The Guess game---what aspire new product would be?(Giveaway)

Can you guess what new Aspire Product our mad scientists are creating?
We want to know exactly what you think it will be. A new temperature control mini box mod? A new subohm tank? The day we release our next product we will choose five of you who have guessed correctly and these five lucky individuals will receive a prize from Aspire.

Know more details ,please click
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  • An Atlantis 2 replacement tank with a hollowed out sleeve! I wouldn't say it's a big " mad scientist creation" but that's a product that would make me happy :)
  • An RBA would be super legit... I love my Atlantis 2, but I go through coils faster than I'd like. I've been considering picking up a Kanger SubTank just for the RBA, but I love the air flow of my Atlantis 2. RBA! RBA! RBA!
  • @HurlinHooters welcome to aspire forum!
    I will talk to aspire products development department everyday about RBA! RBA! RBA! RBA! RBA! RBA!..........
  • A rta/rba i think it would be nice with the quality aspire has.I think it would be great!
  • @Tina I would love to see a Sub-Ohm Tank with the option of a RBA device/deck & option to use the premade OCC Coils on a Temp Controlled Mini Box Mod? I'm hoping this is what the mad scientists are creating for us Aspire Fans. It would be amazing to be guessing correctly, so I could be one of the lucky Aspire :)>-

    An Atlantis V2 upgraded size replacement tank(5ml or 6 ml) accessory is hopefully in the works down the road or in the near future.. (Just a sidenote) Thanks Like Always for keeping us upto date on the release of new products!! @Tina
  • @Southy321 may be or may be not,now only the mad scientists from aspire know the answer.
    But it doesn't matter,we will get the answer within three days. :))
  • Just be aware that the mega is ... 30mm large, won't fit any box but the CF Maxx is perfect :x

    Maxx et Méga B.jpg
    1536 x 2048 - 278K
  • My answer :smiley: Temperature control mod with 70-80 watts go with Atlantis temperature control coils
  • Temperature control mod mod i think
  • @Jasonvape Maybe or maybe not
    We also play this game at office,I guess that they will go to release a RDA deck,for there are so many users giving their suggestion.
  • Refundable deck, or a Pipe.

    Sorry but that is two guesses, but that's what I'm going with ;)
  • An easy refillable tank that has a threaded drip tip and allows you to refill the tank from the top of the tank.
  • @SorpioTiger top filling is a cool suggestion. =D>
  • @Qdaddy1738 Also a cool suggestion,I make a phone call with our products development department about his suggestion.
  • @Tina O.K atleast it's only three more days... hmmm what to do in the meantime, Vape on my new Aspire Atlantis 2, Just came in the mail Saturday. Loving every bit of it, so something new to add to the Aspire collection would be great. :-SS
  • @Southy321 If you want something new and with big capacity, just try the Atlantis Mega with (or without) the CF Maxx.
    It's so large you can directly pour your liquid in it without needing any pipette or else ;)
  • @Cegoca Good looking out, that's going to be my next purchases, depending what they come out with next. I'm using the 5ml on my Atlantis with the Sub Ohm Battery and using the Atlantis V2 on a Box mod. They didn't have the Elite Kit, when I purchased my Platinum Kit. Thanks for the info, the Mega is going to be my next purchases but with the upgrades I got now I'm only having to fill my Tanks twice a day max, before I was Atlantis like 5x a day.. Good Looking Through ;)
  • @Cegoca Nice Setup, that's going to be my next purchase just waiting for them to make a Scabbard for it. Also the 30mm info helps because I was getting conflicting sizes about it either being 25mm or 30mm. So you answer that question for me. Might have to buy it sooner than I was planning, looks like my Platinum Kit setup but better. You using the .5 Ohm Coils? :x
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    I use the 1,0 Ohm coils on the Mega and CF Maxx, at 45 Watts.

  • And the winners are?
  • A Nautilus 2 would be fine, with a 10ml tank, easy refill from above and a new airflow control, so drilling up any holes would be the past :)
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