Order Number: 201416476

I ordered 6 Drip Tips and just noticed one of them has a torn o-ring. I want to order some more tips. Can you either send me an extra Drip Tip or some spare o-rings when I do?
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  • Hello John,
    Really sorry for the bad experience.

    Can we send you some o-rings next time you make an order?
  • Dear friend ,
    Thanks for supporting Aspire .
    Of course ,if you make an order ,I can ship some o-rings to you with your order for free .
    You should leave a message ,and tell me the order No. by email . :)

    If you have any questions ,please do not hesitate to contact me again .

    Have a nice day !

    Best Regards !
  • Thank you both. I ordered 9 more drip tips. The order number is 201417608.

    This will make 15 total drip tips I have ordered. If you would like to send me 15 spare o-rings you would make me a very happy Aspire customer.
  • Dear friend ,
    OK ,I checked the order and arranged .
    The order will be shipped today via e-EMS ,you ca get the tracking No. late by email .
    Then you can receive the 15 spare o-rings with the order 201417608 .
    Any questions ,please contact me again .

    Sweet Time !

    Best Regards !
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