Teeth sensitivity while vaping?

I've been vaping for a while, and recently I have gotten some pretty weird sensitivity with my front lower teeth while vaping. I thought it could have been some other factors, but 1 of my juices creates some intense sensitivity on my front lower teeth after one pull. After some time other juices do the same now. Most of my daily's are fruit flavors and I have never had anything like this happen before.
Any one else have this issue?
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  • Could also have nothing to do with eliquid and just that your teeth are losing enamel or gums are receding for reasons unrelated to vaping. As we get older, things change. Every minute that goes by, we are older than the last. Death and decay happen every second of every day.
  • Hello,kraken,
    The sweet/sugar content inside the e-juice may be the problem.

  • @Cupcake Thank you,I will have a try.
  • Kraken....try Sensodyne toothpaste to see if that helps, (it works for me) otherwise lose the offending ejuice!
  • Ive been vaping for a year and a half & as of yesterday i have been having extreme sensitivity in my gums. It was dull throughout the day today but I just used my vape & the severe pain & throbbing started again. I have recently started using the Chubba bubble grape & I guess I will change the flavor to see if that helps. All of the vape liquid I use is fruity & 70/30. It may be time for me to stop vaping permanently. I wasn't planning on vaping as long as I have & I definitely won't go back to cigarettes. My teeth are otherwise fine. I've been to the dentist already.
  • For how long have you been smoking cigs before switching over to vaping ?
    What setup do you use (mod and ato) and what are your mods settings ?

    Already start to drink one or two cups of green tea per day for a week, it will make your gums feel better (worked for me).
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