that has been cut with various designs, with a glass inside). They tend to handle abuse much more, and preventing the glass from breaking. But they are NOT fool proof. You can still break the glass under certain situations.

  • I would say, for the 5ml is the real subject here :
    Either a replacement pyrex 5ml glass or
    An hollowed sleeve tank 5 ml large as well of course.
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