What's the benefits with 'temperature Controlled Vaping' please?

What's the benefits with "temperature Controlled Vaping" please?

Is the only benefit for newbies as a safety feature in the future,it is not necessary for experienced vaper?
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  • Hello,Hack
    I am a little disagree with you.
    The main advantage could it be reduces or removes the burning of sugars within your juice. Lots of people focus on the "Dry Hit" part of temp control and think that's all it'll. In my opinion,temperature control isn't only about preventing dry hits - it comes down lower not to burning your juice therefore away from an array of possible nasties, and achieving more existence out of your wicks. 
  • Hello,Tina,
    Thank you for your answer.
    I know now.
  • It's my pleasure to answer your question. :)
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