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It's been 2 months since we released our 18650 battery, which features a high discharge amperage (40 Amps). Some users like the performance of this battery and some think it doesn’t quite add up. So what is your opinion? How do you think our 18650 batteries perform in comparison to other 18650 batteries on the market? We will greatly appreciate it if you’d share your true and unbiased opinions with us on the new battery. Positive or negative, just be honest. This will help us to improve our products and better meet your vaping needs.
To show our gratitude we will select some of the most informative and well thought out reviews, be the pro or con. The authors of the chosen review will receive a gift from us here at Aspire. So tell us what you think!
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  • This powerful battery supplys intense power to atomizers, enusuring people who vape always enjoy a great vaping experience . This battery from aspire is one of the best so far in terms of protection and features, being able to supply enough power to all types of atomizers and device from overcharging or overdischarging .

    Aspire’s 18650 battery leads the pack with an internal resistance of 11.1 mΩ, 1532 mAh when discharged with 40A and 1703 mAh when discharged with 1A. This means the battery lasts much longer and is more resistant to short circuits.

    It goes great with the CF Mod. In addition to its outstanding design and versatility, this device protects the battery of the electronic cigarette and extends its life. The built-in microchip will automatically turn off battery charging when the battery is either overcharging or overdischarging. Also, if the heating coils are short-circuited or the charger is short-circuited, the battery will default to sleep mode.

    The Aspire 18650 battery is truly exceptional and has a much longer lifespan than any other 18650 battery available. Users that buy these batteries can truly enjoy a flawless vaping experience.

    Thanks Aspire!
  • Would Love To do a Review But Here In The UK Finding it hard to purchase the battery as Dealers Brick n Mortar shops Dont Yet Still Have Them In The UK
  • If it is not convenience of you to buy our products directly from us,you can buy them from our authorized distributors in UK
    UK Ecig Vendor Limited or ASPIRECIG LIMITED UK
  • @Tina
    Thanks for reply but again here i followed your link recommendation they are not in stock and no Price is listed either

  • you are contact UK Ecig Vendor Limited:https://ukecigstore.com/aspire-18650-battery.html?___SID=U
    After checking with our sale who deals with the order from this distributor,we just shipped 200pcs to this distributor.
    You can check contact UK Ecig Vendor Limited
  • Very high standard batteries sets the bench mark for ecig batteries last long work well built to last would like to see them without the yellow though but who cares about that really
  • a full black 18650 battery?
    I thought that the color on the battery is orange not yellow ;)
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