Why my e-juice turns dark?

I am Vegas,I and my uncle use the exact same device(Atlantis with 0.5ohm coil),his e-juice never turn dark and the tank never get hard draw,I use sweet juice as well.My tank has a hard draw and burn taste at 1-2days,but his only gets after a 2 weeks of high vg juice.I am really confused.
I talked with my uncle,he said that the problem may stems from how hard I am pulling on it.We may have experienced this when we smoked and people bummed cigarettes from us.some people take such a hard drag the filter disintegrates a bit and turn dark brown almost immediately.
Conversely some of us could smoke an entire cigarette and have the filter just turn a light-yellow-golden brown color by taking a longer,much softer softer drag.
Harder draw means more air and more air=more heat=caramelization

If he is right?

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  • Dear Vegas,
    Yes,your uncle's explanation is right.
    Caramelization is one reason. Another reason is heat and light, heat and light play into the oxidation process, which oxidizes the nicotine and possibly other element as well.For the Atlantis tank with 0.5 ohm coil,the suggested using wattage is 20W-30W,the temperature is really so high.
    We can turn the wattage down a little,but which can not solve the problem radically.

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