Best tank for Aspire CF Mod

Hello Aspire and experienced Aspire users :)
I want a tank @ 22mm for the Aspire cf Mod. Any suggestions? I dont need to sub ohm, so the Atlantis is out of the question. How about the biggest Nautilus? Ore even better, an rba or a rta? (Why don`t you make them Aspire?) Would that do the work? And what about the Aspire 18650 battery? I assumme that 1800 maH is too little?

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  • Hello,norwegianvaper,
    both aspire CF mod and 18650 battery are designed for sub ohm.
    For the CF mod,it is compatible with 0.3-1.0 ohm coil,in order to get better vapor,we suggest 0.5-0.8 ohm coil coil.
    If you don't need to sub ohm coil,here,I suggest aspire nautilus tank +CF vv voltage adjustable battery
    or nautilus mini tank +CF VV + battery
    You can find the details about our products on our
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