Tootle Puffer--You are?

Today,when I search on the internet ,I met with words"Tootle Puffer" ,I don't know what is "Tootle Puffer" really means,then I google it and find a explanation from ECF 
Tootle Puffer:it came from the itty bitty mods thread on ECF. The sub ohmers looking for 100watt + mods to run high wattage for clouds and such called those of us who run low watts (10-15 or less), using toppers like protanks, T3s, non-sub ohm tanks (including Kayfuns and the like building around 2 ohm coils) looking for small size and battery life only “low wattage tight draw tootle puffers”.
summarize:Someone who vapes at low power, and doesn’t make big clouds.

You might be a Tootle Puffer if:

1. You don’t exceed 20W
2. You own an Ego, Provari, or 10 or 20W istick
3. You own a non subohm clearomizer
4. You collect MolehillMountain drip tips
5. You have no interest in subohming
6. You have a Kayfun, but not an Orchid
7. You have a single coil dripper built over 1 ohm

So you are a tootle puffer? :p

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  • @Southy321 Builders, and those of us mixing our own liquids would buy it. The RTA for the Triton is good for long term use, but I can't change the cotton and move on to the next liquid quickly. I need to change the coil in the RTA every time I open it up. The RTA is an excellent choice for Beta Testing liquids. Spending less than fifty cents for a new coil to test another liquid in the Triton sure beats almost $5.00 for the DIY crowd.
  • I admit that I am a tootle puffer,I use aspire nautilus mini with the CF vv+ battery ;)
  • I use my different Nautilus in the morning and some Atlantis in the afternoon/evening.

    I suppose I am a "multi puffer" then ?  B)
  • Yes,you are a "multi puffer",I am a real tootle puffer :)
  • Maybe!

    Especially after eating beans B) 
  • Hello,Hack,Me too B)
  • By that definition, I am a tootle puffer. But I find the term "tootle puffer" very childish because it insinuates that unless you are a cloud chaser then you not "cool". The term tootle puffer was made up by cloud chasers who are immature males ages 12-25. Most people over 30 have no interest in cloud chasing as it is unnecessary and may be very damaging to the lungs. Besides, in order to chase clouds, you must lung hit. When we were smokers, we did not lung hit so why would we want to lung hit when we vape????

    I vape on mini box mods like the cloupor mini and IPV mini 30W and istick 20 and 30W. I also at times still use eGo batteries like the Aspire CF VV line turned up to the max 4.8V. I exclusively use a Nautilus and Nautilus mini with 1.8ohm coils and when using a mini box mod I vape between 15 and 18 volts. depending on the juice and the box mod I use. I am vaping at 18mg nic level (which I am soon going to reduce to about 12mg).

    No offense, but the only reason why I use the Nautilus/mini tanks is because there is no mouth hitting tank on the market that is good for 15-18W vaping. The Nautilus coils are the only coils made for this level of vaping. After the nautilus came out, every company started catering to the cloud chaser and neglected the nautilus user market. This is a very important market but no one cares about us anymore. The Nautilus market (which is the 15-120W market) is the former heavy smoker market. We are a BIG market.

    The only other tank I know of on the market today that caters to the 15-20W heavy smoker is the Anyvape peakomizer 2.0 but that is hard to find in th eUSA and it uses the Nautilus coils so I don't consider it a different tank.

    We, the 15-20W heavy ex-smoker market need more variety.

    In my book, "tootle puffers" are folks who use a fix voltage ego battery or a cigalike. And, no offense, but also, in my book, people who are cloud chasers are fools. Inundating your lungs with that much vapor on such a frequent basis will prove very bad for your lungs in the long run. This I guarantee.

  • CORRECTION: I wrote "The Nautilus market (which is the 15-120W market) is the former heavy smoker market. We are a BIG market."

    That was meant to be 15-20W, not
  • I totally agree with @toolsavvy! This isn't high school but real life and I don't believe in labels of any sort when it comes to vaping and my happiness!
  • Well said @toolsavvy - I gave the sub-ohm cloud chasing a shot, and hated it. The Nautilus is my all-time favorite tank, until the release of the Triton. And even with that, I am sticking to the 1.8 Ohm coils.
    I smoked for 30 years, and the coulds from these tanks are nothing to sneer at. There is great enjoyment to be had from vaping at 1-2 Ohms.
    I think these kids chasing clouds are the same kind of kids who had to have 6 foot Graffix bongs back in the day. There is no reason for it, other than bragging rights for being "extreme".
  • Well, I am tootle puffing the Triton atm and I am so used to sub-ohm that it is no longer satisfying. Will quickly be switching back the 0.4 Ohm coil.
  • +1 from me toolsavvy.

    Tried direct lung and sub-ohm etc. but it is not for me - all a bit extreme really and not what I require for my nicotine habit!

    Then again, if we all liked the same things then it would get very boring.

    The only thing I want to try is temperature control but that seems to be biased back to the DL method as far as I can tell - just received my stick TC40W today and waiting on my Odyssey kit (which is rumoured might be TC when it eventually ships) so will be having a go soon!

    Like the other poster above I think the Nautilus is my all time favourite although the Triton I received last week has a nicer air flow (makes Nautilus feel tight at first when you go back to it) and has the edge on flavour although the vapour, which is of similar volume, seems less dense? All with 1.8/1.6 ohm coils of course.

    Trouble is the Triton is a bit "messy" - fluid weeping from top and bottom AFC which MAY be partially attributable to a missing o-ring in the chimney - at the end of the day I think I prefer the simplicity of the bottom fill on the Nautilus anyway - no messing about remembering whether you have to be in fill or vape mode and less than half full before you take the base off or using needle tip bottles to try and coax the liquid into the small holes - just up-end it, unscrew the base, squirt the liquid in (using any type of bottle), screw the base back on and your ready to go - quicker, simpler, less messy and easier in my book?

    But what do I know - the extremists want top-fill, sub-ohm, direct lung, huge reservoirs, huge clouds, megawatts and 4 day 50 amp batteries - and the manufacturers seem to be listening?

    What I want is flavour, a reasonable amount of dense vapour, ease of use & maintenance, good design, and quality of manufacture - which we have with the Nautilus and partly the Triton - BUT they no doubt could be improved for us normal (sorry, tootle puff) vapers - I would love to see a Nautilus V2, maybe based on the Triton, but forget the top AFC AND top fill (the space could be used for slightly increased juice capacity), with the same base, AFC and coils at maybe 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 ohm. Obviously they would have to work on the seal between the coil and chimney first, but that would not be so complicated as you won't need the revolving sleeve due to the absence of top-fill.

  • Definition : "An affectionate term for vapers generally using lower watt devices with atomizer resistance of 1.0ohm or above and who utilize the Mouth to Lung (MTL) style of vaping. The opposite of a cloudchaser."

    I'm a "tootle puffer" too... but i also love to make big clouds with sub-ohm builds on RBA, with direct lung hits.

    A "bi-puffer" so ? :D
  • I am totally not a tootle puffer.I love the big clouds. :D
  • Oh, a "bi-puffer", now that could be mis-understood!
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    @woodbar Keep the top AFC. I really like it, even with the 1.8Ω coil in the Triton. It allows me to vape the high PG liquids on the market here. The top of the drip tip to the round over of the tank is longer on the Nautilus than the Triton, so there's no extra tank space to be gained there. If you don't need it - keep it closed, but leave it there for those of us who do.

    PS: I have a Magma RDA. I bought a 2Puffs Style Hybrid Wide Bore 510 Drip Tip With Air Flow for it. I don't use it for chasing clouds, but to try the liquids I mix myself. With the proper coil, I can get close to the Atlantis or Triton experience without a lot of liquid. my test batches start at 1ml :)
  • @Old_Salt OK I understand that and I have actually used the top AFC myself but have not found it essential and I know lots of people will think I am mad preferring the simple bottom fill.

    As I say we all have different preferences and I was simply airing mine - I don't really expect Aspire to be in a rush to implement my thoughts!

    I still think a Triton/Nautilus V2 with all the best bits incorporated and/or improved would be a winner - trouble is who decides which are the best bits?
  • I tried tootle puffing on the Triton with a 1.8 ohm coil, even a blueberry juice in honor of you @Tina but it just wasn't enough for me. I was born on the Atlantis 0.5 ohm, guess old habits die hard, I prefer the direct lung hit :D
  • I like the Triton 'as is.' That probably is because I've had no problems with it, other than those caused by myself. I haven't had a chance to try the 0,3Ω coils, but I don't think they will fit my vaping style. I think the 1.8Ω coils are awesome. They blow away those for the Nautilus. I like its refined appearance, and solid feel in my hand.

    Next, I'd like to see an RDA from Aspire. Keep the shape of the Triton, the top and bottom continuously variable AFCs. Get rid of the tank, and shorten the body. Use a Magma style deck, with the bottom airflow exiting below the coil on one side or the other of the posts. You should be able to have no airflow, adjustable airflow to one coil, or both coils.
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    Almost like what UD is doing with the Goliath V2. Then make one with a tank and one as a true dripper RDA w/out a tank. That would be killer for flavor and your builders would buy it up.. B-)
  • all I want to be is a non smoker
  • @wodathot I think "non smoker" will come into truth in future.
  • I think my previous reply was a bit snappy, so sorry for that. Tootle Puffer or Cloud Chaser, we are all Vapers and (at least trying to be) non-smokers! We have to stick together to secure our rights around the world!

    By the way, it is still possible to MTL (or Tootle) on a subohm coil. The trick is all in the airflow, and Wattage settings... :)

    Vape on Brothers and Sisters! \m/
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